Inchcock’s 2019 Nottingham Wheel Photos


Monday 18th February 2019

Getting onto and into the cage was done with great pain, difficulty and a little swearing and muttering under his breath. Getting out and off the cage, was done with a lot of pain, difficulty, swearing and muttering under his breath!

But the old fool got nervous, as the wind blasted through the cage and it to swing to-and-fro, thus, rocking the boat as if to put it!

He did not like the dirty smeared plexiglass windows.

But loved taking the photographicalisations, using his old Sony camera.

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I’m not sure I will be capable of taking these view shots next year.

It was hard work climbing up and getting into the cage this year.

Mind you, getting back out and down was just as bad, no worse! Hehe!

A least the cost hadn’t gone up, still £6 for us pensioners.

Shame about the rocking in the wind and dirty plexiglass.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock’s 2019 Nottingham Wheel Photos

  1. Your photos are well worth the pain, agony and swearing under you breath. All you would have to mention was the swearing under your breath, and most any new comer to your blog would have been able to guess you’re a pensioner with ailments. Young people don’t swear under their breath — they just swear, and usually with good volume of expletives and decibels of their expletivilizations. The photos are a wonderful collection of various views from the wheel, and of the Ferris Wheel’s iron works. The shot of the mannequins watching the action out of the top floor window is simply fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some worthy words in there, Tim!
      I might use the expletivilisations later! Haha!
      There were many failures in amongst the photos, Tim. Some blanks, smeared and smudged or mystery shots I couldn’t use! Tsk!
      Glad you liked them though, I thought the dummy shot was a bit different. I wonder what goes on in that storeroom? Hahaha!
      TTFNski ta.

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