Inchcock Today Mon 11 Jul 16:

Monday 11th July 2016

Segunda-Feira 11 de Julho de 2016 (In celebration of the Portuguese Win)


0455hrs: I came slowly to life instead of the usual jumping awake I’ve been doing of late, Anne Gyna was being so naughty and bad to me.

Manipulated my way out of the £300 second-hand refusing to work and stuck in the up position recliner. Feeling weary.

Off to the wet-room for a WRWW and WRHD (Wet Room Wee-wee and Wet Room Heavy Duty).

Not as good an experience today,

Anne Gyna still painfully at play,

Had to clear Haem Aroid’s blood away,

The overnight twinges decided to stay,

Buy hey… I’m still here again today!


Last night’s Fodder

I thought I could still taste last night’s fodder?

Feeling a bit drained, especially as I am usually perky in a morning, concerned me seriously.

Amazing, I felt so good when I got me head down last night too?

Feeling a bit drained, especially as I am usually perky in a morning, concerned me seriously.

Concentration not right. Gloomy type weather outside, gloomy type forecast inside. Hehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications and got the laptop on to check appointments on the Google Calendar. Glad I’ve got the wrist health alarm on, not feeling too good actually. Still, I think things will get better, I’m sure… he said fibbingly.


Poor old thing!

WordPress for a while updating and the shakes came over me. (Not Johnny Kidd And The Pirates, Shaking all over mind! Hehe!) On the bright side, no dizzies yet, and a good job too. Hope I feel and look a bit better when I call to see Olive later.

Glancing in the mirror earlier was enough to tell me I ain’t right this morning – pale, drawn and misty eyed… so, nothing new there.

Did some graphicationalisationing for use later. Then much Facebooking followed.

Carried out my ablutions and got the paperwork ready to see Deana about the French Owned (Now you know why I was so glad that Portugal beat France in the Euro Final!) British Gas bill that has arrive for the second time – after them telling Deana last time that the account would be closed and no need to pay it! Have you seen the advertisement for their Boilers on the TV? They’ll probably send Del Boy to fit it for you!

I went down and out to the Community Hut to see Deana or Obergruppenfurher Julie for help, but nobody was there. Back to the flats, and noticed a washing machine was free.

So, up to the apartment and got the washing down an into the machine to operate using low mode.

Then back to the Community Shed, but, it was still barren of personages. Being a Monday, I imagine the girls are very busy.

Back to the flat for a WRWW, and got down and transferred the clothes into the dryer.


Olive in her flat today – Very nice!

Back up the lift and visited Olive, she was in good spirits and blooming this morning.

She had a peep at Michael Steedenski’s book wot I got. She thought it was rubbish. But don’t tell Mr Steedenski anyone! Only joking, Mike!

She did the massaging in of the pain gel in the areas I couldn’t reach for me again, bless her. She then rang Dean and arranged for me to see her in the morning at 08:30hrs, about the horrible, lying, nasty, French-owned, British Gas bill for Electricity. Confusing innit?

We parted with a cuddle and snog, and I went down to collect the laundry.

Back up to 72 again, WCWW’d, then called BJ to tell him I would not be able to accept his offer of taking me to the launderette tomorrow.

Made a cup of char and laptop on to update this.

Got a call from the Doctors surgery, they want me to make an appointment to see Dr Vindla when she gets back from holiday, about some problem with the CHD blood test results I took last week… or the week before, whichever. So I made one for Wednesday 2oth July at 10:10hrs there and then. More hassle to come medically? Humph! Put it in the Google calendar.

Started to create a new funny post for WordPress. Finished the daft post and got it posted off.


Sweet & Sour sauce, roast potatoes & parsnips with chicken – Tasty!

Got the nosh in the oven and on the hob.

Fatigue suddenly dawned once again, and I felt so drained.

Ate the wonderfully tasty dish of fodder, put on a DVD of Black Books TV series, and then proceeded into a pattern of five minutes wake, two minutes asleep, have a WRWW, that lasted for hours.


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