Inchie Today: Thursday 29th December 2022

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04:20hrs: Trouble ‘t Mill again, straight away. was bleeding during the night. The inserted tube pulls whenever I move, stretch or bend, I imagine. The new ailments just keep coming!
Didn’t bother me, of course.
Off to empty the catheter bag. The last day
of the week is today for to call. He took the night bag off and routed the wee-wee to the day bag for me when he came.  The man’s been a comfort, laugh and God-Send during the recent medical problems. When he arrived, Richard soon got the bags swapped and adjusted the strapping. We had a natter and laugh after he gave me the medications and pulled my leg a bit. Not literally, Hehe!

I got a phone call from the Nottingham City Hospital Urology Department. By good fortune, the lady spoke slowly after I said I was hard of hearing, and I just asked her to repeat the time and date of the appointment they’d made for me.
It’s for Friday, 6th January 2023. At 11:20hrs, and was very patient while I checked the calendar to check what time my Doctors appointment on the same day was. It was okay; the doctor was at 08:30hrs. Thanked her doer being patient with me.
Of course, I went into panic-mode-Grade-three. Now I have to try to sort a lift out for both appointments… not too bad a situation with the timing, mind you. If I can get and lift, I can get the Doctor and book a pickup for an hour later, I don’t mind waiting if I get seen too early… Hahaha! the things I come out with!
Then go straight to the hospital; in time. I hope!

Then the trying to book with Easy-Link problems came to the fore.
Over the next three hours, I tried to get through to Meridian six times and Easy-Link five times. No luck!


Arrived. Another Saviour! ♥
Emptying the Day Catheter bag.
Getting through to and booking lifts not only for the 6th January, doctor’s and but the 9th February at the .
Checking & emptying the day bag. During which, if had not been there, I’d have taken a tumble backward onto the deck! She caught me in time.

Thank You, Lisa!

Just spotted these two evening shots from yesterday’s evening view.

After 5 days of going Porcelain Throne usage-free – things started moving. Not-half!
❶ 13:50hrs: First visit. Messy, but not a lot of it.
❷ 16:00hrs: Gooey, sticky, light khaki. Stinking more.
❸ 17:05hrs: Four dollops of giant meatball shaped evacuated. Darker khaki.
❹ 1840hrs: A large selection of dark brown giant worms.
❺ 20:44hrs: Sloppy mess, very light-coloured, little smell, though.
Well, a right mixture there. I’m hoping that when the late call comes and the night catheter is fitted, I don’t get any more summoning to the .

Arrived. Got the medicines sorted. Little chin-wag shared.

At long last, a good stand-up wash and shave with my feet soaking in the bowl with Dettol.
Three cuts shaving, dropped razors, shaving cream, flannel, toothbrush, carbolic soap, nailbrush… and possibly a few other things. Knocked stuff off of the floor cabinet – twice! Nearly took a tumble again. And gave the wet room door a shoulder charge on leaving.

Found this morning’s car park photo; making a mess chronologically, aren’t I?

Arrived and made me a mug of tea; bless her ♥. Gave me the Peptac and washed the plastic pot for me. And she saved me from another tumble: I think I mentioned that earlier.

Got on with blogging. Then answered some WordPress comments.

Got a meal cooking, Cottage Pie and seasoned sliced mushroom.

Took this photo as I put the food into the oven.

Making a bas job timewise.

More photographs from this mid-morning.

Must go now and get the nosh served up.

Back in a bit.

I hope this is going to be fun...

Walking stick, evening wee-p[ouch to carry, a meal to make…

And then getting it back into the front room to eat…

Wish me luck.

I’m not too confident about this, not being an Accifauxpa-free exercise.

Signing off now.

Wish me luck.

I’ll try to get back on tomorrow.

But how things are, I’m not sure.


6 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Thursday 29th December 2022

  1. Is Richard taking off again? Good for Lisa propping you up while making lift arrangements. Talented multi-tasking woman. You need a few women like that around all the time. Great photos. The catheter sound pretty awful.

    • Shame that Lisa does’t call very often. a gem of a helper, a female Richard. Hehe! She really put my wayward mind at rest… Superwoman!
      Richard shifts are Mon to Thursday, 11 hours shifts.
      Beleive me, you are so right about the catheters Tim. I was thinking of leaving blogging for a while; cause with the ailments and now struggling with changing the bags twice a day and once at night, well no… erm… 4 times every 24 hours. And from 18:00hrs to about 0700hrs having two bags on, things that were already taking much longer to do, are just not getting done. Going to make a brew, meal or check the taps – anything means going around with the walking stick and carrying the bag with me, trying to work out where to place the bag that doesn’t need me bending or stretching (Agony!) while a make a meal or brew, remembering that the bag in there where I put it and not moving away and causing a leak, that I cannot bend down to clean up… Oh, dear, worra job!
      I might see how I go with the blog putting photos in and commenting on them, a cartoon, an Ode, news snippet and Health Log graphic, then call it a day.
      But of course I waffle on too long and something else dosen’t get done…
      And coping with the pains from whatever the stabbing pains in the kidney area, Anne Gyna, losing battles with Sock-Glide-Glenda (only put ocks on to go to medical appintments) losing balance, bleeding willy, Cataract Katie, Dementia Doreen Argh!
      That’s got that out, Sorry mate!
      TTFNski to all.

      • You are a bit of a mess. The kitties send healing purrs, and I’m always hoping you will find some relieve.

      • ‘You are a bit of a mess’ – Truer wirds have not been spoken, Tim.
        I’m going to think about the kitties when having the operation on Friday – try to imagine them all snuggled up to and on me, purring away.
        I had to take the night bag of myself this morning, but I did it. It made me take over 2 hours to get the ablutions and medicationings done. By now, a month ago, I’d already be doing the blog, but have not starting it yet, gonna be a short version if I get it done at all.
        The Care last night had never done a catheter change before… I couldn’t remember how to, but he struggled through and the bag seemed to work.
        I’m waffling again, sorry, Sir.

  2. You know, I have a suggestion! You have a little walking assistant in a kind of tripod wheel arrangement with a small seat/ledge in it. Instead of using your stick, use your push cart (haha!) to hang your bag and bucket on and then place your meal safely on the part that looks like a seat. It could work!! We have a lots of ACCIFAUXPAS don’t we? I have taken to keeping my drinks, in their glasses, inside some heavy duty cotton candy (aka floss) containers so when I have a swipe instead of a grasp,the fallout is far less! Good luck my darling and hang in there. You have at the very minimum people who love you from afar and pray for your ease and security!

    • High, Lisa-Petal my sweetheart ♥
      That’s so kind of you.
      I’ve got an outside three-wheeled Walker with a bag and basket on it, and two handles to use – Going out when I have to go to the hospital with just a stick, is dodgy to say the least keeping my balance.
      I bought a wheeled server to eat from kitchen to room, But the flat is so tiny, it was too large to get through my piles of rubbish. Hehehe!
      I gave it to Josie, she loves it, she’s in a ‘double-flat’, and has the room to make use of it. They offered me one, but I can’t bend or stretch at all now, so ckeaning it would be impossible, mind you this single flat is.
      Not looking forward to t he operation on Friday, I so well remember the pain of having the test catheters in and out several times in my last stay, and this time the impliment jusfging from the fiagram they re going into the bladder with, and a camera are going to hurt so much. I was on my pain limit lwast time, and they say clearly (Carer Joseph read it for me) in the leaflet that no aneasthetic is used in this procedure. Surly they reallise that I have the littlest penis in Europe? Have they not noticed? Judging by the smirks on the nurses faces on seeing Little Inchie for the first time, it must be obvious it gonna hurt me?
      Six medical appointments coming up this week, Petal. (Incuding the Cystoscopy).
      I had a mind blank this morning, as the the Carer arrived. I’d done the night bag change for the first time on my own, and was stood in the wet room with ablank mind as to what I was doing there. Horrible feeling. But it came back while she was giving me the medications, wich she missed out the 3-times a day Cefalexin capsules, I had to tell her! Good job the brain had reengaged when it did.
      I’ve been dropping stuff so often lately, if the picker-upperer can’t get it, it stays where it is until a carer comes,… then I forget to ask to pick it up. To painful to bend. Getting dressed is such a battle.
      I sometimes wish that Cyril & Lady were still with me. The comfort of two bundles of black fur in you. sleeping ith the somforting purring to wake up to… But up here in the flat it would not be safe for them even if I was allowed one.

      Enough of my moaning and sulking. Sorry.

      You are so creative in thinking up self-solutions, Lisa-Petal.
      I love the way you and Billum work things out together. (Jealous of course, as well. Hehehe!)
      We are a right pair of Accifauxpa-Experts.

      Love to all at the Manor Laboratories
      Professor Billum, Alan and all the furrues, too! ♥

      Thanks again for caring my precious one.

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