4 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Thoughts Fri 14 Dec 2018

    • Haha! He can suit himself, Tim.
      But while I have some bladder control left, I’d prefer it if he took some Pavement Cyclist and left me alone for a while yet. Hehehe!

      • He takes lots of cyclists around here. Albuquerque has the highest fatality rate for cyclists in the country. Lots of wild drivers out here running over bicyclists and motorcyclists, as well.

      • I have no bother with cyclists on the road or cycle path and feel sorry for those who suffer the deadly actions of idiot speeders.
        I recalled just another bit of the dream later; He was chalking on a blackboard in the field of thorns and nettles, but I’m blown if I can remember what he was he was chalking up. Hehe! Tsk!

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