Inchie Today: Saturday 31st December 2022

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06:25hrs: I woke up with a shudder and judder and immediately got stinging pains in the knee from the catheter.
I investigate the cause. I’m like that, you know, curious. Haha!
I found the top holding strap had somehow gotten twisted; that was what caused the soreness. I’m like lightning, ain’t I? Hehe!
Also, the bottom holding strap had come loose, and without thinking (I do a lot of that, as well!). I bent down to adjust the lower strap… A mistake that was! The pin from the mystery pain that has moved from the stomach to the back of the ribcage kicked off, and it’s not flipping well stopped yet! (19:00hrs) But of course, I’m used to pain now, and being the heroic, brave, manly person that I am, laughed it off!

I used the picker-upperer to get the night pouch from the bucket. Well, not much wee-wee went in there last night?.
However, a cheery sign was the colour of the urine, not a sign of any blood or sediment as with yesterday morning.

2: As I rose from the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner, I was soon back on the bum, testing the durability of as I pummelled back onto the recliner.
3: An burst into life, giving me a good buffeting, belting the right elbow on the arm of the chair. 4: knocking off a bottle of spring water from the Ottoman… 5: Which landed in the safety bucket, bursting open the night bag! I’ve had a better starts to the day!

I painfully detached the night bag without any mishaps. (I can’t claim that very often!) And off to the wet room… gingerly: I had the bowl with the wet wee and bags in, and Metal Mickey (The three-pronged walking stick), And voiced a prayer en route that an would not start again on the way.
6: I learnt on the way that the mystery stabbing pains had now reached the back of the ribcage. And using the right hand to hold onto Mickey made them worse… or brought them on because when I got in the wet room to clean the bowl and wrap up the night bag for disposal, the pains stopped when I put the stick down. Is it any wonder that I get so confused?

The need for the arose. Most conveniently, for once, as I was about a foot away from the Throne at the time. I anticipated another messy, gooey, sticky, clingy evacuation, as it has been for the last four days – but no! Good heavens, I’m having a mixture of good and bad luck now! I barely needed the toilet paper. I thought, clearly, my luck was changing for the better here. .

From this stage, my concentration and memory cells withered as I was doing the ablutions. Vast periods of time when if I did not make notes or take photos as a prompter – dissolved into the ether… never to be retrieved. I was doing so well on blog writing, I thought, but going to the wet room terminated any and all traces of my previous smug-Mode

Amidst the unreadable parts of the notes, there are repeated mentions of the mystery pains. Seemed they were bad all day. At this moment, many hours later, and much missed events too; nearly 20:00hrs; the mystery pains slowed down a lot, and my concentration returned… too late to save the quality & humour I think I put into at the start of the blog. I’ll run through the readable parts on the notepad’s pages and use photos that I’ve taken. During the day, Carers Sam and I think Kara called for the first two visits. Words I  picked out tell me they were both pleasant, helpful visits

Carer Ty did the next two visits.
I took this photo, for some reason, of the box of Cefalexin Antibiotic. Out of interest, I looked up the side effects.

Abdominal or stomach pain.
❷ Clay-colored stools.
❸ Itching or rash.
❹ Blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin. ❺ General tiredness and weakness. ❻ Nausea and vomiting. ❼ Red skin lesions, often with a purple centre.
❽ Other Medical Problems: The presence of other medical problems may affect the use of this medicine. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have any other medical problems, especially: On Warfarin or Clopidogrel: Check with Doctor before taking it. Colitis (inflammation in the gut), history of or Diarrhorea, severe, history of, or Seizures, history of—Use with caution. This may make these conditions worse. Kidney disease or Liver disease—Use with caution. The effects may be increased because of the slower removal of the medicine from the body.
Compared to some of the medications I’m on, this one sounds safe. Well, apart from the Warfarin… I must ask a Carer on Monday to check with the Doctor for me. I know I’ve going to see her on Friday, but from her surgery, I am going to the City Hospital afterwards for the Systopcopy Procedure. So I need to know in time if I should stop the Warfarin taking as recommended.

Ah, my Angel Hristina ♥ from the DVT Warfarin clinic is coming for my blood on Tuesday; I could ask her? 

I must have taken a shot of the rain sometime today. It looks like in the morning, mayhap?

Helped me with checking the Catheter bags. We had a nice natter for a short time. I think I was out of it when she arrived. According to the guessed-at wording on the notepad, I was not sure what I was doing in the wetroom when she arrived? I think!

Apparently, it took me two hours to get the ablutioning done. Getting trews and PPs on and off was harder than usual. (Not me talking, it’s on the pad) Haha!

Arrived, again, the memory and unreadable scrawl prevents any details.
Next on the written list: Blog Yest has done. Emminmer?, then Pinterested
Carer Ty: Don’t think I enjoyed this visit. Tabs wrong… attitude?
Blogging, and wandering mind.
Carer Ty.
Tried to clean the kitchen. Has to stop. Although the mystery pains were getting less often, they always started when I bent down or rich (I assume that should have been stretch?)

Night bag farce.

Nosh. Feeling more with it now; no Ty coming again, bully. Oh, yes, he’s on the late check call, and in the morning… Humph!

Decent nosh.

Dreading the Carers visit in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Saturday 31st December 2022

  1. You should never read the side effects of drugs, unless you think you are experiencing them. They are way too scary, especially when you were experiencing a lot of the side effects before taking the drugs. What a pain the catheter and bag must be. At least your vitals look good. Do your remember Sonny and Cher’s song “The Beat Goes On”? Someone needs to do an update to it called “The Crime Goes On… and On… and On!” Decent looking meal.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I is suffering some of the ailments mentioned. But I’m greedy. Hehehe!
      A work of art maniputlating the bags, Tim, you are right, mate. Got to have a new day bag fitted in the morning. The Warfarin DVT Hristina is calling for my blood. And the falls team are calling Tue or Wed. The mystery pains that eased so much yesterday, are back with a vengeance this morning.
      I can no longer us the stick or walker using the right hand… comical trying to do everything with one hand. But the pain from my mystery back stabbing pains, is just too much for me usign the stick, and raising the arm or bending down.
      At least Richard is back to give me the right medications. With the new ones, it’s 18 tablets in the morning, and the Pentac medicine. No need for ant breakfast at least.
      Cooking and cleaning, toileting, even making a brew of tea with one hand, takes so long and usually involves an Accifaupas or Whoopsiedangleplop or two.
      Even sleeping, well getting nto a position to sleep can take ages. Tring get the right leg with the bag, above the night back, to avoid any flowback – that’s agony when that happens.
      Only giong to do te Cartoon, News snippet and ode on todays blog… and may not get time to do that. 2-hours to do the ablutions, the Porcelain Throne visits and cleaning clearing up after each session another hour gone. Getting dressed with the bags on take yonks using the picker-upperer, and usually involved me pulling some of the tabs off and having to get them back in position… all in pain-ridden valuable lost time.

      I recal Sonny & Cher, Tim, but not that song, but like the comparison. Hehehe!

      I’m going to try and make a brew again, Sir. The dirst one I forgot all about and it went cold. The second I spilt on the floor, cleaning it up using tissues wrapped around the picker-upperer, and it was so painful a job! The third I actually poured cold water into the mug form the jug, not hot from the kettle!!! Nice toi know that Doreen Dementia is still with me.
      Worra life!
      Thanks for commenting mate.

  2. You have an astonishing ability to write under sustained pain, mate. Petal is a world-class expert in the treatment of pain, using combinations of ordinary OTC analgesics with other medicinals that she has available. She is going to send you these helpful tricks via email. Sontar-ha!

    • Cheers, Billum.
      Richard mentioned this morning that with the new medications for Anne Gyna, DVY veins and this urine-bladder infection whatever it is, I broke my record… it is now 19 tablets, two ointmentatings, and the Pentc each morning. Changing of bags morning and night, emptying them during the day… it’s hard work and doing it with only one useable hand now.
      The mystery back rib pain come on too much when I use the stick in the usual right hand now, or lift my right arm up above the shoulder – Worrisit? Apart from a time consuming, slowing everything down nuisance, frustrating and at times agony. Finally get to see the Doctor on Friday, then form there to the hospital for the bladder intrusion and camera, then according ot the letter, if they find anything naughty, they’ll go in again and get a biopsy sample.

      HRH Petal-Lisa is a gem. as indeed you is too!
      Cheers and thanks. Santar-Ha!

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