Inchcocks Future Fun Newspaper Headlines


Future Sports, Covidity, and Politics, unsung,
Including Boris, Cummings, even Cameron,
I threw myself into creating these, then the phone rung…
Told me the Bank is closing its branch… that’ll be fun!
A bill from the Council, Carers Fees, that stung!
Two weeks ago, Meridian arranged a direct debit…
About as reliable as Norman Tebbit!

Here they are; I hope you get a smile from;

Inchcocks Future Fun Newspaper Headlines

I fang You!

Inchcock’s Make ‘Em Laugh Series

9 thoughts on “Inchcocks Future Fun Newspaper Headlines

  1. Those are some stunning graphics, mate. Boris Johnson is looking a bit better than normal, much younger. Ever the staid stalwart leader…or the total opposite, of course.
    Great coverage on the 1/4 of the matches that were not cancelled. By the way, I like the fractional issue 1045 3/4 as the most-recent number.
    Grizelda Plunket, a possible reference to the famous Grizelda of good note.

    Billum and HRH reporting

  2. The groundrules were set to allow yer perfect graphics to find the room for stirring victories and wretched disapponment simultaneously. Fings aint wot they used to be, but memories color enough to make the world somewhat credible. The Newt Year is still young and is swimming about wif the tadpoles. Dive in old and crawl out young…but is it the other way around. Grizelda switches to and fro from 6′ 4” with lots of muscle to 6′ 4′ with lots of gristle. Memories is odd fings, is it so, or is it ain’t? Or ain’t it is?
    A good time to stop and feed the raccoons.

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