Inchcock Today – Tues 11 June 2019: The whiffled stubbed toe is getting incommodious again? Fingers, hand & arm jerking is too. Hey-Ho!

2019 11 June

2019 June 9

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Greek: Τρίτη 11 Ιουνίου 2019

01:45hrs. I almost sprang awake and was just about to recall bits of a dream, when the need for wee-wee arrived. Which took precedence, and the nightmare was forgotten about. The extraction from the £300, second-hand, warped, c1968, rickety recliner, and getting myself semi-perpendicular, went well.

wd 0.0.255 Apart from the stubbed toe still being tender, and my bashing it against the sock-glide as I made my way to the wet room, the other ailments were being so kind to me. (This can’t last, of course!)

2Tue03Another encouraging sign when I took the SWDWW (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wee), the colour seemed to be much nearer its normal.

wd 0.0.255 The not so good thing, was the toe seemed to be more tender and painful.  So I whipped off the slipper and had a decker at it. Oh, dearie me! The earlier stubbing on the sock-glide most likely brought on some more bruising? Ah, well, it was a decent clouting that I gave it!

2Tue01I set about taking the evening medications that I forgot to imbibe last night. And then got a t-shirt and a pair of socks hand-washed, and drying on the airer. I got the morning tablets out and placed the pot near to the computer, to remind me to take them later. Then did the health checks for the day. The results were good this morning, apart from the pulse that was a little high, I think.

Sys 137, Dia 70, Pulse 108 bpm, and Temp at 35.4°c.

wd 0.0.255 I got on the computer to update and finish the Monday post. It took a while, but this was mainly due to having so many photographicalistions to put on, that I took in Nottingham yesterday. The odd decent one, too. The fingers were not doing a lot of the electric-like jumping for once. But the arm and shoulder shake’s replaced them. Not complaining though, cause they are much easier to cope with when typing.

I eventually finished and sent off the diary to WordPress.

Went to make a brew of tea. Then took a horrendously lousy picture of the night. Through the unwanted, light & view-blocking, thick-framed, new kitchen windows; with the impossible to reach panes of glass that need but will2Tue02 have to do without being cleaned glass. And, necessitate the use of the step ladders, if one wants to take a picture out and downwards of the complex. Or needs to check to see if any emergency vehicles are on site when the alarm that I cannot anyway, hear goes off.

The picture came out terrible. I’m not surprised. When the arm and shoulder-shakes come on, they might be less detrimental to the using the keyboard, although selecting things with the mouse can be dodgy; but they do tend to make taking steady pictures, difficult.

I made up a template and started this blog going.

Then went on the TFZer Facebooking, to add photographs and make comments, etc. A long job, with all the pictures I’d taken yesterday, in Nottingham. It took me hours to get done, but I enjoyed doing it.

I had to make some graphics done for later use, on CorelDraw, another time-consuming job, however, I enjoy doing these too! Worked away, even as the arm and shoulder were involuntarily dancing and jumping again! I made few cock-ups with the jerky movements, jumping and clicking icons that I didn’t even know some of them did, never used them before. So, you can understand me getting ratty with myself, as it took me ages to get back to where I was – doing it blindly, so as to speak. I just hope I haven’t reset any of… erm what’s the word. Huh, gone potty all together here… Presets. That’s not the word, but its the nearest I can get. I hope this doesn’t mean another funny-turn is coming on. I imagine that this lethologica is worse due to the stroke?

wd 0.0.255 Not complaining all the same; the nurse last week told me that two of the blokes in the Stroke Ward with me, didn’t make it out, so schtum Inchcock! One of them was, no; I’ll not mention his name, that would be thoughtless, in case anyone reads this blog. We exchanged email addresses. But the nurse spilt a jug of water over my notepad on the morning I was moved to the Residential Home. And the Arriva ambulance women who lifted me to the Acorn Home… Huh done it again, got the name wrong. I had to go on the web to find it, Humph! It was called the Oaks… I’m losing the plot here. Oh, yes, the Arriva ambulance drivers, rushed me so much, I ended up with stuff belonging to the poor chap in the next bed, and half my stuff missing!  It is now of sincere regret that we didn’t get a chance to use the emails. A grand chap. Not being morbid, just so sorry it had to happen to such a friendly and spirited young man.

Thinking about this, how the staff at the Oaks coped amazes me. At times it was like a nursery with aged adults. The kindness of some of the carers and cleaners will stay with me for as long as I have left. I took some chocolates and nibbles for them the week after I’d gone home. I really must take them some more, so they know how appreciated they were (Not all of them, of course).

Anyroad up, it took me over three hours to do one Brexit funny (A good un though, I think) and one Inchcock’s Thoughts in Rhyme.

I went to make another mug of tea, and the rain was still falling. The wee-wees seem to have slowed down. Just thought I’d mention it, like. Haha!


Alk08kI had a change and went on the TFZer Facebooking again. Pattie from Canada asked me if I had received a card and some flowers when I was in the Stroke ward in the hospital.

At the time, I was not really with-it when they were delivered. But could only see from the TFZers and no names. Bless yer, Pattie ♥ & Sandie ♥.

That would be the yellow flowers, in this picture that Pete took for me on a visit. I had no camera, no money, and no bank card. Pete had taken charge of them, for fear of them getting stolen. I had to scrounge a pen to do my crossword book with when the one I had dried up. No cash for papers either. But Jane kindly brought me a Nottingham Post from the day before that she had read and cut the coupons and quizzes out of. Hehe!

Back to CorelDrawing. I must get a move on, Tsk!

wd 0.0.255 Bloomin’ hard work this. I’ll have to give up, the hands, more so the arm and shoulder are going haywire too often with the shaking.

wd 0.0.255 The baby potatoes I put in the new slow-cooker three hours ago, were tested. Still rock-hard? Fed-uppererdness-Mode-Engaged!

2Tue22A change of plans then, chips again.

A super-doper meal and a half was enjoyed, despite the tiredness, the drooping eyelids, and the cracking headache and sneezing after the meal. The Aldi sourdough bread was brilliant as usual. A taste-rating of 7.9/10 for this effort, not bad at all.

It dawned on me; no porcelain Throne visits today at all. Just when I get the Cancer Screening kit to use, too. Tsk!

Did the washing up, took the medications, and sat down in the second-hand, gungy-beige recliner. Only to nod-off every ten minutes or so, and wake again. This lasted for ages.

2Tue07Got up for a wee-wee, took a picture of outside, and the rain had stopped. But it still looked a bit dodgy out there.

Head down again, I continued to nod-off every ten minutes or so, and wake again.

It was so late by the time I managed to get a decent bit of kip in. Hey-ho!


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tues 11 June 2019: The whiffled stubbed toe is getting incommodious again? Fingers, hand & arm jerking is too. Hey-Ho!

  1. As Emerson, Lake and Palmer would sing “Ooooh, what a lucky man…” you are. For making it out of the stroke ward alive. I would say your survival is due to your determination to come back and entertain your followers with your daily dealings with whoopsiedangleplops, accufauxpas, toe stubbings, wrestling with sock guides, and show us your photographs of naughty Nottingham, kamikaze pavement cyclists, local Nottingham natives, views out your window, and your daily meals. Not to mention your dealings with your unmentionables and bodily functions. You take a lot of serious things, make light of them, and give us a good, humorous daily read. You are an example of what ails you keeps you and the rest of us moving forward, day by day. BTW That’s a great looking, well arranged dinner that doesn’t look like it deserves a B- rating.

    • Well, you couldn’t have worded that any better, or more succinctly, Sir. ‘I fank you!’
      My having nt hear of this song or group, I looked them uo and had a listen:
      Highly appropriate, too!
      The nosh was let down by the chips (Fries), they were extremely tasteless for some reason. The potatoes I was going to have, I accidentally left in the crockpot on low. This morning after, and were still not cooked after 9 hours! There has to be a problem there somewhere? Tsk!
      Cheers, Tim.

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