Inchcock: Monday 24th October

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After roughly four hours of kip, I was jolted, mentally-viciously awake at 02:00hrs. I spent the next three hours or so trying to get back to sleep. It was very frustrating as it had taken me hours to get to sleep in the first place. But it didn’t bother me much at all.
At 05:30ish, the need for a wee-wee forced me to abandon my plans to get back to sleep. Not that it mattered, there was not a chance of it happening, thanks to Sweet Morpheus being in a bad mood with me again.

By the time I’d got myself onto my feet and caught my balance, I’d decided to get the done. I divested the jammies, and gathered the clothes needed to put on, and limped to the wet room. Things went very well. I even managed to get the socks on without having to battle, one which I was bound to lose against .
In this photo, I was resting painfully with my right leg on the WC seat. You wouldn’t believe the again I went through to get it up there! Did you see the Deep vein thrombosis veins had started to appear again? I’ll mention this when the DVT Nurse comes again. I can show her this picture… Of course, it’ll drive her passion again for me; when she sees them, her eyes will twinkle, and she’ll move closer to me and have a feel… Hehehe!

Well, even I realised after the ablutionalisationing session was over; I’m been exceptionally lucky this morning, and I really had, mate. had not attacked me at all, and I’d been up and about for over an hour by then! No Dizzies, walking into anything. (although it would not be too long until I did, and more than once!) Not dropping anything (Ah, I did drop the toothbrush, sorry). was noticeable by her absence, but were not too bad… (mind you, I haven’t dropped anything on them or stubbed a toe yet) and no… I’d better not mention anything else, don’t want to push my luck. I went into the kitchen, and I took a photo of the view from the window. I doctored it later to this shape.
Not too bad a job either. He says…
Sorted some waste bags out. Took all four to the waste chute. It’s funny how I suddenly had so many? A Blank? Have I spoken too soon?

Got a text from Iceland telling me they had been forced to make substitutions. Fancy that!
I got the started, and made up these graphics with the results.
Look at that! A near-perfect body temperature resulted for today. I had a feeling that I was doing too well, you know!

The SYS & DIA combined and were in the Hypertension Red zone again, so, no surprise there, then.

The 7-Day Excel record is looking betterer, but it still confuses me how they allot the colours?

I was working merrily away on CorelDraw, and it had another blip! They stand-need to tell me the price has increased!.
It started freezing again, but I waited long enough on three occasions, and it did start once more. I’m not sure how much longer it will last?

arrived as I was putting some potatoes into the crock-pot. Soon got the medications sorted out for me. Then I had him in tucks, telling him about the trousers dropping down on Sunday. Hehe!
Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly for me, as we were going along the corridor, I clouted my elbow on the funny bone on the closet door! Richard’s face lit up, and laughter broke out. He said: “I wonder why they call it the funny bone,
I walked him to the door, and we parted, both of us laughing. I even gave him a thumbs-up sign as he disappeared through the end flat lobby door, and then, still smiling with pleasure, I went back into the flat…
And fell arse-over tit when I tripped against the three-wheeler-trolley guide. I ended up a flobby mass of a dishevelled pensioner… the worst bit was hitting my head against the radiator on the way down, then bounced in a fashion sideways, hitting my right shoulder on the opposite wall, rolling into the towel airer, knocking it flying! Ending up with a leg bent underneath my body mass, the other stuck through the tubes on the fallen heater!

I went on hands and knees to the recliner and got myself up again. That was enough work for me for a day or two! Hahaha! After cleaning myself up, Phorpain Gelling the shoulder, and Germoleneing the forehead, I got back to the memory notepad to write my experiences to go on today’s blog. That is if I ever get Sundays finished first!

The intercom flashed, and the Iceland delivery arrived.

The delivery man threw the things into some carrier’s bags and departed the flats and the boxes. I got the bags into the kitchen.

Very luckily, I remembered the potatoes bubbling away in the crock pot, and I turned them off. Always the hero I am! Very strongly in this case! “Shurrup!” Alto-Ego; No, I won’t!
Unloaded the items. The strawberries were part of the Warden’s treats. I’ll take them down with the other stuff this afternoon.
The burgers, which are the favourites of Carer Richard, and be given to him each day so he doesn’t overeat. Hahaha!
The treats for the Carers were hidden from view, so they will be a surprise when they get them offered to them.

I got back to the computer, and I had an email from Asda. Thinking it was about Wednesday’s order and/or substitutes, I opened it to investigate. There were three substitutions and two not available. ! The order is coming today, not Wednesday!
Now my spirits sank a bit. When I realised I’d made another bloomer. Then…
The intercom went. The DVT Haematology Nurse, Hristina, had arrived. Now, I expect you will think that I either forgot or got the date wrong for this blood-taking session? Me? Well, yes, you’d be right! Hristina is an Angel. I have two Angels, one in the UK and one beauty in the US of A. She is Lisa-Petal, HRH (Her Royal Highness), or Sweetheart, and I’ve never met her. Yet she keeps me going. HRH and Hristina are like each other in many ways. Billum, HRH’s hubby, is my Cyber-Buddy

Gonna have to rush this, it’s getting late, so I’ll type in shorthand – Hehehe! I was looking out of the kitchen window at the rain and the Asda delivery man arrived next.

He was throwing things a great distance to get crushed, broken or misshapen! Got them stored away. I struggled to get everything in the fridge and freezer.

I tried ringing Deana and Julie the wardens, to see if they were in so I could take the treats down to them. They are always busy, but Mondays are horrendous for them. This is why I thought I’d ordered their bits for Wednesday. Tsk! No answers and I had no room to put them in the fridge either, so I went down hoping to find them.

Down in the lift and through the Winwood Court link passage. The office in Winwood’s foyer looked to be closed and locked up.

So I meandered into the Winwood Social and had a nosey around.

Got to the other end, and I turned back
This is on the third photo down.

Looks nice, doesn’t it?
Not many folks around, though.

I caught Julie coming back to the office and gave her the carrier bags. She looked busy, so I didn’t stop for a natter. Much as I wanted to.

Back into Woodthorpe Courts, in the lift lobby and back to flat number 72. I thought it best, with me lining there.
Worked away at this blog for several hours. It was slow-going, error-ridden etc.

Arrived and got the medications sorted. We had a little chinwag of sorts, and she asked about the Sever Frailty Test results. I’d forgotten about the bus fare change again! I’ve a tenner and some change but not enough for the trip. I asked Jodie what I could do, but between us, nothing matured. I asked her to remind me to ask Deana if she could look into the chance of me paying monthly with my card. Too late for tomorrow, but if she could set it up, it’ll be a load off of my mind.

I had a look at the squashed and damaged ready meals I’d bought. I quite fancied the Vegan Chilli-Non-Carne.

But the time was late, and I was tired and frustrated. I ended up having a veg pastie and a few of the potatoes from the slow cooker.
Not the most inspiring of meals. Nor the best tasting. But it did me.
I know that I’m not going to get to sleep again tonight. I’m too uptight at myself for all the mistakes I’ve made; the main one, at this moment, is not sorting out the money to pay for the lift to the Doctor’s for the results of the Severe Frailty Test in the morning.

I’m sorry, but Carer Jodie has just been, and it’s so late. She reminded me about the Doctors in the morning. I think the clout on my head has affected me. Too late for me to sort out the cash for the lift. I’ll see if the Wardens can help me in the morning before I leave.

I really hope I can get some sleep. I need it badly. But Anne Gyna is still going away at me, worry about the money situation, and even the bruise on my head is stinging more now.

No sleep allowed again. I got up and carried on with this blog, then posted it off around 02:00hrs.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock: Monday 24th October

  1. Vegan Chilli non carne is pretty darn clever. Sounds horrible, however. It will be interesting to get the results of the severe frailty test. If you are severely frail they need to prescribe a wet nurse to provide you with warm milk to strengthen your bones and reduce depression. Your Vitals are as colorful as your personality. The DVT on the legs is Tate-worthy. The three photo collage looks like you are running a grocery store in your kitchen. Excellent photos all around.

    • I was planning on having one last night, but being tired and shattered, I had the silly-meal in the Monday blog. I’ve been up all night again. Going to get a wash and shave after this, then have a search around, I must have some cash somewhere in the flaming flat. I’ve got a tenner, but the Easy-Link do not accept them for any trip under a fiver. They do not carry change you see.
      Of course I forgot to ask Warden Deana to ring them to see if I can pay x-amount every month to them on direct-debit with the card. Forgetting things so easily nowadays. And am angry with myself when I do, so can’t relax or sleep. The thought-storms make things worse.
      But, if there’s a chance of a nurses visit… well! Haha!

  2. A grand cartoon there, Sir!
    The BP graph tends to make the red zones look larger than the green zones, a kind of optical illusion that makes it look higher than it actually is. I am going to look into other ways that may be more accurate, if that makes sense. Researching graphs is another of my hobbies of course. 🙂
    HRH and Hristina are gems of a rare kind. And thank you for the kind reference to me, mate. Heartily appreciated. Brought a glow to a tiring day, it did.
    We visited a bank to obtain a workable loan for Petal’s dental work. A major step in making her teggies work much much better. A lengthy set of procedures has just begun at the University Dental facilities in Lexington, so that is great news. Getting out is a big deal at the manor, so visiting a coffee shop was a wonderful break for Petal and I. Small things are big things for us guys. Hence the very late reply. Things should settle down by tomorrow (Wednesday) — 04:20 hours in Nottingham according to the Google Clock.
    Cheers, mon ami!

    • Aha, as a graph researcher, just what is needed here, Sir! Your input can save the day!
      You is all highly mentionable, yourself particvularly so, a special ether mate!
      You hit it on te nose there Billum, these things are special to us. Highlights of the day escaping out to get medicationalistical attentions… as you know of course. Jast backing up your views there, Sir.
      So gald to hear of the advancement of the plans for Lisa-Petals teggies at last.
      I found a new ready-made meal Chillie-Non-Carne. Looks terrible, but tastes wonderful! Walmart-Asda.
      It be Wednesday here (I checked on Google), and 04:35hrs, and all quiet… apart drom the dreaded World-Wide-Hum blasting away this morning. Can’t put the hearing aids in while its going, so I took them out again.
      Try to take some rest-recover time. Sir. To unwind. (Hark who’s talking. Hahaha!
      Lovely to hear the news, thanks.
      Appreciate that. ♥
      Oh, I Missed the sEvere Frailty Test results meeting with the Doctor – AGAIN! I got confused (Numbers again!) with the EasyLink transport arrival timing. Humph!
      Love to all, the faimily here will be woken and chatted to in a while, I’ll keep them imformed of the Mother-Manor-Members activites.

      • Reporting from Crowell Manor a tad late in the day here, the Avenue of Crowell got hit by a power outage that lasted 8 hours. Only our street was affected. Fortunately we have oxygen cylinders on hand for just such occasions. Otherwise, a compressor provides oxygen 24/7. Particularly important in this case since the repair team — working at the top of the street — had to block the road for several hours. Petal slept through the entire event, SM stayed for the entire time. He can be a grand god sometimes, innit so?
        It is always an honor to be complimented on your inimitable blog, kind Sir! Good to read the news of Flat 72 and to commiserate with you on the ever-changing MP’s and PM’s who populate the chambers — not to be confused with Chambers of course.
        May SM spend 8 hours at *your* dwelling this time 🙂

      • That HRH slept though the event, is the best news I’d had for ages, Sir! ♥ So glad you got through it, too! My appreciation to SM, I wondered why he’s been busy, now I know, so fair enough, Bless Him.
        You is a Special Family you know, I feel as if I know you all? ♥
        Keeping you humour going is a quality I admire too, Billum.
        I think I can here the family in the background stirring, sounds like Lambie Lona to me. Hehehe! Thy’ll be waiting for the morning gossip I wouldn’t wonder. ♥

  3. I fank you from my heart for each kind word, mate. We are a close family in fact, the friction of distance between Nottingham and Cincinnati is slight, as we are able to reach each other at near the speed of light over the internet. As you know, Lisa and I met on the early web back in 1993, but writing text messages nearly 30 years later finds us discovering your worthy self one keystroke at a time. It is where we now greet you as were you walking through the front door of Crowell Manor at this very moment. I cannot begin to express how close a family we really have become since discovering ourselves this gentle way. Letting our spirits gather together as beings who treat each other as any close family who recognize that they are as siblings who meet to support every member in a genuine bond that only becomes stronger each day. Sharing what it means to be on this curious planet at the same time. Lisa has taught me how to reach out through dreams (and while awake), to connect over this very ether. SM knew that she needed and deserved a second opportunity to sleep for another bunch of hours today. May that god do the same for you, my dear friend.

    • Many thanks for that, Billum. Much appreciated Sir. ♥ To all!
      I feel I have gained a family, and a family that have been through it, and a know what it is like to struggle-through and win! ♥
      I belive your kind wishes have been granted by SM, I Fank you! Yesterday I had a two-hour kip, woken my the Carer calling, then proceeded to have another four-hour kip after he’s gone! Wonderful!
      Best news hearing about his granting HRH a decent kip… that is Grrreat!
      Thanks again, Sir.

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