Inchcock Today – Saturday 17th February 2018:

Saturday 17th February 2018

Maltese: Is-Sibt 17 ta ‘Frar 2018

0518hrs: Woke later than I have ever done in months. This was due to not being able to get to sleep last night, until gone midnight. Although I ultimately had five hours of decent kip in, I felt all out-of-sorts with the different timing. The ailments were all being kind to me, other than Duodenal Donald that is. So, no complaints from me here.

I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner, and perpendicular in record time this morning. Off to have a wee-wee and stubbed my toe en route.

The grey-cells seemed to be in focus for a change. To the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

The sphygmomanometer took five attempts before it would work. Maybe the batteries are getting low? Although, I changed them only a few days ago. Not to fret, the readings seemed okay.

Made a brew and took the medications, then onto the computer to start this off and then update yesterday’s diary and got it posted off.

0730hrs: Finished the blogging to date.

I only just realised, in the photo, I took yesterday just before my Whoopsiedangleplop on the gravel hill; The flat to the left of mine in the picture, has had its balcony part-done and their windows replaced. The new windows looked like they will be easier to open and close. Also, better for cleaning them, being smaller ones?

Took a photo from the spare room come bedroom, come junk room, of the new windows in the flat outside on the North corner.

Went on WordPress reader next. Then comment section. Only one on this morning. Sad innit? Haha!

Then did some catching up on Facebook. Spent hours on it.

Then went on CorelDraw graphicalisationing.

The first one done was of TFZer Sandie.

The others were for Diary page headers, so I won’t show them here and spoil the fun later.

Herbert was a bit noisy tonight, even for him.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the chips on the cook and out the TV on to see what was available for me to fall asleep to later.

Took this picture of the tree copse.

As I zoomed in to view it, the signs of new growth could be seen. Nice!

Fell asleep, when I woke, a degree of panic arrived, as I remembered the chips in the oven!

I struggled out of the recliner and into the kitchen. Where I realised that I had not turned the power on to the cooker! So, I did, belatedly. Did a bit of cleaning in the room and took the evening medications and did the Health Checks.

The Lidl chips were rather good. But I forgot about the yoghourt and left it on the Ottoman to find there in the morning, with the empty of food tray on the other chair.

I settled, watched a bit of TV and nodded-off to sleep, where I stayed for five hours blissfully unaware of any Strobe or Pillow Fire Alarm activations.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 17th February 2018:

    • Dear demonstrative but delightful, Danny,
      How the heck did you know I bought a set of Linguaphone records in 1961? Not cheap either, cost £49 they did. Still, the shoplifting was increased to cover for it.
      I’m sorry about the delay in payment. I had arranged to obtain sufficient funds last week, but the Group4 van broke down and ruined me plans! Tsk!
      I haven’t had a reply from the UKIP HQ, yet. But I’ll keep you informed mate.

  1. Aw, the “Sxxx-I-left-the-milk-out-over-night” blues! I’ve left the crockpot in the morning, filled with the meat and veggies I looked forward to eating in the afternoon, only to find I plugged in the wrong cord when I returned home…. Or worse, I’ve plugged in the crockpot, alright, but forgot to turn the dang thing on…. Or…well, it is a sad business when you look forward to an egg salad sandwich the next day only to find you left it on the counter when you get up the next morning! Maybe we should form a club where we send messages to each other to remind the others in the club to turn off the gas or put the meat in the refrigerator after supper or…reattach one’s head after forgetting to screw it on in the morning!

    • Well, Doug, you worded that to perfection mate. We could update each other on: Disappearing socks, lost hearing-aids, forgotten/lost walking sticks, bags, spectacles, medications, pens, wallets, phones, appointments.. too many to mention isn’t there? Hehe! Windows left open, doors not locked, taps (Faucets) left running, cookers left on or forgotten to put on, fridge doors left open, the list goes on and on. But you covered the basic popular ones Sir. Hahaha!
      TTFNski, give the furry one a bit of fuss for me please.

      • Andy and Dougy thank you for the extra fuss. Their kitty boy needs are suimple, but they know (from experience) that it is important to remoind me when it’;s time for kitty food time, kitty wand toy play time, and kitty ear scritch time, for example, because they know I am an old fart who barely manages to remembers to put on his pants before he leaves the house! LOL!

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