Inchcock Today: Belated Photographicalisations

Doreen’s Dementia ensured that I got mixed up about when each shot was taken, so I guessed as best I could. Sorry if any pictures have been repeated from earlier. I’m at a funny age, yer know? Hehe!

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Sunday 10th April 2022

Midweek photographicalisations, of the sky, from the kitchenette. Well, I think they are anyway. They could be from earlier in the week or not, maybe. This one was taken close u to the window glass.

An early evening view? Possibly, an afternoon shot. But maybe not.

Whichever, it is beautiful to me. The clouds are so appealing; I love them… there’s a name for this, but I can’t fine where I wrote it down!

I seem to recall knocking over the knife block taking this one, which triggers a blurry memory; I may have posted this one already, Tsk! Assuredly an evening or early morning picture of the moon. Not a good one, but it was the best I could do at the time.

Ah, a decent one at last, of a midweek sunset, which is coming later now we have changed the clocks.

A midweek meal? Or thereabouts, methinks. I wonder if I ate it all? I recall the sausages having very tough skins for some reason. A much-belated taste rating: 6.5/10.

Now I can remember taking this one! Not when, though. I know I had an idea to use the two puffer clouds with CorelDraw to put two eyes over them. Thought it might be fun? Of course, not getting the photos to load put the mockers on that idea!

A late morning photograph this time. The sun coming up from the back of the flat complex casts a shadow over Chestnut Walk, the bottom field, and some households will lose their sunshine for a while.

Aha, I know these ones. This first one is the Iceland Foods delivery, which came while Car Richard was with me, on, erm… er… I’ll look at the Carer roster. Richards came on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thursday, so it’ll be one of those days. (See how quick I was there?) Hahaha!

♫ Food Glorious Food ♫ Selection of freezer and fridge fodder that had been delivered.

Getting the food away in the freezer was a work of art and took me an hour. Some of the things had to be emptied out of the packaging, or they would never have fitted in!

Each time I opened another cardboard box, it needed constant moving.

Jiggling fish fingers, fishcakes, iced lollies, everything more than once to get them all into the drawers!

Humph! What a farce. I’d forgotten all about this contrariety. Pity I actually remembered it when I saw the photographs. I was trying to rush to get the things n before they melted. I took bits of the flesh of my fingers in the rush…

Ah, that night’s meal. Fish fingers, fishcakes, buttered potatoes, yellow and red tomatoes, potato waffles, a banana and two lemon cakes. Haha! Not too bad, a nosh. Taste Rating: 8.8/10.

Evening photograph, judging from where the sun is, I’d guesstimate the time as around 19:00hrs. Puffer clouds were round again. What day or date it was shall remain a mystery.

Last night methinks, but it could have been from the opened kitchenette window any day.

When the carer left last night, I thought I’d watch an episode of Grimm. My cyber friends, Lisa and Bill from the US of A, told me it is well written. I’d not been able to sleep easily these last few nights anyway.

Got washed and settled, turned on the TV, and Zzz! Innit annoying!

Sunday Morning:

Took these pictures of the early morning view. About 05:30hrs.

Got Josies’ nosh on the cooker. Carer called, had a natter, I enjoyed that. Treats of her choice were handed in thanks.

Got the photo’s above to load on the computer. But many others were not recognised and seem to have disappeared into the ether altogether? I took eight more and tried again with the same result. Fed-up with this.

25 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Belated Photographicalisations

  1. Jiggling fish fingers? Sounds like a hot fish. Great found photos. I really like the first photo with the raindrops.

    • I tried juggling with them amany years back, as part of my comedy act. Went down rather well I thought, but not the club management.
      Cheers, Tim.

  2. I too have a little ritual when it comes to unloading the online ordered groceries! Alan brings these pet baskets his organizational arsenal contains and then proceeds to de-bag the groceries fitting likes with likes, and this happens on the lower left side of my queen sized bed ! If I’m sleeping when the delivery comes, a picture is taken of all the purchases on the IPAD and shown at my request later on! Iloved all of your pictures and I want to know if you watched the first episode of GRIMM?

    • Afraid not petal. Fell asleep… but I needed it, the body and mind was telling me. Haha! ♥
      Godsend that Alan! Bless him.
      The SD card reader is not alllowing to upload anymore photo, and TV is turning itself off when it fancies it? Hahaha!
      Hey-ho, keep safe my sweetheart, Petal. 💚

  3. As a friend of interesting cloud formations, I also tried to remember that particular word. In any case, the photos uploaded are excellent.
    Much noshing material there to enjoy, as well as the plates that find their way to the tray and make the day. Ranging from a 6.0 to an 8.8 in this report, Sir.
    Carer Richard makes it most days of the week it seem, a diligent guy is what he is.
    Dark in the parking lot. At the end we would be certain to find a red van parking at his favorite angle to the chevron. A phenomenon I follow on the interwebs is termed the Sovereign Citizen, a person who maintains that no laws pertain to themselves. No need for them to carry any form of ID. It seems to be a growing fad. Are there such groups forming in the UK? Here is one such depiction of them on the web:

    All good wishes for Tuesday.

    • So annoying, but glad you can see the point in pictures so well, Sir.
      Richard has arranged for him to call Mon to Thurs, last call each day, so he can have time to have a little natter, bless him. But he’s always knackered now when he get here. Hahaha!
      I noticed that they claim a decrease in crime in my postal area, NG5 4DZ, of 8%… yet the list of crimes showed that Antisocial behaviour charges had Increased, by 12%? I shouldn’t deal with figures and numbers, they only confuse me. Hehe!
      I can’t recall seeing any ‘Trump Lost’ posters, Billum?
      I did see a photo on the BBC site, of Americans holding a big ‘Don’t Blame Putin! sign?
      Humura and Warfarin to the lot of them!

      • What a grand offer from Richard, a later arrival time in order to leave time for both natterings and chinwaggings. And I am certain that he could never run out of things to natter about. Natters that matter — my way of describing it. 🙂
        Crime statistics are difficult to imagine, a bit overwhelming I would think. Now I am imagining conditions of criminality when the gits get control of everything. So, a good time to send them all to Putin along with all that Humira and Warfarin.
        Blame Putin, that’s what I say. Who the f wants to give him a pass for endless slaughter?

      • Haha! Well put, Sir Billum!
        Mayhaps we could all send out prisoners to Putin, cause it’ll be cheaper for him to keep them in prison… no luxuries over there? And far cheaper for the US and GB to pay to sen em, tellinghim that the money can be used on military logisticalisationing? No, maybe not…

      • Tutelage under Phukin would change their sodden prospects, and the citizenry would be safer. Yes, not a luxurious place at all.
        I’ve read that the US is supplying drones to the war theater, claiming that the Russians are unable to tell where the drone pilots are located.

      • I am amazed at how well the British and American tank busters dispatch their targets one after another. Can’t imagine how it would feel to be a Russian soldier sitting in a can and watching the tanks in front of you get blown apart like so many Spam cans. I would desert at the earliest possible moment.
        As I understand it, Russian intelligence has been weakened enormously because they need to report false good news to Putin’s inner circle. They can’t have much spare time to find out who is directing the drones and where the drones originate. Such an enormous waste is the way of war.

      • Putin has been a one-man showman in Ukraine until recently. Now, he has assigned a general who has the nick (not the Nick of Grimm) name “Butcher of Syria.” Not a good sign.

      • I am very glad that we live in a more civilised place than the Neo-Soviet Russian Federation. The only rulers that the Neo-Soviets place in position of well-armed bully cells are loyal to the chief thug.

      • The Chinese are many chess moves ahead of Russia and most of its trading partners. Putin is a small-time player, the only world “leader” who negotiates over a 20-foot-long table. He is not about to anger Xi.

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