Inchcock Today Wednesday 24th August 2022

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I STIRRED IN THE DARKNESS,,, Hahaha!. No idea what time it was, but there was a determination on my part – not to get up. A ‘Sod-It’ approach was adapted; I’ve never had this before,,, well, for years anyway. Why this lack of interest in waking, indeed, a loathing at I had had to wake up? I’d no idea.

I readjusted my wobbly mammoth-stomached body in the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working recliner and tried to force myself back to sleep again. But it was not working, putting me down a peg or two in the contentment stakes. Then the bowl rumbled the need for the early morning trip to the wet room and arose. so I’d no choice then. Grudgingly but hurriedly, I made my way to the porcelain.

Where I was glad that I didn’t wait any longer, for Trotsky Terence was fighting back against Constipation Konrad’s last few days in control of the movements. Phew! I’d not hit the bum on the plastic seat, and the flow started! A close call that. While in the wet room, I decided to stay up and get the done.
The hair on the neck was again not letting me cut it. It let me cut the neck a few times and the left ear, too.
Then, the mop bucket, of all things, gave me a toe-stubbing of high quality and in the 3-4/10 pain range. That surprised me, considering the cheap weak plastic it’s made from.
Dried off and into the kitchen… I’d done it again! Wot a Plonka! I’d left the hot water tap running from when I put the plate and cutlery in to soak last night! So, no hot water for a while, On the bright side, if there is one… I’d not left the plug in the sink, so no floods this time. And the plate and cutlery were very clean. Hehehe!

Now my emotions were in turmoil, but oddly, I soon got stuck in updating the Tuesday blog, and I was almost at the end of the creating process as ♫ Oh Susan ♫ chimed from the doorbell. came in, and he was in a slightly better state of health this morning. We had a good nattering session with a few laughs and Governmental cussing. During which he only yawned twice… honestly! Lovely to see him perkier.

I had a wee-wee, made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana, and set to finishing the Tuesday blog… Then realised I’d not made the Ode to Doreen Rhymes! I’d done the graphics but no odeing, Gragknangles! It took me another three hours to get them all done and eventually got them posted off, well into the afternoon, I think. Ups and downs today?

I made a start on this blog, graphics first, then onto WordPress to start editing. Went to put the kettle on again…
DOUBLE Cor blimey! One heck of a toe stubbing on the trolley wheel, and I knocked off two bottles of spring water… which landed on the other foot! One bouncing back up and hit Little Inchie! Still, it doesn’t bother me. Ahem!

I’ll find another funny cartoon to put on to cheer us up a bit… hang on. Yes, let’s have another political one. Hehehe!

I’ll get summat to eat, then, And I did! A Morrison’s brand roast vegetable bolognese, with the last (Sob!) of the podded garden peas and a baked bean pastie. Bootiful! I think Sister Jane would have liked this. Not the bean pastie, of course, but the veg bolognese.

I took the tray with the dish and cutlery into the kitchen, telling myself not to leave the tap (faucet) running this time. This took away my concentration for a second or so, and I walked into the doorframe with my shoulder. Dropped the tray; naturally, the knife cut into the middle digit, and the tray hit the big toe!
It’s truly dumbfounding; to think all the jobs I’ve done that needed multitasking, and I did them without thinking. Now two things on my mind are enough to cause all sorts of problems and injuries! Humph!
Of course, it was the fault of Dementia Doreen, again! Then after clearing up the mess and a little cursing; kicked-off. Gave me a good rattling of the shoulder joint and kept on for an hour or more. She’s never lasted that long.

Never mind. I got back in the recliner, and I was determined to stay awake to watch the Heartbeat episode. It’s amazing how one can drop off ten or twelve times in an hour. Humph! Then not be able to get to sleep at all again!

Samantha came in without ringing the buzzer, or at least it didn’t work if she did. Good job that I wasn’t taking a wee-wee or medicating Little Inchies Fungal Lesion! Even more embarrassing, I could have been doing the Diabetic exercises. Haha! Samantha sorted the medications, and she picked out her thank-you treats. Taking the waste bag with her as she departed.

I got back down in the recliner but was not interested in playing anymore whatsoever.
I decided to get up and stay up. And went to take a snap from the kitchenette window of the beautiful night sky. Which I did. Absolutely bootiful!
As I turned from the window, I saw that I had left the hot water tap (faucet) running after all! So frustrating, annoying, and ignominious, I felt!

I got on the computer to update this blog. It was soon gone midnight; What happened to the day? Did I have another memory-Blank period? Ah well, I’ll press on with the blogging and get it finished and posted soon as I can,
TTFN each!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wednesday 24th August 2022

  1. Fiddling with the fungus when Samantha came in. At least that better than all the toe stubbings. Happy to hear Richard was in better spirits. He has a tough job. Decent looking meal. Excellent photo from the kitchen window.

    • Haha! Either would be Red-Face-Making!
      Good stot Richard was in a decent mood again this morning, but I was not… no sleep again. Tsk!
      I keep thinking I might be getting used to the Lumix… then thenexy one I take is horrendous. I took many I was too shamed to put in the blog, Tim.
      Still, not to worry, time to fret over the Diabetes session tomorrow. Will the transpot arrive, will it be on time, will they overcharge me again, will I have another mind-blank like at the last one, will I be ready on time?… On and on Doreen ensures no rest from it.
      Gonna get Richard a bottle of wine for next week to thank him. I asked him this morning which he likes – white! I forgot to ask if he likes fizzy or flat. I’ll see what Iceland have to offer, not that I know what I’m looking at. Hehe! He’ll be back on Monday… I hope.
      Cheers… Oh, I think that poser-Spunk came in a dream a coule of nights ago. I may have mentioned this earlier. He was sat on my chair, and there was no moving him. Hahaha!

  2. “Sod it” is a phrase that is sorely lacking here on our piece of rock between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. My grandfather, Albert Witte, managed one of the late great Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Companies (A&P for short) located in downtown Cincinnati. Waffled quite a bit there, Sir; Sod It would make a good name for a business of any kind and size. Don’t know if that is really a good name for a shoppe…so…Sod it!
    May Richard’s health improve rapidly and thoroughly. And I say that as a fan of that chap.
    Sorry to read about that hot water loss, so I am sending a memo to one of the Crowell Manor Laboratories seeking advice on a device that would detect the water temperature at the tub. If the labsters are unable to effect a method for keeping water hot…if not…Sod it!!!
    The water lab just reported back. It seems that a sensor installed on the door jamb might report the current water temperature; alternatively, that cheap-ass mop bucket might be fitted with a sensor. This all makes no sense at all, but I never let that stop me. Hahaha!!!!

    • I thang you! Fair had me in tucks there, Billum, Mon Ami. It madeth sense to me, I was with it all the way, Sir! (Is that good thing?) SSOH (Shared Sense Of Humour [Humor])?
      “This all makes no sense at all, but I never let that stop me.” – I’d have been proud to have said that myself! Hehehe!
      TTFNski, love to all.

  3. My anonymous mister is such because we have been at the mercy of the google security measures which means neither of us have been able to access our emails, or any other accessories of dreaded Google! I managed to sneak by it only just now and took Billiums email along with mine to help him fight a damnable software demon taking our convenience out of our reach! I’ve been right put off by it, it’s really just got up my nose! Okay, I admit I got that English dialogue from watching Are You Being Served! Oh, I SAW some lovely references on your part recently to Dr. Who! We share that fandom! Love, petalisa

    • Oh, Lisa-Petal, I can understand how you feel my tender-one. ♥ Facebook did me, I’m not interested in them anymore, as long as the family and I here, can still converse with my Cincinnatti Manor family. ♥
      Last night, I found a 1963 Dr Who with William Hartnell was being shown. Black and white, terrile scenery, acting and script, the Darleks were comical… I loved it! As I do all at the Manor LAboratories. X

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