Inchcock: Friday 7th October 2022

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06:20hrs: I rose from the depths of the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner. Off to the kitchen to get the kettle on.

I got the kettle on, and I took this photograph of the morning view with the blue hue from the kitchen window. A bit cold when I opened the window. Brrr!

I got the brew made and took another shot from the balcony right glass of the end car park.

I then took a picture of the tree copse.
This one and all the others I tried to take never made it to the SD card! This depressed me greatly! But it’s happened before with the Lumix, and sometimes it just works again later. Although, this time, it hasn’t yet.

Aha! Jodie arrived. This cheered me up a smidgeon. Got the meds sorted, and we had a little natter. But, as I was listening to her… suddenly kicked off a gain! Dangwongles! That’s about four days on the trot of her input on the pains stakes now. And she kept on giving it to me for hours longer.

I bade Jodie farewell, and was attacked by Anne Gyna, felt wee’d off about the Lumix not working, and I fear to say, felt . After yesterday being such a good day for me, I should have expected to get bothered today.

The concentration on the computer was non-existent. I spent hours finishing the Thursday blog, the more on starting this one. The brain was not in good form, with mistakes, errors, and wrong corrections over the following hours!

I had to take a break, so I got around to doing the .

The resulting figures did not cheer me up in the slightest. Back up to the Hypertension Red-2 level again.

And Anne Gyna was having a hay day with my chest area. I took an extra painkiller and Beta-blocker. I don’t like taking extra pills, and I’ve been taking some this week. Mainly due to Anne Gyna being so bad.

No camera to use! Pains in my chest, and still, I was struggling to get things done on the computer.
Luckily the America Health site had graphs of a BP machine but doesn’t show the pulse as the NHS site does. Gawd is bad!

As if he knew how poorly I felt, started banging away in the flat above. He kept it up on and off, all day and into the evening!
There’s not going to be much more from this diary, folks. I’m going to get sat down, take another painkiller, and really hope I can get some sleep in. I’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to get something to eat before settling.

Tried to sleep for an hour or two, but Sweet Morpheus wasn’t having it. On with making a meal, it seems the hunger has returned. 

I opted to do some ‘cook-in-the-bag’ boiling water rice, And amazingly the Lumix was working again. Baffled!

I chopped up some tomatoes, yellow and red. A touch of the hidden chef in me was coming out?

Put some delightful-tasting tomato & basil sauce in the little saucepan, with the last of the 7-Veg sauce added. Then I heated it gently, stirring in regularly.

At this tag, I checked on the camera to ensure these photos were making it onto the SD card… and by Jimminee, they had!

Fifteen minutes later and I got the whole mixture into the little bowl.
Poured a little BBQ sauce in with it, and stirred it up well.

Not as tasty as if I had used all 7-veg sauce with its peppers, but I still enjoyed it, even with giving me some stick! A flavour rating of 8.5 was given.

I got back to the £300 second-hand, musty, Haemorrhoid Harold Testing, cringingly beige, crumb-covered, not-working, rickety recliner. Got my feet up on the swivel chair (the recliner is still not working!), And put the TV on to watch ‘Heartbeat’. Going to stay up late tonight to catch the England Ladies’ match against America, which follows ‘Heartbeat’.

Burst out, and in came the , Sam. We had a laugh and natter for a while after she’d sorted the medications for me. Took the waste bag with her, and I locked the door as she departed.

I’d nattered on a bit and lost the plot of the ‘Heartbeat’ storyline. A rarity indeed, me losing track of anything, innit?

I gave it up, and I went to the kitchenette to do the checks.
I’d left the blasted hot water tap (faucet) running again! Grungleturds! At that moment, my kicked off once more. I did take another Codeine, then.

I went back to the recliner, took the tablet, swore under my breath, and would you believe it… , started his banging about again! What made it worse was that I’d turned off the sound on the TV, so as not to bother anyone! There were subtitles on, not that was letting me read them very easily, if at all at times.
The unneighbourly, superior-natured, snotty Herbert making his noise so late (for me), really got to me. I just had t get up and hit the top of the high bookcase each and every time he made a noise. Thankfully, he only did it about eight more times, and getting up so often to reply to his morse-code noises, just about wore me out! Hahaha!
The football match, I did enjoy. England winning is a rarity in football, thank heavens for the Lady’s team! I suppose to be fair, England was a smidge lucky to win. They got a penalty appeal turned down and got a penalty goal. And to be fair, an equitable score would have been a draw. From what I saw. But I was tickled pink for them! Only a friendly match though. Both sides used so many substitutes I lost track again towards the end.

I was certain I’d nod off within minutes after shutting down the TV. But, No! between ‘s obstinacy, and ‘s stabbing pains, it must have taken me hours to nod off. Humph!

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