Inchcock Today – Monday 6th August 2018


Monday 6th August 2018

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 6 август 2018 г.

03:50hrs: I awoke and was out of the £300 wobbly second-hand recliner within minutes. No mind wanderings this morning – it was concentrated on getting my body to the Porcelain Throne ASAP.

Some bleeding and plenty of soreness from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. A longish evacuation, indeed no call for any Dia-Limit capsules this morning. A page or two of the book was read.

No signs of any Armour-Plated mini black-biting-beetles in the wet room as yet. Cleaned up and off to the kitchen to carry out the Health Checks and take the medications.

I took a photograph of the light and view preventing filthy new windows. The first one without the flash, the second one with it used. Just for a bit of interest, you know.


1Mon01WPA02a Unfortunately, I stubbed my toes, including the one that I bruised, as I dropped the pot of lemongrass on it yesterday. Tsk!

I got today’s Health Checks done.

The Sys had shot up dramatically, but the weight was amazingly back down at 15.05 st.


1Mon01aIt certainly felt a lot cooler in the apartment this morning.

While I was checking the monitor thingy, the temperature was well down, to around 28°c – 82f. The humidity was well into the green zone. Not that I understand what this means.

I thought I must get a photo of myself done in the same pose as this photograph and post the two next to each other, sometime soon. Hehehe!

I got the computer on and started this blog off, up to here. Then updated yesterday’s diary.

Went onto CorelDraw to make a start on the next TFZer funny graphic-series.

Went to the wet room to use the Porcelain Throne. Another messy affair.

I decided to get the ablutionalisationing done while I was in there.

1Mon03I don’t know from whence they came, but a dozen or more of the Ironclad-Armour-Plated mini black-biting-beetles were over the shower floor.

After applying my bestest stalking procedures, to try and corale the little devils. I felt a little disappointed. This is the only one of them I got. Hehe!

Got all ready and took the black bags to the chute, then back to the flat.

WPA02a To find I’d left the hot water tap running and now it had gone cold. I’d have to wait until tonight now before it heats up. Tsk!

1Mon05Out and down onto a very busy and dangerous to pedestrians looking, Chestnut Walk.

Roy was ahead of me, well he overtook me with his four-wheeled ankle-mangler trolley. Haha!

I pressed on to call at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. So I could leave some of the ice-cream cones I’d taken in their freezer. But no. Luck was against me in this mission. I found many tenants sat and stood outside the shed. It had not been opened, no one had arrived yet?

Then a bit of good luck. The pulchritudinous and wise Cyndy joined Ethel, Welsh William and myself. After telling her of my problem, she suggested giving them to the Willmott-Dixon lads to have on their tea-break. Good idea, I said. And off she kindly nipped with 1Mon06the cones to the workers. Minutes later she returned, they had taken them gladly and just at the right time too, they were about to make a cuppa! Thank you, Cyndy! X.

A lorry that was tipping its load of sand was photographed as we waited for the arrival of a warden or the L9 bus.

The bus arrived first.

1Mon07Had a somewhat successful go at the crossword book en route to UpperParliament Street, where we all dropped off of the bus.

The first thing I noticed as I hobbled to the Wilko Store, was this poor Nottinghamian Rough Street Sleeper.

I went into the shop and spent a bit of cash, getting myself some large kitchen towels, liquid soapflakes, a bottle of bleach and some cans of shaving foam.

I paid for them at the checkout and walked through to come out half-way along Clinton 1Mon07bStreet West. Being a little early for Nottinghamians, 10:00hrs, the street was the least busy I have ever seen it.

This naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclist came close to hitting me.

I took the first photo to the left, towards the town centre and the second to the right toward Milton Street. Throughout the time I was in town today, I didn’t see any police personages or ambulances with blue and twos on, shoplifting or any youths fighting.


1Mon08I walked down and onto South Parade, on my way to have a look at the Nottingham Beach and amusements, and get some pictures taken.

One thing caught my eye – the large Starbucks cafe had closed. I couldn’t see any signs to indicate why, or if it was being modernised or something. But there was some scaffolding around, and signage removed from the shutdown premises. I looked it up on the web when I got back to the dim, stifling windowed flat. (Well!) I could not see any news about this coffee shop on the internet?

1Mon09You can see a photo, third down on the left, of the closed Starbucks with the thriving Costa one on the next corner.

This selection of pictures I took in or around the Nottingham beach & rides in the Slab Square.

The sun was beginning to show itself on and off, a little more now.

I enjoyed watching the youngster and ankle-biters having such a great time. Not a lot of them I have to say, but those in attendance seemed well happy with their day at the beach. 

Bless their cotton-socks!

The young girl in the safety harness, on the bouncy ring, was a precious memory. She was really giving it some wallop, and her expression kept changing from casual, almost bored look; And then she would blossom into an utterly endearing smile, before going back to her unentertained look. Hehehe!

I got set to take a picture of two people high up in the twisting and rolling cage, so-called amusement ride. But a passing tram blocked my view. By the time it had passed by, the trip up over and down had stopped. Boo!

I nipped back to the beach to take a shot from a different angle. Luckily, I caught this little chap as he ran from one end of the beach to the other, then fell on his face in the sand. He got up, laughed and ran back to his Mam. Cheered me up to see this!

1Mon17In fact, I haven’t seen so many happy looking and cheerful Nottinghamians for a long time.

WPA02a I visited the Wheeler Gate branch of the Poundland. Where made a bit of a Whoopsie, and bought some more pens. I forgot I’d bought some on Friday last.

That is about twenty pens of differing sorts I’ve got now. Schemeil!

1Mon13Still, give me time, I’ll almost assuredly soon have them broken or lost. Hehe!

The sun came out again.

I got myself back to the slab square, to take one last photographicalisation of the entertainments on offer.

I put down the bag and set about trying to get a 1Mon14good shot taken.

It took a while for me to get one without any trams or vehicles in it. When I did, it turned out a little of a letdown. Not one of my best efforts at photography.

I shot it with too much, er, what’s the word I’m looking for? From too much distance. Klutz!

1Mon14aI made my way to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street.

Another naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclist was causing danger to the pedestrians as he belted down the hill.

The lady walking up Queen Street remonstrated with the chap, but he did not acknowledge or answer her as he continued freewheeling on.

1Mon15The L9 arrived spot on time.

The heavy traffic caused the poor driver to fall behind on his schedule even more.

It got worse when we arrive back at the complex at Chestnut Walk drop-off point.

We and several other vehicles were delayed as the busy Willmott-Dixon lads were retrieving some cable-covering from the kerbside to move it to wherever they were cutting and laying it underground.

When I got off of the bus, I was greeted by Bill (William on Sundays) who was waiting in the queue with a quote of; “Oh, it’s you holding us up is it, I might have guessed!” Haha!

1Mon16The three of us pedestrian tenants made our way to Woodthorpe Court.

I kept my concentration on the way, as there were so many cars, lorries and plant machinery about, further on, no pavements to use as we had to walk in the road, no other choice.

I would not like to be responsible for a Health & Safety on this site. It’s a big job with the upgrading and building of the new centre block with the Extra Car flats and Wardens new offices etc.

There just isn’t the room available, to avoid risk to the residents or for traffic to flow freely. I have to say, I think they are doing a good job, under the circumstances.

We three residents had a chinwag and laughed in the lift on our way up.

I got in the flat and had a wee-wee. Did the Health Checks, had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. The hot water was still cold, it won’t start to heat-up until 17:00 or 18:00hrs.

I put away the purchases and stripped off down to the PP’s. But, it was not as warm as of later, so I put on a long sleeved t-shirt afterwards. Brr!

1Mon04Of course. As soon as I did the stripping, the chaps on the hists were up and at the window. Tsk!

I got on with updating this diary. It took a long while, with all the photographs I’d taken needing to go in.

Had a bash on TFZer Facebooking.

1Mon23Then got the fodder served up.

I noticed the hot water was heating up now.

A decent meal, I gave it a Taste-Rating of 8.5/10.

Washed the pots, had another short-sharp painful wee-wee, then I carried out the Health checks.

I meant to mention it earlier. Welsh William and Brenda told me earlier, that the had now got their outside balcony pods in place. I’ll try to get a photo of them in the morning. If they are anything like those in the printed bumf, they will block out so much light and view, (As the kitchen and bedroom windows do now) I do not think I will take to them.

Got the TV on, and spent many an hour nodding off and waking again. Hehe!

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  1. 82º F is like an arctic chill setting in. Looks like a few more Nottinghamians emerged from their summer slumber providing a better assortment of targets for the pavement cyclists. looks like fun on the beach. Great looking dinner.

    • Arctic chill; I like it!
      Grand nosh as you say Tim. (Tuesdays made up for this, in being a terrible one, Tsk! Hehe!)
      Dang Cyclist!
      TTFNski mate, ta.

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