Inchcock – Thur 8 November 2018: Missed Social Hour, I was Nurse-Handled (Oh Yes!), Went to see Jenny & Frank… at the wrong flat! Wot a Plonka!


Lyzzi and Thomas… partying? Hehe!

Thursday 8th November 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 8 Tachwedd 2018

23500hrs: The main expergefactor in my waking up with a gentle start, was the need for the Porcelain Throne. Yet again, apart from Back-Pain-Brenda, the other ailments were all being kind to me. No uhtceare. The brain had not gone off on one it’s mind-bending fears, worries and problem seeking escapades, either!

Even my escaping the £300 rickety second-hand recliner seemed relatively easy. Then, when the evacuation went so well, no bleeding or deliquesce, medicational problems all good, I began to worry a bit. All these things going right, was not normal! For me, anyway! My incredibly high EQ told me I would pay for this later. (Incidentally, I know that my EQ was at the time of my assessment around 1980ish, was the Highest ever recorded in the UK. And my IQ was the lowest! (Source: UPS Assessment Centre, Stoney Street, Nottingham).

WD 99.0.0 While on the Porcelain Throne, I had a perusal to see if I could spot any of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles. There was, on a later closer investigation, only 4Thu001athree infant weevil carcasses found. I still gave the place deep spraying with the Rentokil Bug Killer.

Checked the front room behind the curtains on the balcony dividers. A mixture of adult and child weevils were all along the dirtied-by bug killer edges. Some of these were alive. Another spraying operation was done.

4Thu01WD 99.0.0 The kitchen had a few larger weevils scattered around. I had to get down on the floor to reach these marauding illegal immigrants. Several dead ones were collected as well.

Again, that brown gungy muck that the bug killer spray leaves behind had discoloured the floor where it had been applied to.

Had to get down on my knees to access some of them. Took me a long time to get back up on my feet again. Tsk! I put the cloth on the side of the sink, while I filled a bowl with soda and bleach to clean the rag in. Had to go for another wee-wee.

WD 99.0.0 When I returned, there were three weevils, two on the cloth and one in the bowl! I may have to concede defeat in my battle with these damned creatures. Still, you never know, there are less of them, if I keep filthying up the place by continuing to use the sprays regularly, and don’t choke to death on the spray-splatter myself… Oy Vey!

Had a thorough hand wash with the antiseptic disinfectant. Then got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.


The results looked to be okay.

Moved on to updating the Wednesday post. Two-and-a-half hours later, I’d got it finished. Posted it off and went for another wee-wee.

4Thu03Made another mug of tea.

Had a look out of the window, the rain had stopped now.

Back on the computer and made a start on creating this diary.

I had some Scottish Shorties dunked with my tea. By the way, two of the biscuits in the packet were not broken. Thank you Asda (Walmart).

4Thu03aWatched Motoring accident videos on YouTube, then went to get the ablutions done.

WD 99.0.0 Made a hash of the food orders. I thought I had ordered the Morrison one for this week, and the Asda for next week… but I made them both for today, in the same time-slots as well! Klutz!

Well, both Morrison’s and Asda arrived at 4Thu04precisely the same time.

Morrison arrived first. Accepted them. Free samples of Cadbury chocolate cheesecakes were included. Not my cup of tea mind, I’ll nip up to see if Jenny and Frank would like them later.

Ten minutes later, the Asda (Walmart) came, two-blokes, one being trained I assumed. They had been delivering to other flats. More Free Samples, a can of fizzy drink and an e-voucher which I couldn’t find anywhere. Hey-ho!

WD 99.0.0 Substitute on the order as well. The Oreo flavours had been changed. But this is no hassle, as I only got them for Social Hour raffle-prizes. The Kingsmill sliced Wholemeal rolls were replaced with Asda unsliced wholemeal rolls, (Not very soft!) and they run out of date tomorrow! Hey-do, again!

WD 99.0.0 I got all the fodder and Christmas present put away. And got the chocolate desserts, the fizzy drink freebie and bag of crisps that they like collected in a carrier. Added the orange croissant for Frank, and nipped up to Jennies flat to hand them over. But no reply to my ringing and knocking. Perhaps I was a little late, and they had already gone out. Hey-ho for the third time!

I had to return to the flat, as the nurse is calling, but I do not know what time, other than it will be after 0800hrs. Hope she arrives in time for me to get to the Winwood Social Hour and the chinwags I so enjoy.

Off for a wee-wee… I think I might be wise to stop mentioning these activities, it seems to be filling the page… Hahaha!

Did a TFZer graphic-touch-up. TFZer Sandie in her kitchen a while ago. Hehe! Then I s;eted a few of my favourite of Sandies graphics wot I done. Posted them to the TFZer site. Here they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, 1040hrs now, no one has arrived.

The Nurse arrived. I was woman-handled and had my new injections. (Nice!)

I popped up to Jenny’s flat, no one in. I had a hobble to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin, where I thought I might find Jenny.

WD 99.0.0 I did feel a right Schlemiel when Generaloberstess Deana told me I had been visiting the wrong flat, and not 4Thu23Jenny’s. Good job no one was in. Red-Face-Mode-Adopted!

Took this ‘Moody Picture’ of the dwellings on the way back. In the flat and up to the correct flat to see Jenny and Frank. As I got out of the lift on their floor, Frank was going out. Went for my telling off from Jenny. Hehe!

Back home, had a short-sharp wee-wee. and went on the TFZer Facebooking, WordPress reader, and did the Health Checks over the next few hours.

4Thu24Got the cold nosh prepared.

Mushrooms, pickled gherkins, beetroot strips, apple, tasty tomatoes, ready-cooked smoked streaky bacon rashes, two hand-grenades… I mean Asda Wholemeal Rolls (Or do I?) Followed by a Lemon Fool.

Ate ate the nosh, and heard a different sounding noise coming from out side. I went on  perlustration to ascertain t he source of the whining noises.

4Thu25Some more of the bird-poo encrusted support scaffolding was being removed.

Had another short-sharp wee-wee.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications, as the body and mind started to fade fast,

Gawd, I was so suddenly feeling languorous and enfeebled. Beyond the capability of mental activity or concentration. This incapacity came over me so quickly.

I can’t remember much after it arrived, but I woke up, so I must have fell asleep… Hehehe!

TTFN each.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thur 8 November 2018: Missed Social Hour, I was Nurse-Handled (Oh Yes!), Went to see Jenny & Frank… at the wrong flat! Wot a Plonka!

  1. That’s good you got a nice woman-handling from the nurse. Must of disoriented you somewhat about where people live. But that’s to be expected. Nice graphicalizations. Did they bother to get the bird poo off you window while scraping down the scaffolding? Great looking colorfully arranged meal.

    • Good thinking, thanks, Tim, about the disorientationing. Haha!
      The bird-poo, feathers, nuts and bolts and leaves remain in situ, I’m afraid. Tsk!
      I’m having a lamb meal come salad later today. Fingers crossed I cook it right.
      Cheers, Sir.

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