Inchcock Today: Tuesday 28th January 2020: Oddlymost indoors day!

2020 Jan 29

2020 ttJan 29

Tuesday 28th January 2020

Tuesday 28th January 2020


01:10hrs: I stirred, thought about a dream I’d been having. Coughed, passed-wind, listened to the World Famous ‘Hum’ as loud as ever, and was immediately annoying and weed-off. “That’s a good start to the day!” I thought. Then the innards started movements of a worryingly dynamic nature. A hectic, but injury-free scramble to the wet room began. No signs of nocturnal nibbling spotted.

My timing was perfect (I’m glad I rushed, though!), the instant I was on the Porcelain Throne, things started. But it was a long hard slog. For after a second or two, much effort was needed. The cistern struggled, needing two flushes to clear things. On the wonderfully bright-side, there was no bleeding, and things were not messy. Washed disinfected and off to the kitchen.

WD 120.60.0 Where a shock awaited me when I went to make a brew. I thought I’d fill-up the Glengettie tea-bag pot. After a long search, there was none to be found! So I did an Ocado order for some more. I got some Thompsons Punjana as well. 

I got the medications taken, then started to update the Monday diary! It took me three and a bit hours, but with soo many photographs to sort out, this was not too long at all. The right-side neurotransmitters were not bad at all this morning. Colin Cramps had replaced them as the worse offender. Surprisingly, in the left hand, only fingers? Heck of a painful job to get them straightened up at times. At least, annoying as this was, it was far preferable to the nerve-end failures, so I looked on the bright side.

WD 120.60.0 Towards the end of updating…

vir 150.0.0


Vir7 200Stop

WD 120.60.0 Most aggranoying! This stopping and starting continued for the rest of the day. Taking the pleasure away from the Internet for me. Most importantly, it cost me far to much time and delayed things getting done. Thank you. Mr Fries! (Blumpherations!)

I managed to get the post finished, and my patience tested to the full.

I went to make another mug of tea, and the sky looked beautiful. I couldn’t take a decent shot, cause the camera was on charge. So I got the old little battery one, and took three shots, and linked them together, then trimmed them. As I went to take another photo, the camera died a death! I buried it in the recycling bag, saying a few words in memorisation. Haha! I levelled and cut them.


2Tue05I tended to the ablutions. Only a couple of dropsies this time. (Razor (2), flannel) It went well overall, and the Sock Glide was tamed!

The legs looked better, I thought. The mystery bleeding from the overnight appeared spots and blotches, were drying-up nicely.

2Tue04aBut the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet, was really crap today! Even for them!

Forever getting this sign up. Ha! it just came up again, two minutes after the last one!

I think they should change the name from Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet to Mission Impossible Internet! Gerrangulations!

The sweet, highly desirous Nurse Christina should be here soon, I hope, to take my blood.

I went on the WordPress Reader. Gave up on Libert-Global internet.

Got the handwashing done, wrung and hung!

0 ChristinaSunshine, in the form of Nurse Christina, bucked me up as she arrived to take my blood. She let me take her photo, in the balcony, bless her. I wish I’d got a printer now! Humph!

After she had left, I went on TFZer Facebooking. But it was hard work with the net going down so often.

I tried to clean the oven, but too painful getting at it.

Then another summoning to the Porcelain Throne. A lot easier performance this time. Which was nice, cause I expected the same problems again.

Fatigue and weariness dawned, so I got some chips in the oven, I’ll have to eat the short-dated mini pork pies again. (Snigger!)

Gawd how tired I suddenly feel! 2Tue08a

Got the nosh done, a quick job, I didn’t fancy falling asleep eating again. Some mini pork pies, truffle fries and caramelised onion relish. An apple and lemon curd dessert for afters. Quick, little washing up to do. I was soon in the recliner eating it and ate the lot.

But although I expected to nod-off, it took me longer than for ages, to get to the land of bliss. Don’t know why.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 28th January 2020: Oddlymost indoors day!

  1. At least you got to see Christina and take her photo so you could share her beauty with us. She is adorable. I sent you an email.

    Nice night photo. Your legs are looking good.

    I still think your frequent Internet failures might be a sick modem. You need to see if you can get someone to help you get on the Internet or call Virgin about upgrading your modem.

    That’s a great looking dinner. The truffle fries look especially good.

    • Cheers, Sir, I’ve responded to the email.

      Virgin are working on the wires outside again, this time on 6th February, they sent a letter warning that the system might go down on that day, twixt 0700>2200hrs.

      The pins are less variable recently, thats as you say, good. (I may regret saying that, off course. Hehe!)

      I do like them truffle fries, Tim. They almost taste like meat?

      Cheers, Tim.

  2. Regards to Christina, next time she comes ’round. Just this morning I went in for my regularly scheduled INR and received a sterling 2.7. Fortunately, I remembered to bring along my trusty Snappy-Heat hand warmers, Renaud’s has been kicking up quite a furor this winter. Punxsutawney Phil is ready to cast his prognostications this coming Sunday, but trust your local groundhog for omens in Nottingham. 🙂
    Cheers on a penultimate day before the penultimate day in January!

    • Glad you remembered hand-warmers!
      All the bestest with Prognosticationer Punxsutawney Phil. I’m on 1.9 INR at the moment. Target 3.2. What is your target, Bill?

      When I was in the anticoagulation clinic, a few of us there compared targets, if I recall it right, they varied from 0.5, up to 5.0, according to the individual. Not been called there for ages, I used to enjoy a cross-moaning session and laugh there. Hehe!


      • 2.5 is judged as perfect, but anything from 2.0 to 2.9 is good to go. I have a genetic disposition toward thicker blood: 1.0 to 1.9, so clots form easily. Been on Warfarin since about 1997. I was happy when they introduced thin glass capillary tubes for drawing blood from a fingertip — hope you have those there. An INR reading in about 20 seconds. 🙂


      • Hi, Bill.
        Needle in the arm still here, mate.
        Although, on the odd occasion when have to to the Anticoagulation, Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic (What a mouthful of a name, Hahaha!) at the QMC, they do have the pin-prick swab system going. I looked up a home set-up similar. Expensive and the swabs were extortionatley priced, but it meant I could do it at home, and let them know. Whch seemed a great idea to me. But the hospital wouldn’t let me use one (Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, perhaps the reason).
        Hope fate features funs for you.

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