Inchcock Today: Diary wiv odes

Thursday 10th February 2022

Thought I’d Mention It… Great Music!

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05:10hrs: I just waken up again with a jump. The sixth time tonight, I would have gone back to sleep, but the Thought Storms started off. After a few minutes, they just disappeared while I was right in the middle of a fretting session. The surprise of the Thoughts suddenly stopping made me forget what it was I was worried about. Hahaha!

Then in a heartbeat, the bowels started to evacuate on their own again… Panic, flap, up and nearly toppled over, bruised my leg battling against the recliner arm and leg as I tumbled a smidge, and dashed (yes, really, and wobblingly) to the wet room. Grrreat! I made it in time! But it was another messy affair.

I cleaned up the room myself, got some fresh Protection Pants on, returned to the front room, and took a Galpharm capsule. Which was a bit farcical in two ways… Taking out a tablet and Peripheral Neuropathy-Pete’s nerve ends contacted, I crushed the capsule. Not only that, but the nerve-ends went back to lot contacting, and I had to wait a while before I could open the fingers that half the squashed tablet firmly! Which I have to admit to laughing out loud too! I tested the fingers after they allowed me to open them, all seemed fine again.

Opening the foil again on the strip, and the entire sheet came off! How long it took me to find them all, I’m not sure, but it took a few minutes at least. Another smirk hit my face! Got a capsule swallowed at last.

As had to use the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket) three times in ten minutes. I shall ring Dr Nallamothu, Urinary Tract Infections office in St Annes, later today; I can’t go on like this.

I put the kettle on, sorted the waste bag, and put it near the door, in case this mornings carer takes it to the skip for me. Made a brew and refilled a water bottle for later. Then took this snap of the morning view.

Then tackled the Health Checks. I used the newer Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd, contactless thermometer. A little low?

Then got the Sphygmomanometer, manufactured for Boots, by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China. The BP was a smidgeon higher. The pulse was 80. good, that was, I think.

The Carer, Richard, arrived a little later than usual. About 07:30hrs. But he seemed a little cheerier today and willing to have a natter with me this morning. He said it was his holiday-vacation starting tomorrow… Aha, that’d be why he was a bit happier today. I’ll miss having him call on me; he shows signs of caring. So, he gave him some nibble-treats, took the waste bags for me on his way out, and left me feeling less cheerful at the thought of who I will get as a replacement Carer? Tsk!

I got on with yesterdays blog catching-up. Which took me a few hours. Grumph! Thanks to Shaking Shaun and Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, both giving me some input. But Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley was as good as gold to me!

I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana and nearly caused a Faux-pas! And took one of the CBD capsules by mistake for the Codeine. Cor, that was close! The nurse said not to take them in the morning, only on retiring.

I got the blog done and posted off. Viewed and replied to emails and comments. Went on Facebooking. Then did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw. Got as far as here and realised I’d not yet viewed the WordPress reader… so I did! It’s getting late now, so I started this blog.

I went to get the nosh prepared and cooking. And, by gum, the sun was blossoming now. I took a couple of the views on hand photographicalisationings for your perusal; the first towards my left, where the sun was.

The second one to the right, where I could get a prettier shot of the wonderfully blue, almost cloudless sky. I thought this one had a beauty to it.

Then I nipped back into the wet room, thinking I might have left the tap running… but all was okay.

Back into the kitchen, to take this picture of the pretty houses in front of the flats.

Huh! Back for a wee-wee yet again! It’s getting out of hand. Hehehe!

Then I got the number and rang the St Annes Centre to make an appointment with the Urologist. They will text me back with the appointment date and time?

Tried to get a J Sainsbury order in, and Wallah! And, I got one in! For next Tuesday 0630>0730hrs! I’m doing well, ain’t I?

Looking a little glum now.

Herbert was upping the clanging about. I think he was struggling to get to grips with something metal. He seems to have mastered it; he’s back to the tap-tapping again now. Well done, stridulant Hebert!

Got the nosh progress checked. All cooked, so I got the meal prepped and served up. Leaving the sink full of things needing cleaning up. I didn’t drop a single pea from the plate… yet! Haha! Gorgeous tasting effort; everything was so delectable. The black tomatoes and the buttered peas and potatoes were as close to perfect as they have ever been! Taste Rating: 9.2/10!

There was just one… well, two things that slightly marred the pleasure. The poor teeth could not cope with the wonderful tasting Cox’s Orange Pippin apple. I shall have to work out how not to waste the remaining three apples in the fridge. With the two loose teeth, I simply dare not risk biting into them… Could this be the end of my apple-eating days? So, sad! Sob!

Off to the kitchenette, the sun was doing its best to show me the weak Sunsetting and the multi-coloured clouds. Nice!

I got all the pots and utensils washed and draining, as the now getting famous door chime rang out its welcoming ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ tune. It was the evening carer. It was Carer Elena. I think she’s taken to me as I have her. Very caring, and we had a mini-natter too! ♥ She took the waste bag out with her as she left. Such a pleasant lady. It’s a true shame I wasn’t 35 years younger. ♥ 00Hehe!

Got changed into my night attire and remembered (No, I’m not kidding, I did remember) to take the Pure Hemp capsule. The nurse said it would take a few days to show any signs of improvement. I just hope that it helps me stay asleep for more extended periods. I’ve got to be patient, mind you.

However, I did make a mess of it. (Fancy that, hard to believe, I know, me making a mess of anything… Ahem!) I coughed as I was about to swallow it, and the plastic shell broke open! I got a mouthful of weed and seeds that seemed to get into every little hole, nook and cranny in my teeth. And believe me, there are plenty of them in my mouth. Danged useless Dentist!

I got settled in the £300, second-hand, c1968, Charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, in search of a long-lasting sleep… But no! Yet again, it was waking wide awake with a jump, what seemed to be every ten minutes or so. It was probably longer, though.

Ode to Lack of Sleep

Sweet Morpheus, hello? Can you listen to me, please?
I’m serious now; it’s not a joke, jape or wheeze…
I can’t sleep well or for very long, can you put me at ease?
I’ve not eaten owt to cause this… no fricassees, onion bargees…
No late scoffing any cobs of pickle and cheese…
No dreams of beautiful women in their negligees!
I don’t expect anything positive or guarantees…
If you can assist me, I’ll stop eating toffees…
I’ll be kind to animals, dogs, cats, chimpanzees…
Never again will I eat pickled walnuts or banoffee…
I need the rest, you sees?
For my arthritic knees…
If you can help, I’ll do good deeds…
I’ll even stop playing with my Frisbees!

The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe

15 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Diary wiv odes

  1. Yer’ve a good ear for good music, Sir. My mother always tuned to the local FM Classical music station on the kitchen radio, the folks behing the mike were very knowledgeable too, a great introduction to the entire field of music. 1942 Glenn Miller vintage songs are still alive if you are paying attention. I am also a fan of Old Time Radio programs from the 1940s, still tune in to them.
    Your experience with Carers depends completely on who shows up with an intention of doing a good job, such as Richard. Very fine of Elena to take out the waste. Is one of the elevators still out of commission?
    Those BP numbers just couldn’t stay in those lower ranges. Dang that to heck and back is wot I sayeth to yer, Sire. Perhaps tomorrow?
    Hoping that Richard has an enjoyable and recuperative holiday. It seems that the round white tablets are the one that keep getting switched for each other. Maybe you could mark them with food dyes? A thot from Billum, it is.
    My eyes had convinced that the hemp capsule was a dill pickle. Time to get my eyes tested — the moral of the story.
    A restful Saturday wisheth we to yer excellent self.

    • Annuva coincidence twixt us, Sir! I love the old big band music, much missed and not played on the radip much anymore.
      The Carers are leaving almost en masse, Bill? They got new ones, three, ones gone already!With the dementia, they say I am not allowed to touch the prescription medications – but on a good day for me, I’ve had Carers getting them wrong… Hey-Ho.
      Horrible day yesterday, Sir, as you’ll read, I hopeth.
      Eyes tested? I’ve had mine doneth, but waiting for the… the names gone again, ern… I’ll look at the afive leaflet… Cataracts, glaucoma and saccades all waiting to be done, the will not supply any glasses until all four have been treated. nderstandable, cause the eyes after the plastic lens fitting will need different goggle lenses? I do hopeth they get a move on with it soon.
      Howevereth, you are wise to get the eyes examinated, Sir.
      Haha! The capsule of hemp is another mystery. The first one I tokk, went down without any bother. The next two dissolved too soon, and were difficult to swallow – there will be a reason for this – but… what?
      Demntia Doreen is beginning to get more stroppy.
      And… SM really hates me lately!
      Ma breathe of fresh air,
      Bring to you all over there…
      Contentment, more than your share!
      And peace, and love, cause I care! ♥

      • You can find many of the old tunes and programs on the internet, many available at a click. There are many categories of old stuff (like us) at archive dot org:

        Eyes are complicated thing-a-majigs, I can see well for distance but need glasses for the close stuff. It’s nice to have a magnifying glass at hand.
        That capsule did look quite a bit like hemp, but I can’t tell hemp from a pickle 🙂
        Daggone Doreen, the Stroppy
        SM can be tempermental when he wants to, Lisa sees him mostly during daylight hours, of course. As soon as she catches up on sleep, the longer it takes to sleep again. Have you written any good notages of late?
        May you also have freshish air, and many good surprises because we care too! ♥

      • The computer is not giving me audio, at the moment Bill. Time for listening is another blind for me. Everything is taking so long now with Peripheral Pete getting worse, but it may come back on its own. Hehe!
        Pickles are what I get into every single day, several times, Bill. Hahaha!
        SM was alittle kinder to me last night Billum, only aabout five springing awakes, much betterer, thanks. HRH is a miracle-gal, coping how she does.
        With the eyes so bad, I have to ask Carers what time things need cooking occasionally, last night Carer Valerie came, nice to get one I can talk to. But somehow she said the sausage had to be cooked in the oven for two minutes??? I didn’t risk it. A lovely got at by the other Carers because she is not as sharp as they are, I like her, so gave her extra treats last night.
        Then this morning, I disentangled the Meridian done laundry that was returned and put it away. Tsk! Last week they were all folded lovely too.
        I’m waffling again, sorry mate.
        One with their own problems and cares for others still, is why I was so pleased to find you and HRH on the web, Sir..

      • Danged criminal computer, it should talk and sing lovely music at yer, Sir. I am calling the computer a git! Pickle getting into is another thing wot we both do. Made something for her nosh and ended up burning most of it. The only thing I did not burn was the ice water.Hope not to start burning ice cubes, a new years resolution — do not burn the ice cubes.SM said he would try not being a proper twit all the time. No one performs miracles better than HRH, even the tabloids are picking up on all the misreporting that they are receiving from git soutces. Quoting a git accurately is a hard Brot. Good always ro finr well folded duds. innit?
        HRH keep each other informed on what we each read and respond do. Much fun and helpful at the same time. A fine time enjoyed each readage and rereadage.
        Extra treats help, a trick I must remember, Sire!

      • What a wise resolution mate. Haha!
        It is a hard life, especially when the aforementions by you good self, ‘Gits’ have to be classified without using foul language. Grungleturds? No?
        I read HRH’s email to Pink Fuzzy Monster this morning – I’m sure his left eye twinkled at me!
        Didn’t work this morning Billum, Carer Kiya didn’t take me waste bags, Hahaha! Why do I think of… oh, whats the name of the films… erm… Hard Die, that’s it, when I type Kiya’s name… Ah, Gorrit! I think.
        Hello, an alrm goping off somewhere…
        Just had a listen out of the balcony window, but whatever it was has stopped now – the very cheek, goign off while I’m typing to Billum… The Nerve!
        Sweet sleep to HRH, and what about the Humira, Bill?

  2. You couple of flatterers but sincere which makes me feel it’s all worth it! I’m so glad I have people like the two of you in my life!! Poor Billum has had to learn a lot of ins and outs with me! I used to, upon being wakened by him , enter utter panic mode and shout ‘, WHO ARE YOU!!??” I also did it while in hospital. I was in a for a few days as was my won’t in my early 30s due to heart problems -ultimately brought on by the mega doses of epiphedrine my doctor prescribed! I would down my espressos in the day and then would be full of speed and my body did the paradoxical reaction (of COURSE!!). My heartbeats slowed down to as much as 32 per minute. I would whine to my doctor that I did not WANT to go to the hospital and only if he called up ahead and got me in a room w/o working me through the ER would I go! So he did and one night the Respiratory Therapist came in while in was in one of my memory erasing naps, and was making joking conversation and I sat up and yelled out, WHO ARE YOU!!”” It scared the crap out of him and he told me who he was, assured me I knew him and reminded me his name, and my memory returned and I started laughing! I told him it was an idiosyncracy so every time he came in with breathing treatments afterwards he would shout, WHO ARE YOU! We laughed it off. Then the nurses would say things like, your toe nails are painted red!!! I asked what they normally found and they told me I didn’t really want to know, but mine were a nice departure. Another time in wound therapy, one of the nurses had a little stringer of Christmas lights (aka fairy lights) around her neck . They would blink off and on and I admired them so much! There was a moving sale that the hospital workers frequented and she got it there. That sweet woman took it off her neck and put it on mine when our gouging out debriding and slinging me shut with plastic that would then be sucked with immense pressure to bring my skin together. Yep. It worked, that’s all I gotta say about it!
    You two make me feel very good. Even if Bill cooks my manicotti into a hunk of junk, he went to the trouble of warming the second half with a warm, moist paper towel over it so it was quite nice and delicious! So, later in the night, I washed a bunch of strawberries, dried them and then melted some dipping chocolate from Dove. So, I started in on a few and he showed up and I was able to coax him to eat a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries! I wish I could sneak up and flip your recliner forward ( with the risk of knocking over the NWWB! Then I would skewer a few chocolate dipped strawberries for you! Then we could have game night. I think the game Sorry is good and I loved the pop-o[matic aspect. I quite like Hungry Hungry Hippos but with our neurological issues, I think it could be more of a fiasco than a game! Love you and your chair worries me Sir!

    • You have many tales to relate, my precious, and do it so well. How you’ve come through it all, I can only admire… that’s partly why I love you so. (Sorry Bill).
      I don’t recognise the games, Lisa, sorry my love. Is Sorry, a TV thing? We has a programme called Sorry on TV once, long ago. Ronnie Corbett, comedian, I don’t think he ever got to the US of A.
      Another coincidence with the strawberries, gal. I’ve just got back form taking some strawberries that were delivered this mornng, to an elderly lady, Nora I thin her name is, with a bar of chocolate to cheer her up. It did me more good than her when she broke into a smile.
      Jopsie had her Sunday meal as well. Beef Chilli, with extra mushrooms and tomatoes. Chocolates and a can of Pink Gin & Tonic.
      Now I get this lovely message from HRH, and am cheered so much! ♥

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