Inchy Today – 29th July 2014

GCcapback2Today started off fair – then went pear-shaped and frustrating, then gained a bit of satisfaction.

Me pains were far less than yesterday’s were. No blood from me ablutions (apart from a bit when I cut missen shavin’ – Tsk!)

I spent ages and ages creating graphics for me Political post – then the computer crashed! Restarted. The internet went down. Shit, bother and… never mind, I lost it all. Grrr! Bloody BT!


Inchy’s School Leaving testimonial 

I went out to the hospital, calling in the council offices on the way to beg if they could find me sheltered accommodation somewhere nearby to live in, and the nice chap made me an appointment to see another bloke this afternoon. Nice.

Then to the hospital, and got tended to quickly, booked in again for next week.

Then back to town, and caught the bus to ‘Bread and Lard island’ West Bridgford, to see me Sister Jane and brother-in-law Pete. He’s very nearly finished all his decorating now.

I had a dizzy walking from the bus and veered into some trees, opening me wounds on me mush. Double Tsk!


Inchy’s Last school report

Enjoyed me cuppa and natter, then Pete came in with a locked box they had been keeping for me and opened it – guess what, me school leaving testimony from the head master, and me last year report was in it! He took a photo of em, and emailed to me at home. Interesting… or not seeing the low grades wot I got… apart from English where I came top… I say top… first! Yahoo!

Caught bus back home, called in Tesco and Chinese shop to try and get some cheese seaweed, but none available. Treble Tsk!

Got back to the flea-pit, and worked on some posts for a bit, scared the laptop would fail me again.

Jane rang later to see how I was, and that was appreciated.

Ah well, as my Dad used to say: “It’s an ill wind that fails to find too many cooks on a Wednesday afternoon!”

TTFN all.


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