Inchie Today: Sunday 1st January 2023

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07:45hrs: My waking up so late… well, I say that, but I’d been waking up all night again, but fatigue got me back to sleep this time. Thank you, Mr Fatigue!
The state of the Carers table caught my Katie cataracted, Glaucoma Gladys and Saccades-Sandra eyes.
After three visits from Carer TY.
A broken catheter, open packs of day and night ones. Loose stablest on the floor under the table. But, I soon lost interest in that… the night catheter was in need of emptying and packing safely in a recycle bag
So I did!
Fantastic! The when I bent or stretched were far, far less vicious than yesterday. I got the night bag off without too much bother, got it emptied into the bucket, and took it to the wet room for emptying and disinfecting.
As I was doing this, I felt wet dropping onto my ankle. I’d not turned the close lever far enough… So I did. Too late, of course. Now I had to wash the fo
ot and floor along with the bucket. More time lost! But at least I could do it this morning, with the pains from the infection and the , too, so much easier!
Took the bucket back to the font room for use later on, and got the night bag in the normal bag, then the yellow high-risk bag, and finally, a black bag.

Well, feeling so well now, achieving so much, I decided to use the speed-mop to clean the kitchenette floor.
That was a little more trying, but I managed it. The bending down to pick up pieces of fluff got the back pains going, and I was beginning to regret tackling the fang job… But they soon abated back to just little aching; that’ll do for me.
Got the kettle on, but I did not make a brew. Why? I’ll tell you… A call to the that was overdue! In fact, I had to get a trot (of sorts) on to get to the Throne in time. I did, though, but it was . Ah, back to the pre-infection says mode again. was in complete control. I hope he’s not going to stay in control, or else I may run out of toilet paper if he unloads like that again!
Even more, time was lost in cleaning up the grungy, sticky mass of mess that had evacuated. The water closet had to be flushed a few times; with the help of some water from the sink.

came in while I was making a brew. His approximate 08:30 to 08:39hrs visit, instead of the 50-minute one I was charged for, gave him no time to check the taps and cooker. But he did manage to give me one Lansoprazole instead of two. Asked me how I was, then as I was telling him, he went on his mobile, pretty sure he didn’t hear a word I said. Not on it long, just seconds.
“Have to go now, I’m very busy…” and he did, shouting cheerio see you later… That put fear and dread in me: is he coming again today? He might kill me next time. Then I realised he had not brought a spare night bag as he said he would yesterday… but then again, he was on his phone when I asked home to replace the one he broke. Also, he missed taking the two tiny waste bags that were in the usual place near the door.
When I got back in the room, I spotted loose tablets under the carer’s table. Got the mini Hoover out, but it wasn’t picking up, so I pressed the filter button, and it fell apart. Bit of good fortune, it fell in the waste bucket for me and literally emptied itself. Hehehe!
Now I was in a pickle. Trying to put the pieces of the vacuum back together correctly. Another good hour or more lost there. Tried to use it, but it wouldn’t pick up all the metal foil bits or three tablets that were down there… after all my effort getting the thing back together as well!

Slowly it dawned on me… (Things so that sometimes to me...) it needed recharging, mayhap? So I put it on charge. A simple, often done before, little task. But no… this is me we are discussing. I knocked a pile of paperwork over as I tried to see the blue light on the Hoover to see if it was charging.
I methodically picked them up, and I restacked them on the ottoman. All ready for me to check through them to see what was what in the stack. I decided that the Ottoman was not the safest place to leave them, gathered them up to take them to the book shelving… Need I say anything?
Unbelievable! I was just reaching up to place the documents on the shelf… I felt the well-known mini-shaking in the right leg, followed by an .
The paperwork is still laying dishevelled and crinkled, in the corner of the room near the bookshelf!

arrived, and I gave her a kiss (On the arm, always the gentleman, Hehe).
She checked the wee-pouch, and it had really filled up. So I emptied it into the overnight, now 24hr gey bucket.
Medications sorted.  mentioned the problems with the wrong medications being tendered, taps not being checked, the wrong bag being nearly fitted etc. I do not want to fall out with anyone. But, it was a nightmare the three last calls yesterday and this morning. Took the waste bags not taken by Ty.

I spent many hours (8) doing the blogs.
But mostly getting into a mess with mistakes and hitting the wrong buttons. getting out of situations I don’t know how I got into, turning off and restarting…
Taking a breath here...
Misspelling, using the wrong words, getting into the right state with using Word, getting messages up that I couldn’t understand, giving up, trying again…
Taking a breath here...
CorelDraw keeps freezing for no apparent reason! And coming close to crying!

Arrived. I told her of the things I’d gone through with a certain Carer (Not). Medications sorted out. Carolynne cleared the Carers desk up. Checked on both taps and oven.

Some more for farcicalness on the computer.
Trying to like and comment on the blog from my cyber-mate, Billum, and I got the message above come on the screen. I clicked the appropriate button and found myself back where I started? After the third time, I gave up and then got something to eat.

Not the meal of the year, I admit.
The oven-finished bread and th tomatoes were nice.
The Vegan mushroom steaks were revolting, and for the first time ever, even the potato Rostis were tasteless; well, they were to me. Taste: 3/10.

: Other than it was painful and took me over an hour to get the session done, there were no serious incidents. Washing the pots up and changing the bag was a nightmare with one usable hand.

Arrived as the original Die Hard film was showing on the telly.
At this stage, or of this bit,  seems to be a little foggy. Sorry!

Slept through until rang out from the door chime.

4 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Sunday 1st January 2023

    • Grim situation, as Doug said. Hahaha!
      Carer Richard fitted a new catheter this morning. Put my socks on for me. And genrally lifted my spirits with a laugh and natter.
      Last of the antibiotics today.
      Dreamed of Cyril & Lady last night.

  1. Been catching up with much in the last few days, mate. Will comment more on your more recent posts, but want to thank you for reposting that classic image of meself and the munchery machine!
    Wir sehen uns!
    Sontar Ha! (reminding me that Petal and I watched a classic Dr. Who Christmas special (the one with River Song and her “husband”)

    • Cheerrs, Professor Billum, Head Honcho of Manor Laboratories (Underground levels 3 to 15), and Carer to HRH Lisa-Petal, who is the Organisationalistical Logical Approach Expert (Beautiful with it too!)

      THe mediccal farces just add up all the time. I’ve written about it, but in short: The City Hospital told me to contact me Doctor if I am on Warfarin or Clopidogrel, to get advoce on when to stop taking the doses in readiness for the Cystoscopic Procedure on Friday. So Hristina the INR nurse rang them for me, they said they’s ring back, they did, to tell me to ask The City Hospital????
      I tried to phone the DVT Clinic at the QMC they said: Ask the City Hospital!!!
      Whats the point in asking those who told me to check with doctor or practitioner – who refer me back to the City Hospital? I’m lost now!
      No time to get much done, without working through the night to try to catch up. With the dy and night catheters being changed each morning and evening, pouches to be emptied and bagged up, ablutions and medicationings taking two hours to get done. Now a leak in the bag has meant throwing away soaked socks, trousers, and slippers – and somehow I’ve got to clean the carpet!
      Every thing taking far to long to get done. The mystery chest and back pains are getting worse… I’m not doing well here, mate.

      Carers loosly at 07:00, 11:40, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:45hrs… no chance of having a nod-off in between – making a mug of tea one handed is not easy. Tsk!

      The cost of the Carers (Got new bill today, well yesterday, found it in the boxs this morning, what used to be around £520. is now £698!

      Friday: Doctors (about the mystery pains, been a four week wait to get in) then to hospital for the going to be so painful delving into the bladder, via the Uretha and Prostrate with camera – which they say in the letter, if they find any signs of cancer, they will go in again, to take a biopsy sample. I’m looking forward to that – Not!

      Was that the one with K9 in it, Sir?

      Hope SM is visiting you both?

      I’ve not even opened my Christmas cards yet. Unbelievable lack of time to get anything done with everthing taking so much longer. Getting undresses and dressed is so painful and many tumbles and falls doing it. Sorry to tattle on mate, but no one here apart from Richard is interested. Haha! And he’s not well himself.

      Keepeth safe Mon Ami, I so miss out natters over the ether, but finding time to do the blog is frustrating. I did get a half decent one in… Oh, dear, Porcelain Throns a’calling.

      Bless you all. Sontar-Ha!

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