Inchcockski: Monday 3rd February 2020: Oh, the ailments have returned. Ah, well!

2020 Feb 03

2020 tttFeb04

Monday 3rd February 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻalima lā 3 Pepeluali 2020

00 Feb 04

WDP 003hWD 180.50.0 02:20hrs: As I came back to artificial life, from my nightmare filled sleep, I could clearly hear what I thought was a steam press. Somehow I thought I was still out of it and dreaming, cause the dream was about me being stuck in a giant steam press, with people fighting over who should activate the controls? But it soon became apparent that the noise was the World of Science baffling, ‘Hum’!

I rose out the £300, second-hand, c1968, biliously-beige-coloured recliner. I hauled my pharaonically flobby-body onto its tiny by comparison, feet, caught my balance, grabbed the stick, and wobbled off to the kitchen. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyner were just not bothering me at the least?  Was I actually awake or still dreaming?

WDPH01L41Mon01WD 180.50.0 I took a photo of the blue sky. I soon found out when I all but let the kettle slip put of my hands as I went to fill it, Nancy’s neurotransmitters on the right-side were failing again. Not surprising really, cause they medics have told me they can do nothing about it. But the real reason I knew I was awake was when I stubbed my toe against the sink cupboard as I retrieved the kettle and got cold water down my dressing gown, jammies, belly, privates, legs, and feet! Ah, my run-of-the-mill, unostentatious unlucky-status seems to have returned! Just as well, cause my recent patchy run of decent luck, was alarming me a bit, I’m not used to it! To the wet room, and dried myself off and changed trews.

WDP 003l4Thu02WD 180.50.0 Then as I made a brew of Glengettie tea, it was then time for Shaking-Shoulder-Shawn to kick-off.

They came on without any warning twinges this time. I was all het-up about making the mess and having to change togs, though.

1Mon02I got the medications sorted, and returned to the main room and got the computer going. The tea had gone cold, so I went to make another, and decided to open the window again, to take a picture of the housing on view outside. Many lights were on in the dwelling, that caught me out for a second. I didn’t realise the time had flown so fast. I went back to the front room, forgetting to make a mug of tea!

WDP 2019B01VirFail01aWD 180.50.0 I made a start first on finishing off a graphic I started yesterday on CorelDraw, then began the updating of the Sun day block – Oh dear! What with Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and the persistent Shaking-Shoulder- Shawn, and now Mr Fries, what is it he calls it? ‘Virgin’s Superfast Broadband?’, things were not going well at all! But then, I should be used to it by now!

WDP Dec 26b1Mon05WD 180.50.0 Hours later, I got it finished off and went to make a brew. It was getting lighter now. But I got sidetracked my an instant demand for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised, so off to the wet room, I trudged. By gum, my usual ailments and accidents are rife. I’m confident they have returned today, after 2½ days of near-normal luck! The evacuation was solid, painful, and bloody. Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding as well!

1Mon06But no more toe-stubbing at least! It’s been that long since I needed them, I had to think which of the tubes and tubs were for what ailment. Hahaha! The legs were looking somewhat paler than for a long time, but the Clopodogrel lumps and blotches were still absent, so my full-rate of bad luck hasn’t all come back yet. I had a wash-up and wiped the contact points with the antiseptic.

Visited the WordPress Reader section, TFZer Facebook page, Pinterest, and did the comments reading, well the comment. Hehe!

1Mon05aWDP 10R01LWD 180.50.0 Then I made the brew of Thompsons tea, and back on the computer. Many repeated ‘Failed to save’ signs continued to pester me! But, it’s all part of my returning back to the regular bad-luck-in-life, I suppose. Tsk!

I worked a few more hours on this blog and decided to have a go at making another brew and have some brekkers. That was the plan anyway. Things did work out as expected, though.

WDP 13LWD 180.50.0 I had a double-whammy of ailments come on together. Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun to start with. The worst ever bout I’ve had. I just stood there with one hand on the stick, the other on the side of the sink. Must have been there for twenty-minutes like that. Too scared to move for fear of toppling over, and then Saccades Sandra joined it as well, the room was spinning.

WD 180.50.0 Should I press the wristlet alarm? I lost focus, virtually unbalanced, with very little sight. Overall it was a good half-hour before things cleared. In the past, these Dennis Dizzies and Sandra have only ever lasted for a few minutes at most. But, amazingly, they departed suddenly, within two minutes or so, and I found myself making a brew? Feeling so pleased they had stopped, everything returned to normal, sight back, no problems? This is worth mentioning to the Doctor, I think, all the same. I’ll email for an appointment later on, I reckon.

WDP 003bWD 180.50.0 Then, as I was hobbling back with the mug of tea, I had an involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dance routine. It was all over within a minute, no falling, no hitting into or knocking anything over. Not even any spilling of the mug of tea, I got it down on the book cabinet as it started performing. I’ve had a lot of worse sessions. But I still needed to sit down for a minute or two. But was soon back up at the computer, updating this blog.

Fatima Fatigue fell upon me, big-time.

1Mon06aI got the nosh prepped. I’ve still not fully returned to my usual vacuous, yet tortured unrelenting state of mind. It feels all odd not fretting and panicking about anything. The return of Whoopsiedangleplopalising seems to have helped, in a distorted sort of way.

The meal, a 7.9/10 for flavour and taste, went down well. I put the things in the bowl to soak, and got settled in the recliner… but sleep was not interested in coming, despite how tired I was. Humph! Inchyangulations!

11 thoughts on “Inchcockski: Monday 3rd February 2020: Oh, the ailments have returned. Ah, well!

  1. How long has it been since you have seen a doctor? It seems like months now? There’s always a chance that the various meds you take are not playing nicely with each other and making your neuropathic maladies, shakiness, and dizziness worse. Your legs are “A Whiter Shade of Pale”. Do you remember that song by Procol Harem? The meal looks really great. Very well arranged and color-coordinated.

    • I emailed the surgery this mornong, Tim for an appointment. It was a bad do, yesterday.
      I do recall that song. I couldn’t remember who made it, but I do now. Hehe! I liked it.
      Christina is calling today, I will ask her if she can call the surgery for me to check on the appointment. I’ve asked for an early one, the last time I asked I got a 15:30hrs one!
      Not feeling right yet today. But things are much better now, no shakes, and minimal dizzies.
      Taketh care.

  2. Keep calling the Doc. Be insistent that is what me and my father are doing for my mother if not they seem to forget about the patients( at least here in Spain) Well, I see you ate a pretty good dinner….what a plate! It´s 9 a.m here in Spain and I´m now the one getting dizzy for food.
    Take care Inchcock

  3. Mr. Inchcock. I was nominated today for the sunshine blogger award. They told me and I follow… to nominate 3 people ask them 3 questions and then they do the same to other 3 people. Anyways point being you came to mind when it came to nominate someone. So there you are in the post, your link not you physically(but who know now a days with this Artificial Intelligence). Anyways you can participate if you feel good, have time and if you want. Hope you had a great day today and you’re doing better.
    Link where your link appears at the bottom

    • Good of you to think about me, Sir. But things not good at the moment. The mind is struggling, doing my blog is taking so long nowadays.
      Sorry i can’t get involved.
      Thanks anyways, and have a good day, Sir

      • I was imagining it but at the very least I thought I would link you to promote the smiles you can give us and the your strength too. Hope you get better (today is my day to go to hospital, again, with mom), all the best and try to keep on with the blog, it not only makes you do something, but something positive like putting a smile on the people that read you. Take care, all the best.

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