Inchcock Today: Thursday 23rd Feb 17: Muddles and Whoopsiedangleplops strike again Humph!

Up at around 0300hrs, dreams were of my being in a field of thick gooey mud, sinking down and drowning, and finding myself back on the surface and doing it all again? A feeling of doom, maybe even a catastrophe 

A feeling of doom, maybe even a catastrophe lurked and infested my poor disjointed low IQ but high EQ brain – and there was no moving this conviction, that one or the other would strike me today.

Dismounted the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and tended to the porcelain needs, and got on and finished a graphicalisation for the TFZer site.

foodA bit pleased with the outcome, I’ll post it to Facebook later.

Then I tried to open the WordPress and got into all sorts of messes and eventually had to contact their helpline. Hours later they had helped me sort tings out but I had to wait for the site to be activated. Helpful chap, he was patient with this old codger, he was.

Carried out the readings chart record.

Then did a bit of Facebooking


It was mighty wet and windy still, just like it was when I got up, but lighter now, and the wind was getting much worse. Humph!

Into the wetroom, turned on the radio and the batteries dies. To the kitchen and got replacements and put them in. Started to do the teggies with the brand new battery operated brush, and the batteries died! Replaced them as well. Cut myself shaving. Had a good long carbolicalised shower and scrub-up.

Dressed missen and got the vegetables cooking for later. Red spuds with balsamic vinegar in the saucepan, and red carrots, white carrots, orange carrots, parsnips, red onions, mushrooms and leeks in the crock-pot. Cut my finger slicing the leeks… don’t laugh! Oh, go on then! Tsk! 

I was beginning to feel sorry for myself again with all these damned Whoopsiedangleplops!

Phoned Olive to see if it was okay to visit her, and it was! That cheered me up somewhat!

Off I went, in4thur11 better spirits to Olive’s flat and had a good natter for a while and accepted my telling off’s from her with aplomb.

Back to the flat.

Did third Health Check – obviously, the angst is getting to me, see the latest reading for today for the pulse?

By gum, that pulse is going at a fair rate innit? I think it is going to get worse: When I went into the kitchen… The rain had been intruding through the window and soaked the ledge, camera, mirror, clock, flask and spread down onto the storage heater too!4thur06Another mess to clean up, this did Arthur Itis no good at all. I called Warden Deans to inform her, she was not on site but said she would ring someone to come have a look at it.

Not finished yet with the Whoopsiedangleplops… Went into the wetroom for a wee-wee and found I’d left the tap running and flooded the place as well as losing all the hot water. Had a tinkle and found that Little Inchy was bleeding! Grr! Frustration! The bending down to mop up the water caused this I suppose.

Got it sorted eventually, cleaned and creamed Inchy’s lesion. Made a cup of tea, and got this computer on to do this post.

4thur07A couple of hours later, Warden Deana rang back, someone was coming to look at the kitchen window. If it is anything like the last time they came to seal the leak, it’ll be worse when they leave – Bitter? Me? Yes!

The rain suddenly stopped and for a while, the sun came out to play – I was not in the mood, though. Hehehe!

Waiting for the maintenance personages still.

4thur111735hrs: Not much chance of any maintenance people calling I think at this time of day, so feeling very drained, I did the ablutions and got the fodder ready.

Another vegetarian effort. Tried the Asda (Walmart) own label Hot Dog Style Sausages for the first time. These were done in a saucepan of boiling water for four minutes as opposed to the usual ones I often have, that are done in the oven for 25 minutes. They looked pale and insipid; but were very nice and tasty, I must say. Two red potatoes with balsamic vinegar in the water. And the Crock-Pot vegetables, tomatoes, yellow, red and purple carrots, last of the parsnips and turnips, leeks, red onions and cooked with a little soy sauce, tomato puree, basil and oregano. Also very tasty! I’ll try these again methinks.

Took the readings and medications, applied the lotions and potions then tried to watch some TV – off I nodded without any bother… other than the dreams again, but this time I had no memories, just a feeling that they were not nice.

2325hrs: As I woke and felt the warm wet sensation from ‘Little Inchies’ lower zone and realised I needed to extract myself from the rickety £300 second-hand recliner and get the porcelain to clean things up and medicated – and it dawned on me the phone (landline) was ringing. It was the maintenance men came to look at the window!?!?!

Let them in, of course, they did nothing. They went through their usual looking, grunting and scratching of chins, played with the window catch that we know didn’t work, and declared they would get someone to come and look at it tomorrow sometime. Bless ’em! By 2335hrs (Ten minutes) they had gone. Thus, once again I shall miss the Tenants Social Hour! This week, they changed it to Friday cause the organiser had to go to a funeral on Thursday, and still I miss it again!

Worra rotten week this is!

4thur12Took this photograph around midnight after the blokes had departed.

Stayed up, no point in trying to get back to kip now.w

Eventually managed to get ‘Little Inchy’ cleaned and medicated.

Made a cuppa and updated this diary.

Life suddenly felt aphotic.

As I said earlier; Worra Day!


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  1. No one can top a day that bad! (Short of falling dead, I suppose, or being run over by a mad man or terrorist while shopping for ingredients for that delicious-sounding and looking dinner!) Blezss you for getting up in the morning, knowing this can be your day.

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