Inchcock Today: Police Interview at Bank!


Inchcock Interviewed!

Ode to the Bank Manager Interview

The photo wot I made up above today,
Is purely fictitious and a bit of fun, I say,
The Bank Manager, and Jillie, who saved the day…
Went through my transactions chronologically…
Wanted to know were they actually done by me…
They went through everything thoroughly…
Every price, product and reason, in minutiae!

The Police attended, to my initial dismay!
I’ve been calm… have I committed an affray?
Initially, my mind was confused, in disarray…
They even asked who had been on eBay?
“Me, once, sent there by Amazon last Tuesday!”
Jillie handled things for me magnificently!
Showing patience, no signs of stress on display,

When the Police arrived, Jillie went away…
Difficult my hearing things; it felt like roleplay…
My appreciation of the Bank, I can’t overplay!
They thought someone might have been at me…
Cajoling me to spend money on them…
Doreen Dementia made me act dysfunctionally,
The card was reinstated, authoritatively!

After three hours, and all sorted almost casually…
The actions from the Bank went assuringly,
Jillie was there to conduct things, thankfully!
She’s saved the day again, not admonishingly…
Once more, she’s tamed my worries wonderfully!

Tuesday 8th March 2022

I couldn’t get to sleep last night for love or money. At about 06:00hrs, I drifted off for five minutes. I noticed that cause I turned on the TV to watch the news… but didn’t. As I suddenly needed the Porcelain Throne, so off to the wet room.

All my worries over the bank business, eyesight, hearing etc., faded. To be replaced with the evacuation that has started had stopped mid-way.

CW05Getting things moving again was not only painful; it took me ages! I counted the veins on my right thigh; they seem to have increased a fair bit? Hey-Ho! Whistled a little, then got the crossword book out. I needn’t have bothered with it cause racing the clues was virtually impossible with Kathleen’s Cataracts and Glaucoma.

Got the ablutions sorted out. All went pretty well, apart from Harold’s horrendously hard-pressed Haemorrhoids!

Carer Richard arrived. I told him of the wrong medications being given to me last night. Said he’d mention it to the office. I tried again to ring Jillie, but no answer. I was in a tizwas about the Bank and not in a talkative mood, other than to moan at the poor lad. Richard did his best to settle me and took the bags out with him as he departed.

Aha! Boy, what a joy that was to hear! Sweet Jillie called me, and bless her kind nature, she said she’d meet me at the Bank at 09:30hrs.

I hastened to get things done in time and set off at 09:00hrs on the hobble down the hill. Down the elevator and out of the main foyer.

Along Chestnut Way, right down Winchester Street, and doing a reasonable pace. I met Angel Jillie near her house, and we went straight to the Bank, entering and pathetically leaving all the talking with the manageress to Jillie.

What I can recall of Interview/Interrogation

09:30hrs: We entered the collosium… erm, Bank. Bearing in mind, I didn’t hear a lot of what they said, but I did pick up most of what Jillie translated for me all the way through.

Into the back office. This was easy for me; Jillie was doing all the hard work explaining things. I just gave confirmation on something.

Then the eight A4 pages of transactions from my account were gone through… one at a time, requiring me to explain why and what reason was each thing bought! This took up over an hour.

Then Grammarly and WordPress charges were gone through in minutiae, needing to know why again and what was for. This filled out another hour or so. I got a sense that they were only questioning me to find out if I really did spend all this money or was some naughty person involved?

The ladies had a little natter between themselves, which I wasn’t a party to, and both left the room. Jilly said the manager would be back in ten minutes, and off they trotted. I sat sitting and counted the number of plugs in an overloaded-looking extension of sockets behind the computer… oh yes… Fifteen! Picked my nose a bit, wishing I knew what was going on… 

The manageress returned, with a police officer – hello, I thought, what have done wrong now? Hehehe! She started to ask all sorts of investigative questions. Very cleverly. I may have put her off her stroke a little by keeping asking her to repeat what she said, but she soon got me opening up. She’d done such a good job, I was beginning to wish I could confess about something to her. Hahaha! But being as I am known as a none-gambler or risk-taker nowadays… Gawd, it’s my first time outdoors for about a month or more… I had no guilt for me to divulge. Jillie returned, and I was told the card had been reactivated… I wanted to say, “I wish you could reactivate me… but thought better of it.

Jillie helped me get some cash from the dispenser, and we nipped to the Ozan continental store, me in search of bread and cooked meat. Jillie found some sweet & sour rye bread! I’ve never seen any before, but I will try some tonight with the unpronounceable name, Polish cooked pork that is delicious, and tomatoes. That’s the plan, anyway.

The bread feels very heavy and solid. I bet it’s going to be delicious, well-best-buttered with the Polish pork… Mmm!

We meandered out and up to Winchester Street and parted company at the bus stop. Jillie has to get back home. She’s a lot of work waiting for her. Which shows just how kind she is to me, leaving that to help me out, yet again. 💘

I caught the bus up to the flats, and a Carer got on the bus; I think it was Priscilla. But you know me and Carers’ names. Infamously memory-challenged, that’s me! Hehe!

When we got to the Winwood Court, I entered through Winchester Court and Winwood court to Woodthorpe Court. A lot of courts, innit? I met Jenny’s Frank outside the Wardens office, not been seeing him for a while. Splendid chap. Then went in to visit ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenführeress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana. Had little natter, but she was busy, bless her. Got up into the flat, 12:20hrshrs; definitely a happier bunny than yesterday.

I worked on this blog for five hours; the going was so slow.

Getting the photos on the computer had several failed attempts, then on about the fifth, I got some on from last night.

I had several poorly failed photographicalisations that I took around 18:00hrs on Tuesday of the planet. The moon shots, I’d taken many failed efforts, managed to get a few passable ones. Which I placed here on the left.

You Fool Inchcock! I meant Monday, of course, today being Tuesday. I got there in the end.

These two were the least bad of the selection. Obviously affected by either Shaking Shaun or Peripheral Neuropathy Pete. Maybe even Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley? The bottom one, I made the moon look like… well, I don’t know now. I KNEW when I first saw it, but it seems to have escaped me now.

I got a friendly call from Jenny, asking how I went on at the Bank. Nice lady! 💕

Another three hours of slow-going doing this blog. Error-ridden, frustrating… but with Jillie sorting out the bank business, I didn’t seem to mind so much!

Then the ♫ Oh Susan ♫ tune announced the arrival of evening Carer. It was the American gal, Julia. Another sweet, patient, kind, unassuming, gentle gal. So, generous too. After issuing the medications, Julia gave me a little natter and tried to help me sort out the mobile texting. 💗

After she had gone, I tried again to get the missed pictures on the computer. I got the last nights’ meal one on, but the other missing ones would not load at all again. Grumph and Balderdash! Most frustrating! I think I’ll have to leave it here; with no sleep last night, I’ll give up on this blog; I know I have at least two photos more not loaded. I’ll try again in the morning, now I’ll try to catch up with WP Reading and commentating, then get my sarnies made and head down.

38 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Police Interview at Bank!

  1. That God for Jillie, That was quite a bank adventure, police and all. You always need an advocate and I’m so happy to read Jillie did a good job of it. It sounds like the copper was brought in for intimidation. Fantastic moon shots.

    • Cheers, Tim. Appreicated that.
      She won’t adopt me, Tsk! You’re right, I do need someone – scarily, very scarily… The Meridian woman said they could do it, for a cost of course. I can’t get excited at the thought of having a company that fails to turn u, can’t do the laundry right, give me the wrong medication quantity and do not communicate much.
      Just thopught I’d mention it. Hehehe!

  2. Being a star at the Nottingham Coliseum is summat that you had been dreading and fearing. Good to have a well-spoken and wise helper to watch out for lions and such. When visiting the Coliseum about half a century ago, I visited that place and discovered a great many cats there.
    Another similarity: I would also have counted all the plugs in that overly used outlet. A good way to spend time: looking for odd stuff and making a game of it.
    A happy ending to a bank day!

      • The phrase over here is bank holiday as well. With all the goings on during the bank emergency meeting, it seemed proper to call it a bank holiday. Part of the fun was watching those fifteen plugs,
        a game of: Guess Which Plug Sends Off Sparks First.

      • I had best obtain permission from the banker in chief before crawling around the joint with my favorite torch. Perhaps I can find one that has more than 15 plugs. Will tell them that I am an honorary member of the Red-Headed League, that should do it. 🙂

      • Ah, yes, cunning, that. The Sherlockian and Bank of England link should ensure you access, and a wuick flash of you remaining red spots can be used as a back-up plan B? Hehehe!

      • Yes. Teaming Sherlockianistic reasoning the the money brains of Nottingham should make the work fun. The red spots are dimming but there are still hundreds that are taking their time at disappearing and leaving a white scar. Plan B backups are critical. Hahaha!

      • I hope it never happens, but it’s woth noting, that according the the Stroke statistics, the stroke patients are given ‘Clopidogrel’ as a first measure on arrival at the ward. But, if the statistics are right – 38% of patients have reacton of some sort. Mine was the ankle ulcers. If you can, it might help to have a test to see if you are…I’ve forgtten the word now… erm… nope. I mean have an allergy to it. It took me ywo years to get rif of them, and still I can see them trying to burst out again? How can that be? I must looketh up whats in it. The chap in the next bed to me, had his face blow-up… not litertally. Poor bugger couldn’t eat, had to have a tube. Just a thought. I would hate to think of you getting any new ailments now – you’ve had more than your fair share, as HRH has of her unnescasarry (Still no Grammarly on comments?) Unnecessary problems. L:ove to all, ♥

      • You guys are now only 4 hours away ftom fort thomas time. Do you folks have a daylight savings time?
        Good to keep a stock of Clopdogrel in event of stroke symptoms. A thing to consider.
        I knew someone who had to be connected to a feeding pump each day,otherwise, no nutrition.

      • Aye, we haveth a confuing to me time changes, Billum.
        I had my Friday laundry delivered today – When I told Richard, it had not come back yet, the fetched it for me, bless the lad! It was folded, too! At last! Now if I can get it back in time regularly…
        Cheers Sir.

      • Those time changes shift me out of balance every time, something invented by right-handed legislators methinks.
        Laundry is a luxury when conducted properly. Alan does every piece of laundry for the three of us, it spoils us to no end. Lisa will spill a drink while simultaneously sleeping, somehow the bedware spreads soaks up the fluid and shares it with the rugs. Alan has amazing patience *and* his attention to the details of folding is world-class in quality and timing. We is spoiled, I must admit.
        Good that you have a Richardly Carer there.
        Cheers am Montag an yers!

      • Dextrorotatory is a word I had not yet encountered, but it comforts me to know that we share the consequences of the Dextrotatorians, if that makes any sense. Gauche, sinister, just simply wrong, that is how the tyranny of the majority conducts its business. F that S! Alan is named after a very good friend who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. We met in 1972 and have been close ever since. A story of synchronicities. Hey, it is better than asynchronic, is it not?
        The right-handed have a lazy arm, we left-handed get to use our weak right-hand arm more frequently. This makes us more balanced people, to be gauche about it. Haha!
        Alan is far more dextrous than I or you. He read and listens books all day long, massive and difficult tomes as well. A blessing since 1978.

      • Alan sounds a good un to me, Bill, a comfort in many ways? Synchronicalisationing is much betterer that unsynchronicalisationing, I so agreeth.
        He’s got trait handed downski?
        So glad he’ swith you and HRH.

      • He’s a good un, and no mistake. A comfort to know that he is there for us in any and all ways. HRH is the only mother he has known, no memories of his biological mom, but that is a positive thing on balance. He was 15 years old when Lisa showed up, she immediately became a source of direction for the lad.
        He certainly did not inherit my whoopsiedangleplopping inabilities, that is a kind blessing.
        TTFNski, Sireth!

      • I fank you for that support, Sir it was an unexpected outcome because I let him follow his natural skills and I encouraged him to think independently. Not something that control-freak parents recommend, of course.

      • Those control-freaking gits did not get my goat, name of the goat is Billy Whiskers, a favorite of none other than HRH. Billy is most famous for Billy Whiskers, The Autobiography of a Goat. Meh!

      • And tomorrow is another Friday that might just contain another appearance of Sir Billum Whiskers. Keep yer eyes open for the sound of hooves. Hahaha!

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