Inchie Today: Friday 30th December 2022

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Sorry, but I ran out of time today. Photos mainly. Lots of hospital letters and appointments arrived; Carer came to do the medications and catheter but didn’t know how to do it. Still not done yet. I’ve emptied the day bag twice, but essential I have the night fitted, or else I’ll have to stay up all night again!
Not many comments, just what I could recall, but rushed it, not having had a meal yet with all the trying to sort out the needs and what, what with the Cystoscopy. Got to talk to the Doctor cause they said so, about stopping the warfarin?. in one of the many leaflets, maps and letters of advice they sent – that I can’t read them cause of cataracts. Pretty fed up as well; I know the pain of having a tube down Little Inchie into the bladder – Monday and Tuesday, I must have had the tube in and out five or six times. Anaesthetic is not to be used, and what going to go in this time seems about six times thicker. Plus, they may have to go back in and take samples from within the bladder. How much bigger will that tool be? I was at the limit of my pain acceptance Mon & Tue…
From yesterday.

0500 this morning.
Below after Carer emptied and removed the night bag, about three hours later it looked like this!
No idea what happened!

Morning kitchen window shots


Emptied the Cataracts and…
To self: No, you didn’t, you idiot!
“I meant to write Catheter!” – Pratt!
Found that Little Inchie had been bleeding

Confused now, after reading what I could of the instructions, advice, and procedure I’ve to go through without painkillers. Not that it bothered me, a naturally brave, hardy man like me!

Early evening

I’ll say no more on this… (Flinching now!)

Potatoes, smoked mackerel, garden peas.
Wiv a naughty vegan strawberry dessert.

He’s checked up on the web on how to change
a Night Catheter bag. And with a smidgeon of luck,
got it on and working. Gave me the Peptac medicine

and two Paracetamol. We had a short natter,

and he took the waste with him to the chute.

♥ Have a Great New Year! ♥

4 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Friday 30th December 2022

    • Cheers, Mon Ami.
      The urnine is getting paler, a good sign. The carer tried to put the wrong bag on, and gave me incorrect tablets, then told me off for emptying the day-pouch “That’s our job!” he says. They this morning I took off , emptied and sealed the night pouch myself – he never said a word, but did try to give me one Lamprozole instead of two! Please come back Richard!

    • Cheers, cocker. Will do methinks.
      The young Carer has been a night and daymare, given or tried to, give me wrong medications on three days – told me off for changing the catheter myself, “That’s our job!” He says. So is checking the taps and cooker every visit, but he missed it this morning on the 50-minute call I’m paying for, and I found I’d lef the tap running from wehn I mopped the kichen floor, after changing the pouches. Empied and Packed and packed the night bag, for disposal, and hen he’s done his “””Five minute call”””, he did not take the waste bags. Yesterday he tried to fit the wrong catheter bag… If he gave me any wrong medications when I out of it on some calls, I’ll never know.
      I’ve taken a photo of how he lest the carers desk. Openned packs of two king of catheters, loose tablets on the floor under the table, the unwashed Pentac doser, I washed it. When I told him I’d done the bags, he never said a word. Glibbly ask if I was alright, and went on his phone while I was telling him, not lidtening to me at all, going through the motions.
      Richard will be most welcome when he returns.
      Sorry to waffle on, Billum.

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