Inchcock Today: Thursday Theatrics

Thursday Theatrics

Morning Thoughts In Ode

For joy or success, I can only pray…
After the daymare, called Wednesday,
It all went ape-shit after midday,
Full of decay, disarray, and dismay,
But it is, after all, now a Thursday…
I expect sorrow or deprecation, alackaday!

But, I must not look at it this way…
These feelings of depression, I must allay!
Ignore my Thought Storms who bring banality…
But failure, for me, is an inevitability…
An ageing body that can’t cope with a Segway,
Dementia Doreen, who stealing my logicality…
Cruelly toying with my already befuddled memory…

Kathleen Cataracts, Deaf Donald, annoy me,
As does Arthur Itis and Cartilage Cathy…
Then there’s the danger of Peripheral Neuropathy!
Which is worse? Thought-Storms that gives no leeway…
Always brain-rattling, confusing me… it never goes away…

Or my physical ailments, though not so bad today…
Some pains so bad, they can leave me delusory…
I even limp and fall over, somnambulistically!
The falls were possibly caused clinicopathologically…
No idea what that means; I dropped it in casually!

Well, that’s got the bad stuff out of the way…
It could be a better day? Conceptualistically,
Then again, it could go badly, confrontationally?
I hope conversationally, or even convivially!
Depressive, error-ridden, painful, or distastefully,
If so, the day will go conventionally!

What a wet, embarrassing start to the day! I would guesstimate that from waking and getting to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), it would have been about a minute or so, although it felt like half an hour. And still, I didn’t make it in time! Shame, despondency, self-loathing, and the ignominy of it at my age… Weeing one’s Protection Pants! Still, they did the job, but unfortunately, I have little feeling when passing water nowadays and pulled Little Inchie out before he’d run his course… So, the second job of the day was cleaning up and sanitising, then a change of pantaloons, washing myself thoroughly, and getting the socks, jammie-bottoms and jumper in the bowl soaking in Dettol. Well, that wasn’t planned!

I tried to upload the photos, but the computer wasn’t having it. So, there may not be any of today’s pictures on here at all! I can clip stuff from the web, copy & paste them into CorelDraw and get some things on that way. Use old photos… but not import any at all! Gragnangles!

Now I should have been in a Dracula Depression over this, but I had no idea why; maybe the embarrassing event when wee-weeing had overridden… What am I talking about?

I got the blood pressure and the temperature taken. I didn’t bother taking any pictures. I felt it would be a waste of time. The SYS 158, DIA 69 and temperature 34.8°c, seemed okay.

The annoyance of not being able to use the photos I’d taken started to irk me badly now! I pressed on finishing yesterday’s blog and got it posted off. Then went on the WordPress Reader and Comments.

I took a photo of the end car park and a couple of the Ocado delivery, don’t know if I’ll be able to get them on later.

The Ocado delivery arrived, the driver put the bags through the door into the hall for me; thank you! As I was taking the bags through to the kitchen, ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ announced the arrival of Carer Richard. ho checked the use-by dates on the delivery and what I had left in the fridge; a few items had to be dished! Good of him, cause with Cataract Kathleen, Glaucoma Glenda and Sandra Saccades, there is no way I could read the dates on some of the packets! Thanks, Richard, me old flower!

There were some things that I could not recall ordering and certainly didn’t want or need in the Ocado order. Either substituted or ordered in error by me – which is more likely. So it was like a shopping trip for Richard; I kept asking him he fancied this and that, Hehe! Got medications sorted out, and we had a chinwag and laugh for a couple of minutes. Then he had to go; he was beginning to look wearier as time went by, which is not surprising as he’d just finished his night shift. He took the waste bag with him to the chute for me, Jolly decent chap!

An hour or so on the blogging, it was slow going again, but that will be the norm from now on, methinks. Then… off to the wet room… to make us of the Porcelain Throne; another bad one.

Med Dioctyl AI took a Dioctyl (Poo-softener) capsule again. Getting things moving took a while and a lot of painful effort. I’ve not had to apply so much pressure for such a long time in years. All the way through as well! Still, to my surprise, there were only specs of blood. And the innards soon settled down again.

Hehe! I’d been that long on the Throne; my tea had gone cold. Made another and started this blog going.

Ah, I suddenly realised that there had been no noise coming from Herbert this morning? I hope he’s not well and had an accident.

I checked on the Amazon Deliveries, one today, one tomorrow. Shame they were not both on the same day. Hello, that’s the third change of ETA! Not that it matters, really. It’s just the thought of it coming late in the night and my having to stay awake to receive it that bothers me. Also, will the delivery person leave it in the reception foyer or bring it up to the flat? Mmm? Or… is it a ploy to have them both delivered on Saturday? Which would suit me; it’s just not knowing.

Ah, Herbert is back at doing what he does best (apart from sneering at and ignoring me when he sees me, Haha), Clunking, tap-tapping. But it didn’t last for long. Hehehe! He’s losing his annoyance Defcon 2 label here.

I tried to get the photos onto the computer again. Much to my amazement, the reader let me load some, not all of them, but still. Here’s last night’s super-supper. Which went down superbly, even if it was eaten after midnight! I burnt the potato waffles to perfection for my tastes. The beef, potatoes, cheese, and bean pasties were a delight and tasted. The mini tomatoes, red, yellow and green, were smashing! Which leaves only the mushrooms… Oh, dear, not good, I ate only one of them! Someone mystery person, whoever it was, told me to try wine vinegar with this fungi, so I did! Sickly sweet they tasted. Which kept the Flavour Score down to 8/10.

The end of Citrus Walk photo was… no, no, Chestnut Way, showing Red Van man parked back in his favourite position, on the yellow no-parking chevrons on the roadway. Not that it would bother him, I’m sure. Potentially blocking any Fire Engines from turning to get to the flats. Whoever he is.

A photograph of the Ocado carrier bags that were delivered this morning.

Hello, he’s off again! Bang, tap scrape, thud! Another short-burst. Thanks, Herbert!

The fridge was looking under-filled compared to usual after a delivery? Mind you, a fair bit of stuff was found out of date by Carer Richard this morning, and I gave him five items that had been sent, mysteriously… Well, I can’t recall ordering them. Tsk! Bonkersness comes in many forms… usually prompted by Vascular Dementia, Doreen, nowadays.

Ah, well, time to get the shaving, medicating and showering done. I thought I’d check on the Amazon tracker first…

Well, the Amazon delivery is just 6 stops away if the tracker is right! He’s got a lot of side streets to get his way through, so I’ll delay the ablutionalisationing until he’s been. Hello, Five stops away now. Exciting this is, innit? Well, not really, so fair enough!) I’m easy to entertain, ain’t I? Hehehe!

It’s still coming, but further away now? It’s all new to me this tracking lark.

Har-har! 2 Stops away now! I’m enjoying this; keep going to the tracker page and taking a shot of the map. As I say, I’m easily pleased.

I’m the next stop now…

Technology has always fascinated me… it’s a shame I was never clever enough to understand it, really.

Gorrit! A bit of an anti-climax! Hahaha!

I made a vegetarian feast tonight. A Bean & cheese flaky pastry pastie. fresh garden peas, honeyed parsnips, ready-prepared M&S Parmentier Potatoes – Diced British potatoes coated in shallot and garlic butter and sprinkled with thyme. (Boy, they were good!), with yellow, black & red tomatoes. Followed by a lemon mousse and a lime & lemon dessert. Taste rating: 9.2/10! It was worth the time to prepare and cook and the effort and time to clean up the mess I made afterwards. It cost a fortune as well! Lovely! I slowly digested every morsel, like a gastronomer.

Put teethings away after washing up, and got down in the rickety recliner, and off into the wonderful land of nod!

Carer Elena♫ Oh, Susana ♫ played from the door chime, and in walked Carer Elena. She soon sorted the medications out for me. I was having difficulty in hearing what she was saying with the ear wax blocking my hearing and the mask she was wearing. So despite her many patients, accommodating, asked-for saying it again… I had to guess what the Angel said, half of the time. But she left happily enough, taking the waste bag with her to the chute for me. 💙

I had a wash (I do that sometimes, you know), and got the bamboo socks on, and I got down in the recliner again.

Put the TV on… and fell into a wonderful four-hour visit with Sweet Morpheus… then woke up with the bigger jump! I had no idea why… But I thought I’ll have to get up to have a look around to make sure all is well in the Inchcock flatlet… But no! I involuntarily nodded off again instead.


10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday Theatrics

  1. Between masks and earwax communication is FUBAR. Great Thursday Theatrics. I’ve watched delivery drivers going everywhere but her on Google maps. A bit frustrating. Excellent morning ode and beautifully arrange meal.

    • Cheers, Tim. Judt hsd s phone call, no idea who it was to start with, tried theright lughole with the phone and it was a little betterer… It was Jenny, but I still had to guess as what she was saying. Tsk!
      Communication certainly if crap!
      Have not mapped you out yet, Tim?

  2. The ailments don’t take a reasonable time before recurring, They prefer appearing at the same time, if only to keep things interesting, it is like living in interesting times. We’re all doing that share experience.
    Thinking that Putin might be interested in recruiting Herbert for services in the Ukraine, just the thing that anyone who is not already stressed and angered to the absolute hilt. Being unsocial is something he and Vladimir have in common. he would be a logical heir to the Tsar of Russia. Just positively positing (again) about the essential absurdities of our times.
    Those two noshes would be perfect for the Flat 72 Cookbook of wonderful things and intriguing arrangements. When is the publication date? Will you be touring, and is Cincinnati among the places wishing your audience?
    The famous lorry driver feels himself a king of the highway and parker over all chevrons everywhere. The mad Parker of Chevronshire.
    Follow the Deliverer is a fun game that could only be done on an absolutely internet. I wonder how many punched cards it would take to handle a single delivery? Mindboggling stuffs, are it not?
    Well, I must unpack some boxes of beakers and flasks.
    Bis zum naechsten Mal, lieber Herr!

    • Anothher linketh twixt our existences Billum? Persistent returning ailmentitis?
      Well regarding gastronomic interest, Sir, I intend to visit only laboratories… I forget why now, but when I started typing this, I knew… Sad innnit? I think it was something funny, too.
      Flasks and beakers; I take it they are thetype used for mixing, transporting, reacting, and filtration of your laboratory mixtures?
      In der Tat, vielen Dank, mon ami. ♥

      • The twists and turns of shared existences and happenstance are interesting to observe, were we only able to distance our healthy anatomical parts from the ailbewailing banes that become botherations 24/7/365 and 24/7/366 on leap years. Daylight saving time ends in a couple weeks, do you have such peculiar customs in the realm of Ham? Spring also approacheth, so I must tune up my merry minstrel ways to celebrate it on Crowell
        As a fledgling chemist, I loved to mix all manner of chemicals in beakers and flasks. A while ago, I purchased at a charity fund-raising shop. Unfortunately, I broke it. A sad day that was. Bending glass tubing was also a splendid task.
        Alles Gutes zum Ostern, cocker!

      • A’morning, Sire!
        In deedly we do have the bemusing time changes. I could do without any more things to confuse me. Tsk!
        Poor Cromwell… they made a mess of his excecution you know. Oh, Corwell? Sorry. Good job I read it again, these eyes have to been seen to… but the medics seem in no rush.
        You little beaker-breaker, you! Hahaha! Did you have to buy the shop?
        Christmas, Birthdays and Easter have little effect on my usual daily struggles. No one calls, visits. Ah, but this year I’ll have a Carer call… no, two! Unless they don’t turn up. Knowing my luck, I get an anti-chinwagger who fails to comminicate, I betcha! Hehehe!
        I gather you’ve noticed I;m not up to much today?
        But would still like to return the bestest wishes, for a red-spot removing Easter for yourself. A Sweet Morpheus enfolding Easter, for the precious HRH. ♥

      • Close enough for a cigar — Crowell. We know knot where the name might have originated, I had not known that Cromwell suffered an unfortunate end. Taking a break to learn:
        End of break.

        An excerpt from Master Google:

        “The idea that his execution was botched comes from the chronicle of Edward Hall, where he says that Cromwell “so paciently suffered the stroke of the axe, by a ragged and Boocherly miser, whiche very ungoodly perfourmed the office”, which suggests that it was not a “good” execution.”
        Yes, I am indeed a friend of thae goode and exceptional beakere. Goode for a brew of Glengettie or a taste of soupe.
        AntiChinwaggers do not bring cheer upon the day and a hope for betterer days threafter. Unless they be Putin apologists, these may keep their silence.
        The spots are improving by the week, slowly…very slowly.
        Time for a kip…zzz…bzzbzz…
        Wishing yer a merry March of 2022, kindeth Sir!

  3. It seems your carers leave your home ( a couple of them) with way more than they ought to. I know you offer and even plan by buying the drinks to tip with. I note also the non attached to caring often accept your offer (like delivery guys) in spades! Means they take a LOT more than you actually offered. Also, if you don’t know about this with Amazon, let me share it! If you get something you don’t remember ordering, you can log in under your user ID, then choose orders/returns. You can pull up your last order and check return. It will list all your purchases and if you find your product was not up to snuff, you can return it w/o having to physically return it. They just deduct it from your bill or put it on a gift card that you can use on your next order. If you ordered five things that a carer got, he can still have them but you should check Amazon orders and get credit. There is never an issue unless you get something from a seller that isn’t Amazon. Even with that – they expedite complaints and help you manage it. This is what I do around here! haha! You deserve a little help on that. I don’t like your losing out this way!! I can see my Billums is taking in the news. Also, Alan comes to tell me about the asinine bombing of a nuclear power facility. Let us rewind – after the Chernobyl disaster the world was told nothing major had happened until they couldn’t hide it anymore. So, I asked Alan, resident scholar why the world had not taken a hit out on Putin yet! He told me he did not trust his oligarchs to not take over after he began his invasions so he is in a bunker deeply hidden from attack, and he made his oligarchs and all their family join him is this bunker lock down! OMG!! THEN IT GETS WORSE! Russia has this thing called a dead man’s switch. If he is eliminated, protocol is in place for all nukes to fly! Just like in Dr. Strangelove. That’s why I spent the day on You Tube watching documentaries beginning with Savantism, to Earth Without US series from A&E this time focusing on sky scrapers and the 100 years it would take to wipe away any evidence of our having been there! This one didn’t dwell on the pets. I hate when they do that. This had the city horses moving out the surrounding islands near Manhattan to graze. Okay, that was a plus. Then I watched the ironic presence of prehistoric whale bones found intact in the Sahara (Mauritania). Impressive deductions and mind blowing how brief is the history of modern humanity! Lastly ( and if you already dropped off, I understand. I u sed to do that when Bill was studying for his second MA in German. He would name authors, their influence etc and I would act like I listened but would then find amusement in blending all the names of writers and add fictitious historical works. Back to my last dcoumentary today! It is on the discovery of an ancient computer using bronze gears and movements to track celestial bodies and their influence on shipping! It was found at the early 20th century and came fro the Classical Greek and Roman era! It helps me keep a better perspective. And my little sister liked the clothes I told you I ordered. And Billum liked the red bodysuit and the leopard print babydoll lingerie! haha I’m old, he’s old but life is good! And you lovely and self deprecating which is part of your charm. I just like to come by and make sure you know how lovely you are and that you deserve the best. You are talented and genuine and we look forward to your presence daily. You and that Billiums get up to all sorts of banter and high jinx and merry making! I like it! Love to you my darling!

    • Cheers, Petal. I’ll look into the Amazon thingy, thanks.
      Putin will get away with this invasion… who will be next?A lot of studying there for you gal.
      Leopard print babydoll lingerie! That takes me back, Hahaha!
      I enjoy Billums banter, but can’t grasp it all when he forgets I’ve got Arithmaphobia. Hehe! His tales of his basement laboratory are a favurite of mine. Hehehe! Hope Billums red-spots are no worse.
      Well, time to get Josies’ Sunday lunch started.
      Thanks for the kind words, sweet you are! 💘💖♥

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