Thursday 1st September 2022


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This diary is light in content; sorry about this.
Another busy day of hit and miss,

Busy, busy, and I kept falling asleep,
Jilly calling on me cheered me up a heap!
I need to take the advice of Little Bo-peep!
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Up at 06:00hrs, after good doc & mind demanded sleep. (4Hrs)
Blood Pressure checked, sphygmomanometerisationing.
The SYS 147, DIA 76, Pulse 81, the pulse was up a bit at last. The body temperature was just fine at 34.0°c. Then I put the figures into the monitoring site, not the NHS this time, to see how they came out.

It was in pink and out of red, which was pleasing to see.

Needed a belated wee-wee; they started late today. No idea what that means or why I mentioned it, really. No urgency about it, though. I took the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket) to be emptied, cleaned and sanitised. En route, the need for the became apparent. I think Trotsky Terence is losing his grip on control of the evacuations a little. Much bleeding from , which have not bled for a week or more. Cleaned the bucket and WC and decided to get the task of the done.
A few cuts shaving and the gums bled a bit doing the teeth. I’ve lost more blood today ablutionalisationing than for many a month. I wonder if the Warfarin level has gone up? Anyway, no pains with it.
In the shower, I got a bigger shock! Harold’s Haemorrhoids were pouring out the blood, down my legs, frit me to death nearly, at first! Not being able to see it properly with the and the shower running, it looked worse than it was. I was amazed that the Germoloid cream had not stopped its flow. After showering, I got the spyglass and checked on the Germoloid tube… Boing! I’d been putting on Germolene by mistake. Not only that, after a good ferret around, I found I had no Germoloid cream at all left! Must order some more ASAP. (Of course, I forgot all about doing it!)
Dried off and fully (nearly) medicated, and with fresh clothes and PP’s on, I found myself back in the recliner and fast asleep, with the computer left on sleep mode, and when I was woken up an hour or so later, when arrived, I was out of it. Can’t remember much about his visit at all, just odd bits, but they are blurry.
I’m not surprised. I think I was up for 22 hours on the trot, no wonder I was heavy-eye-lidded. After Richard had gone, I sank back into a deep sleep again!

The landline burst forth and flashed! I could have cried! Hehehe! Half-asleep still, I rose from the c1698 recliner, , but got to ut before they rang off. It was the kind-sounding lady from the Easylink transport to confirm she will be here in the morning at 10:20hrs and the return time and destination. I thanked her very much for taking the bother to let me know and how I appreciated it.
The Toe-Stubbing turned out to be a serious one, I’d hit the tow that the chiropodist had cut on my last visit, and now that was bleeding – made a bleeding mess of my slippers as well. Tsk!
It took me yonks to get it cleaned up; toes are not easy to reach nowadays. Haha!
Of course, I’d still not started on the blog yet, and it is nearing midday already!
Virg DownDespite all the ailments and bleeding, it felt good that and had eased off after two or three days of agony giving between them.
So it’s not all bad,
and He did it again!

I tried to work out how many times this overpaid, money-making, incapable,  supercilious did I say overpaid? number-crunching, customer-hating, prestidigitation, legerdemain,  and clever illusion-giver that he knows anything at all about running an internet company; Fries, boss of Liberty-Global (Worth around US$ 14.86 billion)  and Virgin Media, has gone down in the last two days. Eight, at the least. Just thought I’d mention, like.

The sun was coming around to face the flats. I took this picture in sunset mode with the new to me but old Panasonic-Lumix camera. Not very good, was it?
After this, the mind-blanks came as I started to feel tired, and much of the afternoon was lost to me. The few photos I’d taken helped trigger the memory a tad.
The evening carer arrived; Sam, I think her name was. We had a little chinwag after taking the medications. She chose a can of Tango for the thank you treat and took the waste bag with her as she departed.
I was doing the blogging after she’d gone, and I went to get a cold drink from the fridge.

I‘m so glad I did. As you can see in the top picture, the sun was barely visible on the horizon; I hastily got the Lumix camera, took this one, and then I zoomed in to get a close-up of the tiny bit of sun still showing.
Not a bad effort for me, I thought.
I’ll not mention that I had to take seven shots to get one that was usable. Haha!
I got back into computing; it was a hard slog. It always is, just lately. when the eyelids start dropping, concentration fails me, and the usual tiredness-prompted ailments start kicking off. Making the job no pleasure at all. and I’m sad to say, began to stab away at me.
Nowhere near completed the blog yet, so I’ll abandon it and hope and pray I get time to finish it in the morning. It’ll test my concentration then, having to sort out times and needs for the Diabetes session. Got to be done; I just hope I do better at it than the last time.
Back in a few hours… I hope.

Tempted to sing, ♫ Food Glorious Food! ♫. But it wasn’t so good after all. The veggie pasty was not nice at all. I shan’t be getting those ones again.

Overall Taste Rating: 3.5/10.

06:25hrs:Morning has broken…♫ It needn’t have bothered me. I’m not up to it today. Woke up with an automated-instant-depression hanging over me – EQ telling me things were not going to go well: unfortunately, he is usually right in his warnings of doom, failure and frustrations forecasting!
Got the done, again in auto mode: for worries from nowhere were developing of the days prospects. Hope I’m wrong!
Still, the SYS 128. DIA 66 and Pulse were at 70 bpm, and a body temperature of 33.3°f was not to be sniffed at. The best set of results for six weeks or so! Grrreat!

Tackled next, as I was finishing, the door chime burst into life; I heard it because I’d left the wet room door open.

I realised at the ♫ Oh Susana ♫ played that I had not unlocked the door. Luckily I’d just got the trews on, so was semi-decent to go and admit the Carer.
A new to me gal pointed out my head, chin, and neck were bleeding. I thought the shaving had gone well, but. The gal got some paper towels and dried up the nicks for me. She’d tried to get in the key box but could not. The gal is not on her own. About eight other carers have had similar problems.
Being Friday, they are still charging me for doing the laundry (Wonder if Fries owns Meridian? Haha! So being as I’m paying for it, I chatted away with the gal.
Unfortunately, after asking her what her name was – twice, I did not write it down straight away. Thanks to you, Doreen Dementia! However, I am pretty sure that maybe her name was Joanne or Josie. Jeanie? Perhaps. A nice gal who took the waste bags with her.

I got on the computer to update this as soon as possible and get it sent off to WordPress. Then get ready the things needed for the Diabetes Session.


18 thoughts on “Thursday 1st September 2022

  1. Jilly always brings words and attention that lift your mood, a welcoming deed on any day but especially when it’s Today , an unmentioned day on the calendar not to be confused with Tuesday, But I waffle…A grand sequence of photographs, the Lumix is producing some worthy images, Sir.
    Yes, politics has been around for a long time and the cartoon lets us know just how long — and unchanging — it remains.
    An extraordinary meal, Marmite and Mustard on a Shingle (an MMS) B1, B2, B3, and B9 vitamins (with a daily requirement of yellow color for preventing jaundice?)
    A bit of a disappointment on that plate, a 3.5 of 10.0 might be a tad high IMO. A good arrangement of tomatoes, a sad pasty that should have been a centerpiece, and pommes frites did not add up to a redemption though. Resquiestat in pace. Haha!!!

    • HRH, your sound, worthy self and Jillie are perkier-uppers; that’s why I love you all so. I’m lucky to have friends like this.
      If only you saw the failed photographs it takes, Billum. I’ll have to put some on the IT. Hahaha!
      If lab 22 can’t sort out any solution to the political shenanigans… who can? It all depresses one.
      Do your comments indicate that my imagined meal of Marmite & mustard may be suitable for me? As long as there’s no vitamin K in there,
      I might risk it, mate. Hahaha!
      Not one of my betterer efforts, Billum, was it?
      I ordered some ready-made meals to be delivered next Wednesday, Sir. Roast vegetable Risotto. a reet-treat!
      I offered Richard some of the vegan burgers, but does not want to know; if there’s no meat in it.
      I also ordered some pistachio nuts. They always remind me of the scene in Naked Gun. Haha!

      • Having sound and worthy friends is profoundly valuable and integral. The real stuff shines through. Fankfulness.
        The difference between a great and a poor photograph can occur in fractions of a second. I fank you for the ones that make it to IT (the difference between it and IT).
        Political shenanigans are as rare as great photographs?
        M&M is worth a bit of K, depending upon the day they read your INR methinketh. Haha!
        Not the bestests of meals, but worth the fun of laughing about it.
        The very mention of the word “vegan” is often enough for a true believer of the sanctity of meat. I like the way that Ambrose Bierce defined “fork” in his Devil’s Dictionary: “An instrument used chiefly for the purpose of putting dead animals into the mouth…”
        Leslie Nielsen is indeed one of the Greats.

      • Oddly enough Billum, tonight I tried to take a photo that showed the multitude of lights on show over Sherwood and afar. I’m going to put it in the IT next to the second shot, which I was proud of. Hehe! Just to prove your words, Sir.
        ‘Not the bestests of meals, but worth the fun of laughing about it.’ Well put, Billum!
        Got all my bits of veg left, and did them in the oven, affed some veggie gravy, put them in a tray, and topped them with mashed potatoes on top, with the soya bits that they called bacon. Seasoned with liquid salt and a drop of vinegar. Lip-smackingly decent after my last two or three meals. Hahaha!
        I remember Ambrose Bierce’s quote. Dare I remind Richard on Monday? Better not.
        Revelation Time: I turned the Lumis on without having the SD card in, and pressed the viewer – and gound two of the missing photos of meals!!! Got the magnifying glass, to read that Wi-Fi had them. But after ages trying to get linked ot it, I gave up. It wanted Codes and numbers putting in – how? Not that I knew them anyway. Tsk!
        Kept fslling sdleep today, mate. Never had that before. TTFNski!

      • I like that you are proving my words, Sir. A spellchecker only shows the UK vs. US spellage differences.
        Glad you liked my reportage on meal laughter, something that stand-up comedians would surely miss?
        That was quite the meal invention, complete with detailed ingredients. The last two attempts at a mealage did, at least, provide “interesting” experiments — Manor Labs are eager to recreate them at the Crowell facilities.
        And another excellent experiment with the camera and SD cards. They are like the physics and chemistry of low-rated meals: science at its most incredible. Haha!!!
        And, speaking of the incredible, falling asleep is the last thing you would expect. Hoho!!
        TTFNski, mate.

      • Roasting the vegetables is something I hit and miss with, Billum. But a hit that one at last was. Hehe!
        I’ve not heard much form the Manor Labs, glad to know they still grafting away.
        Ah, the Lumix, knowing the two photo are stored sae in the camera memory bank… is so frustrating knwonig I can’t get at them – Hehehe, I’ve got to larf… but sdon’t want to. So this communicationalisation had me smiling. I fanketh you Sir, wishing all the Manor family, in the flat and over in America, all my bestest wishes. ♥

      • Roasting vegetable can get dicey. I always count my fingertips after dicing them. Diced fingers are a pain. Haha!!
        The Lumix has a maximum-security chamber . Wishing to retrieve a photo? Nein, das ist streng verboten, Mein Herr!
        Have you ever tried to larf, yawn, and chew gum at the same time?
        All Manor family wisheth you, in 72, a toodle-loo. ♥

      • Ah, another link twixt us, Billum. Cut fingers when preparing vegetables. Hahaha!
        “Bleib dran – Du wirst nur scheitern!” is what the Lumix mocks we with. Hehe!
        Larf, yawn, and chew gum at the same time? No, I do’t think so, Sir. Although many years ago, in Nottingham slab square, a Sunday it was; I was waiting the arrival of my sweetheart. A massive yawn develped from nowhere – and a moth flew straight into my mouth, a big one too! You don’t forget things like that so you? Har-Har!
        Just out of interest, Grammarly is still not working on the comments, and I had to make nine corrections, ten now, I put a v in corrections for a c. Not counitng those I must have missed. Tsk!

      • Indeed, the Accifauxpas is something that occurs frequently during my days and ways. Accifauxpases just happen naturally it would appear. Any object with a sharp side eventually finds some skin to cut into. Of course, without going out of my way, I’ve managed to develop those distinct red bumps. On occasion, the medical community comes up with new ways to address my ‘fauxpases.
        A Lumix would find a way to flummox Billum too.
        Love that tale of the big moth, a fly has been visiting me this afternoon; I shall take care not to open my mouth to a fly or a moth. Duly noted. Yes, no way that a big mouth-moth would escape memory. Harhar too.
        Somehow, Grammarly works on comments here. V and c are close keyboard relations, is they not?

    • With PN shakes and shivers, I get probably on in three that are usable, Cindy. I should have the right eye cataract done soon (he’s says with lack of confidence, Hehe!) Then join the queue for the left one to be done. I’ll see… Hahaha!
      Can’t match yours and Tim’s, but thanks for liking them, petal. ♥

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