Inchcock Today – Monday 19th February 2018:

Monday 19th February 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 2-р сарын 19-ны Даваа гарагт

0050hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0125hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0155hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0220hrs: Stirred woke, waited for the brain to link-up with the body, and pandiculated. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the kitchen, kettle on and set up the sphygmomanometer within minutes. Checks and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of attention and medicalisationing needed.

Made a brew, and got on the computer. Started this post off, and then updated yesterdays diary and posted it.

I swapped from Firefox to Chrome so I could access the WordPress Reader. Then back to Firefox to do the commenting.

I’d run out of advance drafts, so I went on CorelDraw to make some more page header graphics to use. Only managed to do two, but still.

Facebooking next. Took me a good while, cause of all the photographicalisations I put on from yesterday.

Time to get the ablutions and medicalisationing done.

Soon sorted out. Sorted black bags and took them to the chute on my way out.

A bit of drizzle and it looked rather dark depressing and dank. But it wasn’t cold at all out there.

I took this picture of the new build and Winchester Court.

Then crossed over to the walkway to make my way to the Obergruppenfurheresses temporary porta-cabin come shed.

It was somewhat muddy on the grass path. So, recalling Saturday’s nasty slipping-on-the mud on the hill path Whoopsiedangleplop and ending up on my bum; that Harold’s Haemorrhoids are still giving pain from, I walked on the roadway instead.

Got in the hut, greeted Obergefreiteress Warden Julie, and joined four other tenants waiting to go out to the bus. Cindy, Welsh Bill, Ethel and the bloke that knows everything. Had a natter and laughed with Cindy and Bill. William told me he had been in the hospital for two nights. He had Morphine poisoning! The paramedics whipped him in quickly and bypassed the queues straight into a small ward with only eight beds, and two nurses in attendance 24/7. Glad to report he is okay now, but as they warned him, he’s going to feel so tired for a few weeks.

The gang went out to catch the bus of their choice. Only four of us got on the city-bound vehicle.

I dropped off on Queen Street and went straight down to the Slab Square. Where many Nottingham Pavement Cyclist were flying around.

But none of them close to the pedestrian shoplifters. Sorry, I meant shoppers, of course.

Works were taking place in front of the Council House.

The mood seemed to be one of moroseness and gloominess from the Nottinghamian’s, as they glumly went about their business. (Mugging, pickpocketing, shoplifting, benefit frauding, whatever) Hehe!

I made my way to the Fletcher Gate Poundland store. Where, due to their having many items I usually can’t get, especially in the nibbles department; I ended up spending £14! Tsk!

Walked down the road a little to St Peter’s Square and slipped the Big issue seller a couple of quid, on the way to the shop. This visit to the Food Hall was costly too. They had some triple-fried chips, Potato Rostis that were short-dated and reduced and Sourdough Bread that cost £2 for a 200g loaf! After paying the lady at the till; I remembered that the Morrison Order is coming in the morning, instead of Thursday because of the GUM clinic appointment on Thursday! Huh, what a plonka!

Making my way to the bus stop, I noticed another piece of Nottingham Street-Art.

This ride in the centre of the slab, looked like it was ready to be open to the public.

Buy, the weather did not seem like it would encourage many customers to take advantage of it.

I wonder how much they charge?

Plodded on through the Slab Square en route.

The place was getting very depressing looking now, as the drizzle was very light, but the accompanying bleak darkness not very cheer-making at all.

The lack of Nottinghamians I found disconcerting and unnatural.

As I continued up Queen Street, I saw this poor dog with his leg up. He stayed in this position for around three minutes or two. I thought I’d be too late to capture his image by the time I got the camera out, but no, I had plenty of time.

His owner yanked him away before the animal, who was apparently struggling, could finish. Tsk!

At the apex of Queen and King Street, I observed this super-fit pretend policeman… No, I mean Community Police officer, helping a driver with his nowhere to park problem.

I sensed the alert, wide-awake, intelligent brain and keen enthusiasm of this Officer. Hehe!

I made it to the bus stop, with eight minutes to spare.

Once on the bus, I got out the Crossword Book and had a good bash at the puzzles for the entire journey. Only stopping as we arrived back at the Winwood flats on Chestnut Walk.

I hadn’t noticed, but Cindy and Ethel had got on en route.

As I got off the vehicle, I had few words of greetings with many tenants who were getting on it. Walked along to the flats with Ethel and Cindy, I could hardly keep up with them. We had a little laugh and natter, I alighted on the twelfth floor, bade them farewell, and got to the flat and put the purchases away.

Got the oven heating up, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks and got on the computer to update this twaddle. It took a long time.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Got the chips in the oven, and did the last Checks and medication taking.

Nosh served up.

Mackerel in BBQ sauce, triple-cooked chips, tomatoes and sliced apple. With the M&S sourdough bread, which was tasty, but had more holes in it than Gouda cheese.

Washed the pots and watched some TV. Staying awake for two full hour-long programmes! Before nodding off for ten-minutes, waking and nodding off again repeatedly for ages. The mind was in no mood for letting me sleep. I kept waking to find myself pondering or worrying about something different each time.

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    • Haha! Poor old dog.
      Thanks for the good wishes petal.
      I’m still suffering from the fall on the bottom. Having ‘Things’ checked today at the surgery when I have the blood tests.
      Embarrassing examination, but got to be done.
      Hoping you can get some respite from the grafting soon. XXX

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