Inchcock: Saturday 8th October 2022

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05:00hrs: I stirred into ersatz life, belched, and the need for the Porcelain Throne was detected. So, out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, and hobbled to the wet room. Where GC hatthe was immediately utilised.
I felt the need to rush a bit to get seated… but was wrong! Things didn’t, and wouldn’t move for ages! The crossword puzzle was tried… then counting the cracks on the ceiling (48 today). Used the spyglass to read some of the labels on the medications and cleaners. And still, no movement! I went back to the crossword book, but my concentration was not good, and I didn’t get a single new solution; but, I found a spelling mistake.
Finally, after a marathon wait, things started progressing. Grindingly slowly, and painfully! were stinging, but not a drop of blood was found during the cleanup! Which cheered me up a smidgeon! I got nervous about what I did earlier in the kitchen, and the routine took over.

I went to check on the taps, heaters etc. and found nothing untoward. I did spot the morning view, though.
A got the Lumix out and took a few photographs of the scene on view.
The first (top) one was spoilt by my and the following shakes and trembles.

However, the next two came out shudder-free, despite a short visit from for a moment. She often follows the neurotransmitter’s performance.

I made a mug of Thompson’s Punjana tea, left it to brew, and had to nip back to the wet room for another wee-wee. I had such a massive leak after the main attraction that by the time I’d got cleaned and back to the brew, it had gone stone cold! I ditched the tea, washed the cup, and got a bottle of spring water instead.

Despite the much lower SYS at 146, the assessment chart still put me in a higher in the red-zone area?

Sam arrived. Had a little chinwag.

I went back to blogging.

Well, that was a nice break from , I’ve not heard a bang, clout or thud for over an hour… he’s back now, though.

I got myself in the right pickle again, with grammar errors, formatting cock-ups.. and with the accompaniment of bashing away at me. Grrr!

The regular Iceland Man arriveth! He popped the bags into the kitchenette for me; bless him. I insisted he take a thank you; he chose a can of Fanta orange. I soon started emptying the four bags. The small bananas were large ones. The three Bread thins were two and substituted with one of the two for a pound, cobs, but I got charged full price for not buying two, which I didn’t ask for in the first place. The flipping Iceland fiddle me every time! They were short of one oven bake long-life cobs, so I lost the offer price on those as well!

All of Richard’s stuff was correct, Tsk! Jealousy! He got all of his meat burgers! Still, he’s a good lad. I had to buy the imitation lamb burgers again. They still have no No-Bull brand burgers sack in stock. It doesn’t bother me, though; Oh! No! I’m not jealous!?  I got everything stored away. They made one slip-up, mind you. They had both jars of Passata sauce with herbs that were on offer if you bought two. Hehehe! I got the oven warming up for later to cook the seasoned with peppers chips later. Then, back to the computer… But!

I find that the distinguished-looking number-cruncher, smoke & mirrors operator, Con-man, who just has no idea how to get an Internet Service working anything-like reliably, and he still gets his $23.6 million salary, plus bonuses, shares in the company and expense account; Is so easy to hate!

Must concentrate on cooking now. Oh, I’ll just check to see if Amazon is still delivering today on the tracker. I’d estimate the ETA as about three or four hours. Amazon says by 21:00hrs now, not 22:30hrs. We’ll see!

Lumix back working… it beats me, but cheered me up. Took this shot of the evening view.

Made the meal, and a tasty looking one it was, too. But… looks can be deceiving. As was the case with this beautiful-looking plate of crap!
These chips were inedible! Co-op Salt & Pepper ready side meal. Unless you can cope with viciously flavoured capsicums and white pepper soaked into your chips, I’d give these a wide birth if I was you. Foul is the word I was looking for to describe these. Putrid and troat-burning, too!
I put this photo on the left of the cruel, tongue-burning aforementioned lethal suicide-inducing chips; As a Warning to anyone thinking of trying them.
Only diehard Pepperholics can cope with the red-hot taste of these.
The veg-pasties and tomatoes were alright, though. Bearing in mind that these are all I ate from the plate… Well, I did eat two chips… well, put them in my mouth and spat them out. The first one, , and it was so bad, I tried another, thinking I may have swallowed a dead dung beetle, and couldn’t believe how foul the first one tasted. Overall, a taste rating of 2.2/10. That was for the tomatoes and pastie.
I looked up why people are addicted to Chillies and got this: Chilli Peppers contain capsaicin, a natural chemical that sends a burning sensation from the nerve endings in the mouth to the brain. The body defends itself against this pain sensation by secreting endorphins, natural painkillers that cause a physical “rush” – a high that keeps us craving for more. It’s claimed to be a far better uplifter than the effects of cannabis & CBD, according to the ASM (American Monthly Scientist) magazine. Not for me; a can of chilli-con-carne I can just about cope with, but never again on chips! Indigestible, nasty unpalatable, unpleasant and horrible! I imagine my Cyber-Mate, Tim, would have devoured these with glee. He is a definite Pepperholic!

I got the unwanted meal into three bags and those into a black bag, sealed it up, and limped down to the waste chute and deposited it.
I did want it to burst open and get the caretakers high with the aroma or spill on them and burn through their overalls onto their flesh. Hehehe!

I tried again to go onto WordPress Reader, but it would not let me in again?

Sleep was again resistant to my pleas.

16 thoughts on “Inchcock: Saturday 8th October 2022

  1. Nothing like a good belch to start the day. I’m usually breaking wind at daybreak. And those false urgent throne calls are maddening. Excellent night shots and sunset. Sat and Pepper chips look like they would be delicious, but I gues they were simply burners. That that burns going down will burn coming out. I hope Sucky Sunday isn’t too shitty.

    • Hi, Tim.
      This morning, (Mon) an involuntary blaster burst free! Certainly woke me up. I think there’d been some releases inb the sleep, cause I found that Harold’s Haemorrhoids had been bleeding when I got to do the ablutions. Life is a grind at times, but never boring. Haha!
      I reckon those chips would have suited you to a tee, Tim.
      Had just the opposite last night. Chips that were chunky and so tastless! Winder if my taste-buds are failing?
      Back to BBQ chilli rice for tonight, I ate all of the last bowl of them I made. I’ll wallop some 7-veg sauce into it again. I got a pot of mild chilli, that suits me… but, of course, I can’t remember where I got it from.
      If I can’t get onto the WP Reader again, (heartbreaking!) I’m going to send them a message!
      Cheers, Tim, lvoe to all.

  2. Indeed, take care when zipping, such that nothing protudeth.
    An accurate depiction in that political cartoon, as always. Which newspaper printed that? I would like to see their website for more, as I am now following UK news more keenly.
    The ceiling crack count (CCC). Add crossword and you have CCC&C. Haha!!
    Lisa famously tasted an orange ornamental pepper at a local pub, near the end of the millennial I believe. She dashed back into that pub for a yogurt to put out the fire. Petal was not (and is not) a fan of spicy fare. All from a single bite, mind you. The sun has yet to set, so she is presently sleeping 🙂

    • The Telegraph I believe Billum.
      CCC&C? Ah, Si!
      Lisa-Petal may be like me, I like tasty-tangy food seasonings, but when it comes ot thot stuff… Oh, no!
      Did I mentioneth the new sauce I’ve discovered, Billum? Dolmio 7-Vegetabkes Mediterranean Roasted Veg – Tomatoes, aubergine, carrot, courgette, onion, yellow and red pepper sauce. Gorgeous when mixed in with some rice, and a splash of BBQ sauce and all mixed up! It’s just within my hot-limits allowance. Hahaha!
      Wonderful news, HRH sleeping, Grrreat!
      Hope you are coping with your new ailments, Billum? Good heavens – Grammarly just worked on the comments… no its gone again.

      • Yes. That soundeth like L-P’s preference, Sir. Dolmio is in North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. And within L-P’s heat allowance as well.
        I saw my new doctor today, a great chap. Alan also sees him; gives him a two-thumbs up.

      • Hopeth you find some 7-veg sauce Sir, had some last night on some rice, added some vegan BBQ sauce, Gorgeous! At last I ate a meal. Hehehe!
        Grrreat news with Alan’s Doctor! Well done, mate!

      • Grrreat news on the Doctor. Billum. Well doine Alan!
        Deans phoned my Quack-Quack yesterday, to book me in for an appointment, (Re-the-Angina) whoever she spoke to, receptionist I assume, asked does he want face to face or a telephone appointment? Being as it took me a five weeks wait to get face-to-face last time, I said telephone, Deana passed this on. And the Doctor will be calling me in 7-days time, twixt 11:00>13:00hrs, if no answer, another appointment will have to be made!
        I feel so guilty bothering her. So deven more days of agony to go through before I can get any help.

      • Medicare is enormously successful, making me angry about the way that certain MP’s attack the NHS there. But the Party of Trump would “privatize” health care to death. November 8th is election day for many political offices and ballot issues. Only 19 days away.

      • By gum the elections came round quick? Is it like local electipons we have over here, Bill?
        What are Gubernatorial elections?
        Do we know who will be standing for President for the Republicans, yet?
        It’s all very worrying, innit, mate?

      • The elections occur in each of the 50 States at the Gubernatorial (Governor), Senate, and House of Representatives level. There are also many Issues on the Federal, State, and Local level, such as reproductive rights.
        Also many Trump supporters running for office. Trump himself is still the favored Presidential candidate in 2024. The second-most likely candidate is Ron DeSantis, current governor of Florida, an archconservative.
        Worrying indeed, mate.

      • Reproductive rights? Gawd, I’m thick.
        Blimey, the Choices of Rep. Candidates is scary, Billum!
        Disabetes course today, Bill, and an election due for Winwood Courts Tenant Representatives. I think that Herbert is standing. Jenny think so anyway.
        Had a dream last night, no the foggiest what happened in it, just a feeling that it was not good, not scribble on the notepad. Humph! Hehe!
        Thanks, mate.

      • On a positive note, the House Committee investigating the events of 20 January 2021 (attempted takeover of the Capitol Building by thugs) has just subpoenaed Donald Trump to appear for questioning. Wowsers.
        I wish Herbert could be subject to questioning by the Tenant Representatives…but then they would be on his side…Drats!

      • Great news, although what Redwig put for this gangsters “We must relclaim America!” If I remember correctly. Should b enough for any honest assessor?
        Billum, as I read this, I envisioned Redwig coming down with Covid just before the hearing? His Doctor who told America that they have possibly the fittest President ever? Will of course accept another back-hander or be blackmailed into supporting him…
        The mind boggles. Redwigs quack of financial asperations… like so many others. As if I need to mention it with your horrendous experiences of them all, mate. Sorry.
        You’ve hit the problem with Herbert on the head again, Bill!
        Please pass on my bestest wishes to the Manor family. ♥

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