Inchcock: Local News Snippets in Ode

This week the News Snippets are reported, recorded and commented on, by The Nottingham Pensioner Lad, Inchcock (89).

Alto-Ego Inchy: I apologise for the Odeing included in the comments. But the lad has had minimal education. Now, with him contracting Vascular Dementia, as well as various other ailments; Hearing aids, mechanical ticker fitted, Glaucoma, Saccades, Cataracts, Stroke, Peripheral Neuropathy. His tendency to either waffle on, lose the plot or regularly forgets what he was doing, where he is, or where he was going; does not make for readable poetry. But there’s no stopping him. He only sulks when I point out these and other failings to him. Sorry.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, this looks good,
Be happy surely we should?
Read the next one and chew the cud!
Your interpretation will go down with a thud!

I’m aware of how they feel, every patient,
I’m waiting on may a medical appointment,
Dentist, Chiropodist, Doctors yearly check…
That’s been a wait of three years, by, heck!
Audio, DVT and Cardiac…
Then the operation on the cataracts,
Glaucoma and Saccades and the Diabetes in fact…
Will I live long enough to get my treatments?

Sozzled, drugged up, and a man with a violent bent,
But will there be a return to prison requirement?
Easier for him to get drugs in there for his sustainment?
Maybe they’ll offer him some mental treatment?
Tell him sorry if this is inconvenient…
Give him some cocaine and pay his rent?

Run of the mill stuff, for the Nottingham creed,
I understand that he was a gynaecologist,
Nothing suspicious, the chap wasn’t a druggist…
Police won’t look too far into this…
With nine officers attacked and on the sick list!

The Police and I…
Have no idea why,
So sorry the lad had to die…
RIP son… It makes you cry!

No matter why – Animals!

All this violence, drugs, gangs, I comprehend?
Slave importers, youths will re-offend…
No deterrent do the courts send…
Viciousness threatens, it’s today trend…
And I think it will only worsen!
A judge was I thought the only person…
Who could, these crimes amend…
But no, so I’m scared and disheartened!.

Self-Centred Scum!

Well, this is interesting news for Sherwood…
A 48% increase in crime figures, should…
make my blood boil, make me angry and rude!
I’m not surprised, I’ve not seen a policeman since May!
Didn’t even see one on Tuesday…
Plenty of yobboes lurking…
Don’t suppose they are working?
I just pray they don’t mug me today!.

Raliegh, John Players, Debenhams, Topshop, Oasis, WH Smith, Burton & Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Banks closing down, Virgin Media sold to Liberty Global and has been ruined by them, Macintoshes, Rowntrees, Frys, Cadburys all sold to Nestles…

But fret not, we have 14 new takeaway shops opened… even though 12 went bankrupt in the last year?

Well, looking at my arm that’s encouraging.

So, basically, she’s got 25 days, what an hour a session? Going to some Community Centre; probably gets a free meal, and she can do some drug trading at the same time. I assume that courts will be providing her with a taxi both ways?

Inchcock’s Local News Snippets in Ode

14 thoughts on “Inchcock: Local News Snippets in Ode

  1. Seems the Nottingham Sherrif is too busy these days. Perhaps he can call an amnesty on Robin Hood and gain his expertise at righting the wrongs of a system that encourages roguery!

    What!? What!? What!? Robin Hood is just a story!? Does this mean Donald Trump actually did get screwed out of the presidency? That aliens from outer space are real? What!? What!? What!? Nessie is real, too!? What can one believe these days? LOL!

    Seems the bad guys have been awfully busy in Nottingham these days.

    • Well stated, Doug. Telling lies by the hundred-thousand is the mark of statesmanship. The bigger the lie, the more is it believed. Deliberately prohibiting a citizen of a different color from the polling booth is done with pride. Trump himself acknowledged that the basic right to vote would find no Republican being elected. Gerrymandering has always appeared to me as an insidious way to fix elections, regardless of political party. The poll tax has been replaced with more effective measures. Denying people representational government is a criminal act, as were the actions on January 6, 2021.

      • Damnable business. I keep watching for signs things are turning around. The voting rights and election laws still are being held hostage by two senators, and it may be the only thing that comes of those votes is we will have a documented record of who is for democratic processes and who want to deny the majority rule.

      • I have been looking for such signs as well, Doug. Trump has gone unchallenged since he became the last Republican candidate still standing on King of the Hill. What was it, 16 contenders at the beginning of those so-called debates among Republicans and Trump is still the only show in town. And the mid-term elections in November are rapidly approaching. Speaking of democratic processes, I keep seeing that image of that gallows standing outside the Capitol Building.

  2. It seems that the police are hiding out, lest they be beaten up by the real forces in town. Knivings seem to be the assault weapon of choice, while over here the assault weapon is an assault rifle. Those military-grade pieces of ordinance are proudly worn around town by those who take the law into their own hands, and those people include grammar-school srudents who follow the example of those who have absolutely no idea of what constitutes civil society. Civics is an obsolete term. Fascism is a force for good, while those who oppose Fascists are enemies of the state. Those who recognize systemic racism in the USA are enemies of freedom. Stating that black lives matter, or simply using the letters BLM, shows support for International Communism.

      • I like a situation where an S. Holmes is able to solve problems major to minor. ’tis best when the game is afoot and all are assured that a better day is at least promised.
        The presence of a Moriarty appearing twixt the shade, the shadow, and the illusion. The police dare not hide anywhere. How to solve the problem? Perhaps this way:

      • Bring back Sherlock! Moriatty, too!
        Mostly, hand problems to Billum… it’s true…
        He’ll come up with a solution for you…
        He’ll know what to do!
        I fank you!

      • Not to boast, but my detection and sleuthing skills are second to none. I’ve been known to shake down shopliters and ask them if they’ve forgotten anything, Able to find cereal killers by finding fingerprints on the box and by sending the deails to all the tabloids. Simply by listening to politicians and wonkies, I detect their lies, falsehoods, and non-truths within three nanoseconds. Screenwriters of murder shows send me transcripts, I highlight the misses, the mistresses, and all the hidden treasure. It gives me something to do in my spare time, when not running errands and watching baking shows on the TV with HRH.

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