Inchcock – Wed 31 Oct 2018: Wednesday Whoopsiedangleplops frustrations and finally… Sleep… Oh, Joy!


Willmott-Dixon lads still grafting away at getting the upgrade done… somewhere? Hehehe!

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Swahili: Jumatano Oktoba 31, 2018

0000hrs: I’ve been up now, apart from the two-hour nod-off, since 2300hrs on Monday! Not feeling too good now at all. The cause of my dilemma, the none-arrival of the Emergency Response plumber or electrician whichever they are sending, to sort out my lack of hot water in the wet room and kitchen taps. I was assured they would arrive yesterday, up to 2200hrs. So, stayed awake best I could to receive them. I left the door unlocked just in case I fell asleep and did not hear the door chime ring, they could let themselves in. No signs of attendance though, no notes through the door. I even avoided listening to the radio or TV/DVD, I have to use the headphones to hear these, and again, did not want to miss the expected engineers whatever. It is now 0100hrs this Wednesday morning, and my health is not good. Weariness, fretting and worrying, along with a little depression still linger. The usual for me, nagging doubt that I have got something wrong continues to bug me.

I am not complaining. Just telling you how I feel. No animosity felt against anyone. I feel so glad that have somewhere to get help from. I’ll be being looked after later today, I’m sure. The Nottingham City Homes repair team must be very busy with the sudden frost and ice, possible burst pipes to deal with?

I’ll probably spend a day and a half under the shower with the carbolic soap after the problem is fixed. Hehehe!

I was still fully clothed for the arrival of the help, and I disentangled my weary bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner. I checked the door for any notes put through it but found none. Then went on an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol. Surprising, it could be the icy snap yesterday morning, but there were only a few of the weevil bodies found anywhere. Maybe, ten in all of the rooms. But, the tricky little things had caught me out before like this, and returned in force the next day! Haha! I still gave a spray of the bug killer in each room.

I put some water filled saucepans onto a low light to have hot water without waiting too long, later on. Put the kettle on and made a brew of Assam tea.

Then got the Health Checks done, then took the medications.


3Wed001The readings, Sys and Dia, were both down a bit, good news that is. Maybe, my being so tired, has affected them?

The brain seemed a little confused as well. A lack of confidence, self-doubt, and timidity was dominant amidst the usual fretting and worrying about all and sundry, without distinction.

My sanity and rationality department felt like it was on Defcon Three: Possible insanity approaching!

As usual, as soon as I’d made the brew, I was summoned to the Porcelain Throne. Tsk! The evacuation was liquified enough to make me take a Dia-Limit capsule with the usual morning mediations.

Washing up entailed a ludicrous, I’d say absurd procedure that did not go well at all. Out of the wet room to the kitchen, get a saucepan of hottish water from the stove, back to the wet room, pour it in the sink, return to the kitchen and refill the receptacle and replace on the stove hob. Back to the wet room…

WD0.60.0 Only to find that I had not put the sink plug in correctly and the water in the sink had drained away! Back to the kitchen and fetched the other saucepan of luke-warm water back to the wet room. Made sure the plug was tight in the hole, poured in the water…

WD0.60.0 And, thanks to a visit from Shaking Shaun at just the most inopportune moment, I dropped the pan on the floor. It landed as one would have expected, on my corned toe!

3Wed05aWD0.60.0 I bent down to retrieve it and clouted my forehead on the edge of the sink! I have a nice little bruise on the head now. Klutz! ‘Oh, how I wish the repair people had arrived yesterday!’

Swore quietly for a little while. Washed my hands, returned the pan to the kitchen, refilled it and back onto the stove. Then back to the wet room to clean it up and remove the blood.

My depression increased, understandably mind. Haha!

3Wed03 - CopyWith a stinging toe, an aching head, and a feeling of being jinxed, down on my luck, hapless, ill-omened, cursed, disaster-prone, bedevilled, foreordained for failure, accident-prone, and self-detrimental; I wondered what terrible things I must have done in my previous life to deserve this one! I got the computer on. I left the TV on with a view of the foyer entrance, just in case I spot any help with the hot water travesty arriving.

I might top myself, but I’d most likely get that wrong too! Temporary Down-in-the-mouth Mode Adopted!

Off for a wee-wee. (To save time and space, let’s take it that I did this about a minimum of at least thirteen times today).

I went to make another mug of tea for the one that had gone cold.

3Wed03I took this photo while waiting for the kettle to boil. It brought about a Thinking Spell to my tortured mind: Thousands of homes, and more people out there… How many had let two mugs of tea go cold? How many had clouted their head on the sink? How many had dropped a saucepan of hot water? How many have an infestation of Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles? How many have no hot water? How many have had two hours kip in the last 34 hours? How many… Oh, forget it! Hehehe!

I pulled myself together (loosely) and got on with the updating of yesterdays appallingly horrific tale of Woe. Got it sent off. Went on WordPress Reader page.

I mused over today’s plans. I had wanted to go to Arnold to see, feed and talk to the mallard ducks. But that is off the cards now, as I have to wait within this weevil infested, hot-waterless, untidy, filthy view and light-blocking windows, apartment, (But its home all the same) just in case the Nottingham City Homes repairer calls to examine my hot water loss. Unless he or they or she comes early enough for me to escape to the Park pond. Farting around with boiling kettles and saucepans to get hot water, is very trying and proving a bit dangerous for me. I may have mentioned this before, Hahaha!). With so little sleep, this might not be a good idea, though?

Made a start on this diary.

Did a new post of the Willmott-Dixon funnies update and got it posted off. Here are a few of the new ones on the new blog. This cost me over three hours.


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The new update is here. Wilmott-Dixon Fun Update

I’m getting a bit stressed about the maintenance help still not having arrived. The last thing I need is them coming at night. The ticker and ailments aren’t too good at the moment with the lack of sleep I’m getting. I’ll ring Oberscharführeress Warden Deana to see if she has any information. I don’t like to bother her really with the hassle she is coping with, the flats upgrading and all that. But I dare not go out to see her, in case the workers arrive while I’m out. I’ll do it now.

WD0.60.0 Will something ever go right for me! I’d misplaced Deana’s telephone number. I knocked on Doris, my lovely neighbour’s door and asked if she had the telephone number for me, and she gave it to me, then she offered to ring Deana on her phone for me. Let me in and handed me the landline phone. How kind of her to help. Deana to ring me back after ringing the maintenance.

I thanked the gal and returned to the flat. Five minutes later, Deana rang back. She’d been told that the maintenance man arrived last night at 1820hrs. Gobsmacked me! They have reprogrammed me in again, within the next four hours. *I am to ring her back just before 1600hrs if they have not arrived.

I suppose they could have called, but with the two-door chimes I’ve installed, I am sure I would have heard them. I left the door open as well, unlocked so they/he/she could have opened it and shouted to me?  I had the CCTV monitor on as well and kept peeping at it. I did not have the TV on or radio but read the book so I could listen out. And, I kept my hearing aids in, too! Also, why no note through the door telling me, that they had called? Ah, well, we’ll see what happens later.

I hope they can sort the problem out. Of course, with the heating being on night-rate or whatever it is they call it, this means if it gets repaired, I should be getting hot water by the morning… I hope.

I really am so tired now. Thus the niggliness accompanies it, mostly annoyed at me. The tiny mark on the head is starting to get painful now, as well. However, only Hippy Hilda and Shaking Shaun, (He causes me to stutter as well you know, just thought I’d mention it in case any clever physician reads this and can give some advice, Hehehe!) are giving bother at the moment, so I mustn’t complain.

Did the Health Checks and medications were imbibed. Went to make a brew of tea.

I cloth-cleaned an area where I spilt the water from the saucepan in the kitchen. I put the rag in the little bowl and added some disinfectant and bleach, left it to soak while I made the cuppa

WD0.60.0 Only to find two Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles. One in the water and one on the muslin cloth when I retrieved it to wash it!


The illegal immigrant beasts are not done with me yet!

I did not let this stop me from enjoying my china mug of tea!

3Wed07Having the hearing aids in, I heard a noise and went to investigate. It was the INR Warfarin blood test result. So how come I could not hear the maintenance man or men that came, when they presumably rang the ringer and knocked on the door? Not a good level, down to 1.9, but not critical or much to worry about.

Next appointment to be made for Tue 6th November. I sent an email requesting one as early in the day as possible. No reply yet. Fancy that!

Spenta long time on Facebooking, then…


Made a weeks medicine pots.

I hope the team gets here soon to do the hot water failure for me. I’m so tired and hungry, too. No point in getting anything to eat yet, until the crew has left and I can get the nosh and settle down to fall asleep. That’s the plan anyway.

*1545hrs, no one had come yet about the water heater. Rang to inform Deana, who rang them and then rang me back. “They are very busy, but will get to me sometime tonight!” (2200hrs?) With my only having 2.5 hours sleep over nearly three days now, what’re the chances that I really will fall asleep and miss them!?!?!? If they do come, that is off course.

3Wed09And, still no reply from the surgery about the blood test date!

I’m not feeling well. Chronically tired and sleepy. Hungry. Despondent. And, I have to say, pissed-off with life at this moment! Sod-all is going right.

So, I can’t watch any DVDs or TV again tonight as well, for fear of missing the repairers. Can’t have a shower or get into my night attire, or have a meal.

So frustratingly depressed with it all. The bags under my eyes have bags under them! Now Dizzy Dennis has started to kick- off!

Did the last Health Checks, boy are the reading high, now!

And, yet still no reply from the surgery about the blood test date, or any signs of the maintenance personages!

I dare not sit down in the chair for fear of nodding-off, so I tried to carry on doing some Inchcock page top graphics prep work for later use. Although concentration was at a minimum now.

Around 1810hrs, I spotted a suspected Help-Bringer on the CCTV screen enter the outer doors – saw him press the buttons on the wall-pad, and my intercom-phone rang out in the hallway. Great Joy! I answered and pushed the enter buttons. Moments later, a young man arrived at the door of the flat.

Introduced himself as the electrician – I welcomed him in and he started to check out the electrics on the boiler. He was slim, tall, had hair on his head, all his own teeth, damned good looking, fit, handsome even and so young… but I didn’t hold that against him. Hehehe!

All reset in five minutes! The water had apparently got too hot, and it had tripped-out? Thanked him and off he went. I checked to make sure I had not left the cooker, lights on, or taps running.

Now it was decision time for me. I was feeling hungry, but this was overtaken by the more desperate need for sleep. So, I had a small bag of Cheeselets and a mug of orange juice for sustenance and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to consume both of them.

Then, as I worried about my not getting up in time for the 0600hrs>0700hrs food delivery in the morning, (I feared I’d sleep through late with my only getting 3 hours sleep since Tuesday morning) I drifted off into blissful sleep!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Wed 31 Oct 2018: Wednesday Whoopsiedangleplops frustrations and finally… Sleep… Oh, Joy!

  1. Why is it always some little thing that one could “repair” oneself if one knew the mysteries of the failed gimo? What a horrific ordeal you suffered to get to the point you finally got the dang hot water heater “fixed”! The worst part is the wait, I think, knowing you are stuck waiting till the cows come home, giving up what small pleasures one has at our age for fear of not hearing the knight on a white horse come to fix the little thing that you could fix yourself if only…! Gerry, I hope you had a wonderful sleep, feel more human again after this deprivation!

    • Doug, I don’t know how you do it, cleverly written wording too, Sir! Your words are the so similar to those that have been going through my troubled mind.
      Great to know one understands.
      Thanks mate.

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