Inchcock Today: Tuesday 25th October

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I didn’t get any sleep at all. Didn’t even try to. Various reasons, Thought-Storms, Anne Gyna and frustrations niggling at me from within my own brain. I use the term brain, loosely! Mostly over my concerns over the timing of, or did I order, the EasyLink transport for the visit to the Doctors to get the results of the Severe Frailty Test. This left me confused and frustrated, and things only worsened as the day of confusion and error-making moved on.
On the computer for many hours. Not that much got done. The concentration was again lackadaisical.

I got the done around 02:00hrs.

When I put the results through the NHS calculator online, well… What the heck happened here?

The highest it has ever been since I began using the site!

I’ve never been as high as this. I was in the Hypertension 3+ zone!

All the same, I was not too worried. I put it down to worry over the weekend. As usual, no help was available. Even if any ILCs (Wardens) had been on site, there was no guarantee that I could have contacted them. Anyway, even if I could, they could not contact Easy-Link, who do not work over the weekend, to verify the arrival time of the lift. I felt the tension and an uptightness, and Anne Gyna has been at me again, although not as bad as last week before the medications had been doubled.

I made the first mug of tea I’d had for over eleven hours. Not me at all! Mind you, after this brew, the old tea addiction returned.

Took this snap of the morning view. But didn’t appreciate it at all; I was still fretting (and EQ told me things were going to go ape-shit) over the lift arrangements and appointment time. Nothing positive, you understand, just this sense that I had somehow put them down wrong in the calendar.

The computer turned off, and I went off to the wet room. Not that I can remember much about it, but I think it went well.
Made a second mug of tea, Co-op 99 this time.

We had a chat, some of it dedicated to ways of making things easier for me to grasp.
The usual laughs and natter were granted by Richard.  Not sure if we put the world to rights or not today. Hehe!
My memory notes a sparse for some reason… and unreadable in parts as well. Rich took the bags to the bin with him on his way out. Usual Monday thank-you treats were given. Oh, yes, I remember now; Richard helped me get the in-the-ear hearing aids going to use today; bless him.

I got myself and the things needed for the Doctor’s visit ready, and I was struggling through the door with the three-wheeled walker when I heard the phone ringing. I battled my way back inside, bruising my knee on the trolley and on the wheel. All the time, a voice (EQ), telling me not to answer it, you’re doing wrong! But I thought it might be the surgery or EasyLink phoning, so I got back and had to answer it. It was Sister Jane. Telling me about the Sun & Mon merging today. Of course, with all the concern over the bus and appointment timing, I was in a mini-panic in case I missed the bus. I forgot all about it until the morning when it was too late. I felt bad about that. After Jane had taken the bother to let me know as well. Sorry, Jane! ♥

Unfortunately, although I didn’t realise it at the time, this was just enough delay for me to miss the bus! EQ was right again. Why don’t I listen to him?
Faffed about in a hurry now, stubbing the same toe again. Down to the lift lobby.
I went through to the main lobby, and it was 5 past 10. I thought the bus was due at 10:15hrs, so had plenty of time after all. But no bus arrived.
I waited ten more minutes and then walked to the ILC (Independent Living Coordinators), Oberstgrüppenfuhrer, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana & Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion florist and Warden Julie’s holding-cell office.
Through the ether, an audible, almost physical voice screamed at me, “Argh, it’s him again!”  Haha!

Julie phoned Easy-Link to see about the bus. Now I knew I’d just missed it by five minutes! Damn-it! Will I ever get to this appointment? Julie called the Doctor and got a new appointment made for me, bless her cotton socks. This one is for Tuesday, 1st November 2022, at 10:20hrs. Then she rang EasyLink again to confirm a lift to get there, but none to come back, as I just did not know how long I would be at the appointment. Thanked her. Coming out of the holding-cell office.

I bumped into Carer Richard. I was a little tense and so tired and disappointed at things going wrong yet again that I can’t recall exactly what we said during our chinwag in the Winwood lobby.

I went back to the flat along the link passage, into the flat, and got the timings clearly on the Google Calendar for the next Doctor’s meeting.

Deana had written a note for me to keep as a reminder as well. I cello-taped that to the end of the high bookcase.

At least I get some kip in now; surely, this would not be a problem after being up for 28 hours on the to now?

I’m certain, sure that I took a photograph of the Chilli-Not-Carne meal. Four Cumberland sausages I cooked, well, nigh on incinerated, by giving them a good 12-extra minutes or more in the oven. Had to chisel them out of the tray to get them on top of the dish. But the photo was not on the Lumix SD card. I can’t understand why, but in the morning, when it came to updating this blog, blow me, there the photo was? Mind you, it was one of the worst photos I’ve ever taken. Still, it shows the burned sausages and disgusting-looking chilli. Yet I enjoyed it. A taste rating of 7.2/10 was given to it. The sausages? 9.2/10 even though they’d been cauterised! Hehehe! Put the tray on the Carer’s table, and .

Woke me up an hour or so later. And I  really was deep in sleep. So much so that I think my first greetings came out as gibberish and waffle! It took me until getting the medications and seeing the Warfarins in the pot to realise it was not morning but nighttime and that I’d only been kipping for an hour. Hehe! I came around a bit and offered Carolynne a cold drink from the fridge. Had to go to the door with her as she collected the waste bags for me, said my farewells and locked the door.

I got back down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner, and was back in the land of nod within a minute I reckon.
I slept for another seven hours! Yes! Mind you, my body and feeble brain needed it! Hurrah!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 25th October

  1. If that isn’t a heck of a note. You should listen to that EQ. Sorry sibling making you miss your ride. Until next time as they say. At least you were able to doctor up the Chilli Not Carne and make it palatable.

    • Hi, Tim.
      I’ll harketh in future to EQ.
      I’m not very popular with the Doctor, again.
      (Thurs 01:58AM) Just took a photo in which a planet is in view, wonder which is? Too far away for the moon? I’ll put it in todays blog. Proud of this one, Hehe!
      Thanks, Sir.

  2. I am trying to make a reply to you but all I see is the very top third of the letters showing! If it comes to you this way, I pale at the stress it can cause! So, my Dear, I saw the corn in the vegan chili and also the next time you posted you had that bad bathroom experience! I used the American phrase for that necessary room, I forgot what the English label is. Why did you go to vegan meats I wonder? One thing I have learned over the years is they are already cooked, and need the slightest warming through to work. And even more, you can make chili not carne yourself with your favorite baked beans in a can, added un beef crumbles, onions and sweet peppers! A gentle heating will produce a higher yield to be parted out in your meals, and complete clarity on what you are in for! Haha! Lentil soup can be perked up with same ingredients. Billiums actually gave me a taste of his latest Frank or hot dogs, if you will, and instead of the foul abomination of wet wheat that I usually taste, I could not distinguish them from my most delicious beef franks! Ask the Master Chef what he cooked up in Crowell Laboratory 8V ( ate vegan!) to see about getting that type! I miss you my love, and visit you every night for a while in my meditations. I love you got to see Big Jupiter in your photos. It is something that happens every 40 years! If I’m wrong it’s twenty one sixty, it doesn’t take away the beauty! Your landscape and internal pictures have been glorious! I feel like I’m there! Love to you my darling Inchie!

    • Bless you sweetheart, it came through on here this end. ♥
      I use bacon crumbles (soya) in some meals, and they go down nicely. My concentration has gone to pot, retaining anything new is difficult, as when they change things on the browser, makes doing anything take so much longer.
      So sweet of you to help. When anything new veganwise comes on the Asda/Walmart listings they seem to start at a Special Offer price…
      Loved your ‘Crowell Laboratory 8V ( ate vegan!)’ quote!
      Jupiter was there this morning, but the clouds kept masking it.
      Iwrote in a comment earlier about it, and called it jupiter, to Tim Price. Tsk!
      When I have my morning gossip with the family in the bed-tray, I believe visions of you appear, I’m not joking. ♥ Like this morning, you face appeared twice then faded, with a smile appearing. That was marvelous, even if I don’t understand why. ♥

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