13 thoughts on “Following Medicational Instructions – Not always easy is it?

  1. I’m a bit curious about what they mean by “modified” release. That particular medication is given for peripheral arterial disease, it does have side effects that could be making your dizzy spells more frequent. Hope you are doing well <3

    • Well, thank you for caring. (Hug) Fell good this morning orbb, cheers.
      I’ve just looked it up on the internet. “Modified release means that the escape of the drug from the tablet has been modified in some way. Usually this is to slow the release of the drug so that the medicine does not have to be taken too often and therefore improves compliance. The other benefit from modifying release is that the drug release is controlled and there are smaller peaks and troughs in blood levels therefore reducing the chance of peak effects and increasing the likelihood of therapeutic effectiveness for longer periods of time.”
      Not being an edumacated person, I struggle to understand the explanation? Hehe! TTFN

  2. We call it “time release” here (USA). I remember a pain pill I had like that. As for instructions on how to take them, they can get tedious to follow at times, eh?! One of mine presumes I eat something just before bed time. I never take it per instructions. I hope I am not dead yet! I never eat just before bedtime.

    • You’re right there Sir. So many different instructions on the varied medications. Like ‘Take with food’… and they are 4 times a day ones! I’m heavy enough as it is, Hehe!
      I reckon we find what is the best system for us ourselves (Rightly or wrongly).
      I’ve got an extra appointment, well, two actually next week, Warfarin test, Cardiac and they are going to view (Whatever that means) the sticking Reflux valve, just hope they don’t change or add any medications, I can get confused with those I’m taking now.
      Still, as you say sir, we’re still here and battling!
      Take care and give the lads a fuss for me please. TTFN

      • Kitty hair ruffled and chins scratched, and they thank you for reminding me to tend to their needs!

        Antibiotics are the most tedious for me since they are typically taken for a short time and have to be slipped into one’s regular routine for pill popping.

        The reflux valve thing sounds like an ultrasound sort of procedure. I love the warm goop they use, and that’s always fun to see one’s innards on the screen, in real time! Mainly, it’s pain-free and doesn’t involve needles. Best wishes, at any rate, for some relief from each of those things that ail you!

      • Thanks Weggie, bless em.
        I remember many years ago, having a barium meal scan, it fascinated me looking at the screen while being tipped on the platform thingy. Another Whoopsiedangleplop there though, they didn’t give e any crystals to ease the stuff through afterwards!
        Hours of agony on the throne!!! Oh, the memory still turns me cold. Hehehe! TTFN cheers.

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