Inchcock – Thur 1 Nov 2018: Decent day, until the late Whoopsedangleplops arrived. Ah, Well!


Good Morning… Photo from last September

Thursday 1st November 2018

Japanese: 2018年11月1日木曜日

0300hrs: I woke up from the much longer than usual seven-and-a-half-hour blissful sleep, reluctantly. It was the need for a wee-wee and Duodenal Donald’s pains that encouraged me to wake up. Surprisingly, there were no hunger-pangs, despite my not having had a meal yesterday? Off to take the urgent wee-wee, and then to the medicine drawer to imbibe the morning medications, along with an extra Omeprazole capsule to counter Duodenal Donald’s bit of bother.

Tended to the Health Checks. I started the month of November off with some disturbingly high readings from the sphygmomanometer.


Thinking about this, I don’t suppose I should have been surprised at the levels, really. With the lack of sleep over the last three days, due to the electrical repair mix-up and so on, I should have expected things to go out of sync, I suppose.

I made a brew of strong tea and returned to get the computer going.

WD128.0.0 When I sat in the swivel-chair, Back-Pain Brenda gave me such a sharp lingering stab of pain, I nearly cried out. Looks and feels like she is going to be with me for a while. I can tell by the type of agony she distributes, you know. These very localised lower lumbar stabs, usually mean I’m in for a lengthy period of suffering. Ah, well, at least I have hot water, have got some sleep in, and Jenny and Frank will be back from their Asian holiday. Not all bad, Hehe!

3Wed01aStarted working on updating yesterday’s diary of woe, and guzzling the small mug of tea.

I realised then that I had left the TV on with the CCTV channel showing the lobby doors. I’d had it on yesterday watching out for the arrival of the electrician and left it on. Strange that cause usually it turns itself off after a while of inactivity? Obviously, technology and me, are worlds apart.

Finished the diary off and got it posted. Taking an awfully long time to do it, though.

4Thu03aBegan to do this blog, and it was time to get the ablutions done before the food delivery arrived. Off to the wet room, now supplied with hot water! I had a check at the water heater light, to make sure it was still working heating the hot water. All good!

Duodenal Donald was more relaxed for some unknown reason after I’d finished the ablutions. Back-Pain Brenda continues to be a nasty nuisance.

I got the bag of nibbles and raffle prizes sorted for the Social Meeting.

4Thu04Made another brew, and thought that although I didn’t feel like eating, even after so long without food (approx. 36 hours) I’d have a few biscuits with the tea, dunking commenced. Haha!

I only had a few of the bikkies, thanks to my steel-like will and determination. (And the fact that these were the only biscuits I had left) Lie-Mode-Adopted

4Thu05The Morrison delivery arrived. I put nosh away.

Once more, the fridge was crammed with goodies. I put the cream cakes in the refrigerator to take later as a weekly treat for the Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens.

Then made up and took some black bags to the waste chute, then readied things and set out to the Social Hour.

4Thu06It was a little nippy out there this morning.

I took this photographicalisation of the Winwood Heights complex, showing the progressing state of all three buildings.

Into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Entered and greeted the crowd of Winwood Heights jollity seeking residents gathered within. I was so pleased to see Jenny and Frank back again. A good crowd in attendance today. I’d like to show my appreciation to Cyndy, who ran the socials while Jenny was away on holiday.

I handed out the pressies, put the raffle prizes on the trolley. Handed the nibble box around, and had some excellent chinwags for the short time I was in there. Passed on some raffle tickets. Cyndy, Gaynor and Margaret all seemed to be in good spirits I’m glad to say. Jenny was coping well, despite her problem, bless her cotton socks.

Back-Pain Brenda was keeping up her annoying stabbing pains, but Duodenal Donald has eased off.

A cheerful cheerio to the clan, and off to the bus stop. Had a natter with Barry and Mary amongst others (I do love these chinwags). Caught the L9 bus to Arnold, gossiping with Mary en route. Mary went to get her bird’s food, and I set off visiting many shops.


WD128.0.0 Boyes and the Saver shops first. But neither had any of the cheap haemorrhoid cream on the shelves. Tsk! Then, to the Fulton Foods store. I got some of my favourite plain Scottish shorties biscuits, some rice crackers. And some pork scratchings to go in the nibble-box.

Over and down the road to the Asda (Walmart) superstore. Where I went a little overboard with the purchases. Canned chickpeas and garden peas and a packet of beef flavoured chips. But I did get some of what I went for. Fresh food purchases: Red onions, cooked balsamic flavoured beetroot, tomatoes, wholemeal bread rolls and sugar snap peas. (The peas later turned out to be bitter and sour tasting, Humph!)

Paid at the self-serve till. No summoning of assistance required. Which was just as well, cause there were no assistants around anywhere near the tills.

Out with the two now heavy bags (much to the displeasure of Back-Pain Brenda!), and out to the bus stop on Front Street. The bus was late arriving, but this gave me a chance for a chinwag with the others in the queue at the bus stop.

The bus arrived. I got the crossword book out as soon as I got into the seat. Mary got on the further along the route. I fought against falling asleep. Angela and Roy got on in Sherwood.

4Thu06aOn Winchester street, I took this picture of one of the many terraced houses along the lower part of the hill.

Similar in design to the one I used to live in at Carrington.

We arrived at the Winwood Heights complex and dismounted. Angela and Roy went into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin.

4Thu11I walked with Mary along Chestnut Walk to the flats, taking these photographs when we were stopped my Willmott-Dixon Safety men.

Seems that the Willmott Dixon lads were supervising the removal of one of the hoist cages from the building by a super-crane.

It looked like a risky, dangerous job to me, but the team had it all covered.

As I took these shots, I thought of some funny ideas for them when I get around to CorelDrawing them later.

We (Marry and me) were waved on a couple of minutes later.

I moved a little quicker then, despite Back-Pain Brenda, cause I was in need of a wee-wee, that was becoming more urgent by the second. Tsk! Old age! Hehe!

Gaynor and Mo were in the foyer, Mary stopped to talk to them, as I did, but not for long, with my waterworks department threatening a leakage. I’m blown if I can remember what I said or the lovely Gaynor spoke to me, now. I had to quickly explain my impending disappearance and got up to the flat ASAIC (As Soon As I Could).

It made the possibility of a liquid Accifauxpa more likely when I pressed the call button for the elevator, and it had to come down from the 15th floor! Lucky? Me? Hehehe!

The memory of getting out of the lift and into the flat is a bit vague. But the pleasure of making it only just in time to the WC is clearly impregnated in my memory! Haha!

WD128.0.0 Unfortunately, the wee-wee revealed that Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had been bleeding. So, a good clean up and the Daktacort cream applied with a little pain involved.

WD128.0.0 All refreshed, I bent down to change the PPs, and Back-Pain Brenda gave me more stinging, electric shock-like hassle than ever before. Vey is mir!

Did the Health Checks and took an extra codeine 30g with them.

WD128.0.0 Went to collect the bags from where in my haste, I had dropped them inside the front door. To find that the tray of beetroot had split open, presumably when I put the bag down too hurriedly. Because the beetroot stains on the other items were only slight. I seem to be paying the catch-up price of having so few Whoopsiedangleplops earlier in the day?

More sorting out and cleaning up, with Back-Pain Brenda ever in attendance. This operation took far too long for my and Back-Pain Brendas’ liking. My acceptance of my being a right Schlimazel came to mind.

So tired and in pain now, I knew nothing apart from getting some fodder and sleep would get done. But I was wrong…

I put away the fresh food, and as I was preparing the vegetables, a hoist came up from below, and two chaps were working on something or other. I realised later that the sticking out too far view-blocking shelf on the unwanted light-blocking new kitchen window had been repainted to cover the bird-poo. Hehe!

4Thu08The lads kindly obliged when I asked for a smile and pointed the camera at them. Both of the lads were handsome, young, fit, no glasses or hearing aids in site… Does my confidence no good this! Hahaha!

As they seem to be taking down the hoists, I shall miss talking to and photographing the lads. So glad I saved many photos to my Facebook’s new Willmott-Dixon gallery.

This photo will be a good one for doctoring in CorelDraw when I can get around to it.

4Thu09Did the last Health Checks and medication taking done. Still some high readings. Sys 180, Dia 81, Pulse 89.

At last, I got around to making the meal. And very-well it went down too!

An 8/10 Flavour-Rating given. It would have been higher, but for the lousy bitter taste of the sugar-snap peas.

As for what happened next, I imagine I just fell in a much-needed sleep.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thur 1 Nov 2018: Decent day, until the late Whoopsedangleplops arrived. Ah, Well!

  1. Good you got a nice, although short, socializing session. Can you get 1% hydrocortisone cream over the counter? It works was well on hemorrhoids as the hemorrhoid creams. That’s a nicely arrange, large meal, but I guess you didn’t eat yesterday.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I’ve made not of the cream and will ask at the chemist when I go out in a short while. I fank you.
      I was ravenous, mate. With no nosh as you say on Wednesday. Shame about the inaptly named on this occasion, Sugar-snap peas being so bitter. Tsk!
      TTFN Sir.

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