Inchcock Today – Tue 12 July 16: Hectic, rainy, Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Worn me out well!


Tuesday 12th July 2016


Good Morning!

0400hrs: Reluctantly I woke and lay thinking of things needing doing today. Got to see Deana about the British Gas repeated overcharge at 0830hrs, Clinic and INR blood test appointments, pick up the prescriptions from the chemist and so on.

The £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered in response to me pressing the button to for it to be lowered so I could get out of it for a WRWW+HD visit. All okay on this first visit.


Breakfast today

Kettle on and took the medications, titivated the kitchen and back for yet another bothersome WRWW (Wet-Room Wee-wee).

Ablutions carried out.

Laptop on and finished the Monday post.

Another quick WRWW (Had a few of these today) and I started this one off.

Checked the emails and then got myself sorted out for the walk to see Deana at the community shed. While doing this, I remembered a bit of a dream I’d had I was again being chased, then found myself drowning in a gravy dish and was quite happy about it, eating a giant sausage as I departed life?


Deana sorts out the mysterious second meter charge from the French-owned British Gas for me. Many Thanks Deana! X

Deana, one again contacted the French-owned British Gas con artists and liars for me. in an effort to sort out why I keep getting charged for the electricity from a meter that does not exist!

Only took her around 30 minutes this tie, before they told her they would close the account (Like they told her on June 7th).

I thanked her and nipped back to the flats, wondering how long it would be before I get another demand for the £245 to be paid from this imaginary meter?

The Fresh Fish van was outside of the building, and Olive was getting some, so I joined her and got some smoked mackerel fillets. Walked her back to her flat and had a gossip.

To the flat and updated this twaddle.

It was soon time for the walk to Carrington and the Doctors for the INR blood test, then I must get the prescriptions from the chemist, then to the clinic, and try to get some yellow tomatoes from somewhere.

Dropped the rubbish bags down the chute, then down the lift to the lobby, buy was it raining!


Under umbrella shot – Chestnut Walk

Walked own to the bottle bank with me four empty pickle jars and wind-proof umbrella up.

Took this photograph from under the brolly from the end of Chestnut Walk outside the flats.

The road looked more like a canal! Hehe!

Carrying the bag and balancing the brolly was difficult – in fact it ensured that my back was soaking by the time I’d got to the surgery! I still managed it in around 38 minutes though.

The nurse soon did me blood test and we had a chinwag too. Gave her the nibbles and set off to the Chemists to get my prescriptions.

Then to Lidl where I got some very naughty jars of cured pork, dried onions, Bananas and tomatoes and a can of Citrus Air-Spray. (Not the yellow ones, they were from Spain and I knew they would taste bitter). The gal on the check-out dropped the can of spray and the plastic top broke. She told me to fetch another can form the shelves… but a young chap in the queue behind shot off an got it for me. Thanked him, good of him that!

Then got even wetter, as I had to carry two bags now, and the brolly was too much for me to handle and cope with.


Cor Blimey it rained!

Caught a bus on Hucknall Road to the Clinic, a further soaking as I walked to the building. I entered to find from the grumpy receptionist bloke, that my appointment was for next week, not this! Whoopsiedangleplop and embarrassment again!

Caught the bus back into Carrington and another one on Mansfield Road back into Sherwood. Got wet once more as I walked up the hill and over the pelican crossing to the bus stop in the hope that a bus to the flats would be coming soon.

Luckily one was due in five minutes… then, Whoopsiedangleplop number two occurred as it arrived. I made my way forward and the right ankle gave way, but very luckily I say… as I went over backwards, a lady behind me caught me and stopped me hitting the deck. Thanked her profusely and got onto the bus, red-faced and wet!

Another soaking yet, when I got off the bus and walked to the flat’s foyer. The rain was vicious now.

On the lift up to the flats, a bloke carrying a little dog, got on with his missus and another woman. The other woman did not like dogs coming into the complex at all, she told them dogs are barred other than guide dogs, and generally let her feelings be known about it – quiet an exciting altercation and lift journey really. I thought about it after they had all got off on a lower floor and I continued up to the twelfth. If someone had had to give up their pet dog to come into these flats, it would surely be a benefit to them to see the dog occasionally? Then I thought, what-about other people who gave up their dog and then see someone else’s? I didn’t mind, it was a friendly little thing well under control?


The chemist parcel dwarfs the other stuff.

Onward, well, upward to the flat and WRWW session.

Put the things I’d bought away.

The bag of medications dwarfed the fodder I’d bought. Hehe!

As I put on the kettle to make a cuppa and take the midday medications, the rain stopped suddenly completely?

Thoughts turned to what I was going to have for my meal. The cured pork with a salad tempted me. Then I remembered the unwanted smoked mackerel I’d accidentally bought earlier that has to be used up. Then I thought no, I fancy some of the cured pork, then I thought, should I be using up this fish before it goes out of date, then I looked at the fish and there was no date on it? Then I decided to make my mind up when it comes to making the repast. A long word came to mind, ‘Procrastination’ that should be my middle name! Haha!

Updated this diary. Then went on Facebook and checked the emails.


Cabinet ready for sorting

Olive’s grandson has just arrived with the second wet-room storage box all made up for me and put it in place. Super that, thanked him and asked if I could give him some money in appreciation, but he wouldn’t take any.

I can get in touch with the caretaker, if he’s off his mobile and I can find him, to hire him to do the painting of the bare wood for me now. Then I an sort out what is to go where and make use of the cabinets that Roger has so kindly done for me.


View from sweet Olive’s bedroom.

Went to visit Olive. A lovely chinwag and bonding session… lovely sojourn in happiness and bliss. Despite my feeling a bit drained with the days activities. A hug and cuddle and I had to depart back to number 72 flat.

Took the evening medications.

Got the fodder on the go straight away, while I was still awake, reckon I did a bit too much today. Still, the dizzies stayed off.


Fish nosh tonight

Had smoked mackerel, fish sticks, fishcake, last of the pod peas, pickled egg, roast onions, onion rings, apple, the horrible tomatoes from Lidl and the last dessert.

Half way through I got a phone call on the landline. By the time I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the caller rang off.

Settled back into the grinding chair, and back to the meal. The mobile rang. It was the doctors surgery. The results from this mornings INR Blood Test were back. Far too high at 5.9, and they needed to tell me not to take any Warfarin tonight, and gave me the dosages for the rest of the week.

I told them I’d just taken tonight’s doses, she said start by not taking any tomorrow then. I manipulated myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and wrote them down.

She then made my next INR appointment for 0920hrs Tuesday 19th July, then reminded me I had the cardiac appointment at 1010hrs on Wednesday 20th July.

Thanked her and mounted the now not operating £300 second-hand mechanical recliner chair.

Started to watch a DVD, James Bond’s Octopussy, but didn’t get to see the ending, even after several nod-offs and rewinds.

Sleep came easily tonight.

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