Inchcock – Sun 4 Nov 2018: Spoke to someone, Gaynor, Walk in the Park and the Mystery Boot tale continues!


TFZer lovely Mary being ogled by Inchcock! Tsk!

Sunday 4th November 2018

Icelandic: Sunnudagur 4 Nóvember 2018

2250hrs: Having been up since around 2100hrs, by the noise and lights from the Firework freaks, I took photographs, made a brew and got on with updating the Tuesday post. My being unable to get back to sleep. Humph!

Finished the diary off and got it posted to WordPress. Had another wee-wee and then did the Health Checks, early I know, even for me, but I was all out of sync after the rude awakening.


Went on Facebook. Made a start on this blog, but…

WD74.1.1 I nodded off in the computer swivel chair! Klutz! I found it mind-bogglingly miraculous how I didn’t topple out of the seat! Mind you, it was a close call when I sprang awake, but somehow, I evaded leaving company with the swivel chair. So I saved everything on the computer and made my way (all two steps, hehe!), to the £300 second-hand sometimes sticking recliner, lay down, eased it back and was off again into the land of Nod in seconds.

I woke up, around three hours later. The £300 second-hand recliner mechanism was not in the mood for working. The mind was not as confused as normally it would be, but a vague yonderlyness was definitely lurking in the grey-cell department, as I struggled to remove my oleogustus torso out off the recliner and gain a perpendicularish position. I could still feel some pain from yesterdays operosely painful corn and toe-stubbing. Tsk!

The usual convoluted, addled mish-mash of fears, fretting, dithering, distant and agitated thoughts, did not get through to me this morning. I was so pleased at first. Then, inexplicably I felt a little sad at being cheated out of my regular session of getting uptight, in a stew, in a mental-pickle, and all of a dither? What a disoriented old Nebbish I am!

0700hrs: Into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications.

Made up the Thoughts of Inchcock post. Used this as a header.


Got around to doing the ablutions later. I want to see if I am up to having a hobble in the park, maybe even go to see the Mystery Boots to fins out if they have disappeared yet. Hehehe!

Back in a bit.

All cleaned and freshened. I got the things needed, including Gaynor’s Birthday present to drop off on the way out, two black bags for the waste chute, a jar for the recycling-glass bin and a white recycling bag for the caretaker’s doorway.

To the chute and then up to Gaynor’s flat with her birthday pressie. It was getting late, and Back-Pain-Brenda wasn’t half giving some gip now. Gaynor invited me in, and we had a nice pleasant chinwag, and I ogled her a bit. Hehehe! Lovely gal. Said my farewells and down and out with the white bag and jar depositing them in the appropriate places.

7Sun15Firstly, a hobbled to have a look at the  Mystery Boots situation.

They had been moved, and the laces were back in the boots? Mmm?

I walked back up Winchester Street and down along Chestnut Walk.

Taking a photographicalisation of a sign 7Sun16informing people that there was a Fire Assembly Point behind the metal fences cutting off the area that used to be grassed, but was now… well, I’m not sure.

I hope there is not a fire, cause the Assembly Point will take some getting to. Haha!

I plodded slowly and in pain with Back-Pain-7Sun18Brenda, and took a picture of Woodthorpe Court.

No sunshine today, in fact, I thought I felt a spot or two of rain in the air.

I cut through the back end of the flats onto the Woodthorpe Grange Park. Plenty of dogs taking their owners for a walk.

I concentrated on the trees for my photography session today. I didn’t walk far though, cause Hippy Hilda seemed to be coming on in support of Brenda!

Here are the best efforts.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talk about good luck, just as I entered the foyer doors, the rain began to come down.

Did the Health Checks first thing.

Got the beef, peas, sugar-snaps and tomato passata in the saucepan and updated this blog.

1Mon01Served up the nosh.

Mashed potatoes, peas and beef in tomato passata, with sugar snap peas. Lemon mousse and an apple.

A flavour rating of 7.5/10.

Got the noshing paraphernalia in the bowl to soak.

Off into the land of Nod as the first set of commercials came on the TV.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sun 4 Nov 2018: Spoke to someone, Gaynor, Walk in the Park and the Mystery Boot tale continues!

  1. Got Chantilly Laces in those boots with their dirty faces? Big Bopper boots perhaps. Looks cloudy and cold, but very green with color in the trees. It was 25º F (-3.9º C) this morning. quite cold. All the yellow leaves are turning brown. Your nosh took a gnoshing at 70.5/10?

    • Ah, Chantily Lace, now, who made that song, Tim? I’ll look it up… Ah again, Big Bopper. gawed I’m slow at times. Tsk!
      -3.9c! Blimey, that is too cold for my liking. Hehe! Keep warm mate.
      Ah for a third time: I suppose I made a cock-up with the typing again… I’ll change it. Humph!…
      Got it done, good job yer told me, Tim.
      I love those trees. I’m becoming a bit of a nemophilist in my old age.
      TTFNski thanks.

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