Inchcock Today: Saturday 29th October 2022

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Early Morning Skies

Mystery Photo?

05:00hrs: I have never woken up like this before. The bursting back into imitation life was so violent, my whole body, and there’s a lot of it, you know; jumped up and landed back on the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickeningly beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable recliner, and the second I realised that poor were bleeding, another problem arose. The need most necessitous need for the , this became crucially obvious. No leg stretching or balance exercises were considered.  In fumbling-bumbling fashion, I somehow got myself to the wet room in what must have been a record time for me.
I’ve no idea how I held things back in rush to get there on time, but I did! and I believe warranted in this case. Although as I sat there as the evacuated produce squelched its own way out, I became aware of a pain in the left foot , and I assumed I must have stubbed it en route, but in my panicky haste to get to the Throne, hadn’t realised it. No extraordinary pong or bleeding either, and also, there was no input needed from me. Why I almost enjoyed it! This incident had taken my mind off of the disasters suffered yesterday. But as I washed and got changed into the day clobber, the memory of the hospital letter came to the fore, and I worried about how I was going to cope and not make mistakes with it.
I got cleaned and ointmentated. I was definitely in a better frame of mind than I was yesterday, but naturally, I was still worried about coping with the Cataract instructions, arranging the Easy-Lift both ways, can I find out what time to pick me up afterwards, have I got to use one of those listed in the letter transporters? How can get someone to go with me that doesn’t cost a fortune? Now, I’m getting myself worked up for nothing. Because there is nothing that can be done until Monday… and that’s if I can get through to anyone. Humph!

is starting to give me what for now. If joins in, I don’t think I’ll be any good for anything then.

I got on with updating the Friday blog. With all the details of the farces that took place and the worrying letter etc., Believe it or not, it took me a further nine hours to get it done! And then, before I made a start on this one! I fell a little and my thoughts got me feeling again.

  Arrived and was in a positive mood. I feel my telling her about yesterday’s farces, and the Cataract letter should not have been mentioned. I think I must have sounded like an ineffective whinging old man! Which, fair enough, I am! But no need for me to advertise the fact is there.
Sam asked me if she wanted me to ask… I’ve forgotten her name now, but the new lady in charge at Meridian Health and Care; to call and see me on Monday. My EQ warned me of staggering upcoming charges at this point. But I’m stumped; how can get free help? Sam selected her bottle in thanks, and Sam took the two waste bags with her to the chute for me. ♥

Many hours later, still, I was still updating the Friday burlesque happenings when the landline rang. It was my neighbour and friend Jenny. She is on Virgin Media, and she told me that she’d received an email telling her that the internet would go down on Wednesday, 2nd November, for maintenance work. She knew I was on Virgin and let me know in case they hadn’t informed me. I found out later they had not let me know. This all adds to the frustrations. I mentioned the Cataracts are being done on the 1st of November, so I may not be able to use the internet for several days until the eye cover comes off. That was kind of her. Thanks, Jenny! ♥

In fact, I started to feel a little out of it after doing some more work and finally getting the blog sent off. Afterwards, I tried to get into the WP reader. Oh, I’m in… but will it let me post comments and likes? I’ll give it a go? Grrreat! I Got on! Better get the Health Checks done, then. It is getting late. The evening carer is due soon. Better get the sphygmomanometerisating done. Better late than never. You never know; the BP might be lower now? We shall see…

It was lower as well! Close to the Amber Zone, no less! Only just in the Hypertension Red-1!

I put some imitation slices in the oven on a lowish heat.

And in came Chloe. Told her, not moaningly though, of the problems I have with the Doctors visit and the Cataract 8-page letter of instructions that merely confuses me. Also, getting the cash to pay for the lifts and which service I am allowed to use, then booking them. I’ll only have one day come Monday, to sort it all. Then I’ve got to locate the two departments I’ve to go to? Pre-Assessment Clinic, then the East Day Cases Unit Outpatients Clinic! Chloe did the medications and said she would also remind their boss, Tina, that I needed help. I insisted she chose a drink in thanks. She took the waste bag with her when she left. Telling me not to worry. Not to worry? Me? Mission impossible nowadays, that is. Haha!

Then, yet another problem came to my attention. I found that I’d got an Asda-Walmart order due for Wednesday, the 2nd of November, the cataract repair day! WHAT NEXT? So, I changed the order day on the web. It took me a while to work out how to do it. But, within an hour or so, I’d got it moved to Thursday. Worra life!

Added these evening photos of the amazing sunset, all taken within half an hour. The rapidly changing scenes were brilliant.

Dearie me, Then I whiffed a smell of burning… the food in the oven!!!

I got the slices hacked free of the oven tray and got the pan in the sink in bleach, washing up liquid and soda.
Got the burnt offering slices and some fries from a packet on two paper plates and took them through to the computer. Pulled out the drawer and ate the burnt offerings while working on this blog. Not a wise decision after losing a tooth eating the same thing last night! But I got away with it.

Then the job of cleaning the oven, kitchen and pan had to be done.
 Was again reluctant.

Keep Safe, Sound & Memories a Soupcon Souvenired!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday 29th October 2022

  1. Inchoate contains “Inch” but that does not make you inchoate…or does it? Don’t ask Alto though. Haha!!
    Day clobber. Another new expression for my thesaurus. I fank you!
    Sam is a listener, a grand quality to my mind.
    Methinks you have too many irons in the fire that are not as important as the cataract procedure, mate. The internet is one of those things that you cannot change. The serenity prayer is usually associated with a modern movement, but it actually has deeper roots that go back to Epictetus, one of my favorite Greek philosophers — he is at the other side of the coin as Epicurus (they both begin with “Epic” somehow. You’ve got to like that. 🙂 ). Montaigne is another philosopher that I turn to when I’m trying to deal with life’s slings and arrows. I just found a website that explains the dynamic without jargon. Such philosophers also tell me why I am drawn to IT. Hoping it helps, kind Sir!

    • Ah, day clobber, I can hear Dad using the words now, Billum. Stood or sat there in his thick heavy jammies, getting hid cut-throat razor out, with leather and pumi-stone to sharpen the blade, and he’d ready bits og the Nottongham Evening News ready to out on the cuts… it seemed that every day he’s say somethink like, must gerron and into the day-clothes followed by what he had to do that say… Memory prompter ther, thanks Billum.
      I’ve saved the link to the toolbar for later when then eyes have been done.
      Stuggling at the moment, I’ve had to ask MEridian for help, that’s gonna cost me… but these things new appopintments with eight pages of instructions that merely confuse me, gettign coin-cash to pay for the lifts, Paying for the 24-hour carer after the op, is too much for me at this moment, very confused, just going to do minimum blogs if I can, until the eye-lens is uncovered… then of course, its back to booking lifts I can’t get the cash to pay for hopefully via Deana, and remembering them, for the follow-up visits ot the hospital. The address for me to go to is different than than the other visits, and I have to sort out where each department is, its a gigantic place the QMC.
      This is not helping my waffling, just brings back the worries, sorry about that Billum. You’ve enough on your plate as it is.
      Tomorrow the Frailty Test results, if I get there, I’ve missed it twice already, third time lucky. The Quack isn’t happy with me at all. (One miss my faults entirely – one Easy-Link booking error)
      Gawd, I’m off again!
      Shurrup Gerry!

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