Inchcock – Fri 5th/Sat 6th May 2017: totally in a confused muddle!


Friday 5th May 2017

Hebrew: יום שישי 5 מאי 2017

Didn’t wake until 0500hrs. Due, I suppose to the failure to nod-off util Gawd knows when I seemed to recall having a long wee-wee around 0250hrs.

4Thur10Found some notes scribbled on an old envelope about the dream and memories flooded back for once. Added some more recollections so as to use it later on here.

The £300 second-hand recliner was in the down position? As I removed my body mass to visit the Porcelain Throne from it, I also espied a pot of orange chocolate digestive biscuits with the lid half-open, and a few scattered crumbs in need of vacuuming up in a while.

Things looked and felt decidedly better as I occupied the Throne. Duodenal Donald, Roger Reflux were far less bothersome – and even Haemorrhoid Harold had not been bleeding. The Trots had eased off too. Little Inchy was swollen and sore, but no blood. Anne Gyna gave me the feeling that she was about to pounce. The slight on off pains to the right rib cage are usually such an indication. Tsk!

I pondered on what needed doing today. I must go to the rearranged Tenants Social Hour before ten o’clock taking the nibbles and raffle prizes, then that would, or should, leave me half an hour to get down to the bank to see the manageress for 1030hrs, about the account and direct debit assessment and setting up checks. (No I don’t know what this means either, but that’s what they put on the email). A shame this had to clash yet again with the Social Hour. When they made the appointment for me, I was so pleased with myself for remembering not to agree to a Thursday (The normal Social day) meeting and making it for Friday. Naturally, I Whoopsidedangleplopped… and forgot about the Election Voting using the Social Hut on Thursday and the meeting social rearranged for today, at the time I changed it. Life can be hard for a clot you know! Hehe!

Another bit of the dreams came back to me, and I wrote them down to record later on the toilet roll. Then, wet room tasks achieved, I used the toilet roll – by when naturally I’d forgotten what I wrote.  I need help I think? Haha!

Cleaned things up, got the kettle on and medication pot out ready, sorted the recliner area out, made a nice mug of tea, took the drugs and passed a wind of such violence, I think I shook all over and nearly took off! But no pain with it, a rarity that for me, but almost welcome? Long gone, and sadly missed are those wonderful days when emissions of the wind from the rear end could be controlled. If things continue like this, it should be fun at the bank, cause I’m sure to be there for ages sorting things out?

Well pleased with the weight on the first Health Check, pulse up a bit, but that is because of activities just performed?


Set about starting this diary, before finishing yesterday’s, as I didn’t want to forget any of those wicked dreams I’d had. I formulated the results of the scribbled notes:

I seemed to be living in a boarding house, that was a concoction of all the five I have lived at over the years. Getting locked out. At one point, sharing a multiple bedded room as I did at Mary Gavin’s lodgings in 1963ish… I was being conned out of my possessions and cash by two generously proportioned youths who I did not recognise, ended up getting thrown out when I could not pay the £5.5.0 board money.

Walking the streets… another lodging room, lost my job? On the roof? Train? The same youths were in another house, gun, chequebook?

Chased, dark, fought. Lost hope, fell off chimney stack?

That’s it really, best I could remember.

Finalised the Thursday dairy.

5Fri02aMade another cuppa and took this photograph through the kitchen window.


Did some WordPress reading.

Checked emails.

Did the ablutions, gathered the nibbles and prizes for the Tenants Social Hour and set out to take them to the Social Hut then go on to the bank meeting.

Penny was in the hut, and I gave her the prizes and nibbles.

5Fri05Pressed on, out in the sunshine and down to the bank.

On Winchester Street hill, the sky and greenery looked marvellous to me.

Onto Mansfield Road and called at the Continental Shop and bought some cooked meat and a small loaf of bread.

Then back up the hill, nosied inside the so-called greengrocery shop – the stock looked horribly sad and weather worn, didn’t invest in anything.

Over the road and up to Holland & Barrett to get some St Peter’s Wort and came out with Rhodiola tablets, cause that I thought was the name of some suggested for me to try by mate Lynton. Now, I think I might have got the name wrong. Tsk!

Down the hill again to the bank and joined the queue. My turn came, and I explained to a very patient young man about my appointment, and took a seat and got out the crossword book. Minutes later, the lady came and fetched me into a room for the meeting. Which didn’t go too well, as I had a visit from Dennis Dizzy early on, and the already hard to maintain concentration weakened further. Basically, as they say, it confusion followed by my befuddled attempts to grasp what she was saying about options and telling me what I needed to do next. I ended up opening a saving account with money transferred from the other account. I’m sure, well, at least I thought I’d written down notes to remind of what needed to do when I got home.

An hour and a half after arriving at the bank, I then had to go out to the bank counter and wait to be called by a teller to use the new card which would validate the transfer. A lot of bother for a few quid surely? Sat down and got the crossword book out and was called up a couple of minutes later. The lady (I’ve remembered her name now, Christine) who was with the teller, who oversaw me putting in the card and number. I could hear nothing through the grill think, but the young man had easy to read lips, and I could hear enough of his voice to gather what was going on, which was not much. I was told it had all been authorised and gone through I must go on the internet and put in the details requested. (?) I also have to return with my National Insurance number and the other details to talk to Christine again later. (?).

I departed in a bit of haze and uncertainty.

5Fri09Back up the hill to the bus stop and caught a bus into Nottingham City Centre, dropped off at Victoria Centre (Mall).

I got the camera out quickly to take this photo which had at that time, the bloke with the computer or whatever it is, and a disabled scooter with a lady nonchalantly crossing the lights against with them on Don’t Walk, but she had sped off before I could get the camera working. As the chap got over towards the other side of the road junction a car wit the lights in his favour on a green, pipped his horn at him, missed him by inches and the man didn’t seem to notice at all? I think this would have gone viral if someone had a video of it, just for the blank look on the man’s face versus the look of amazement on the driver’s face. Hehe!

5Fri10Limped into Tesco’s and got some new flavour Oreos on offer for raffle prizes and nibbles, chestnut mushrooms, seaweed and cheese crispy things, some extra strong cheddar cheese and some more fresh pod garden peas (I’m addicted to these I think?).

Came out and walked up to the top floor and down to the other end and into the Fresh Fish Market stalls. There are only two stalls open nowadays, and they are a bit drab looking, the other four stalls open were butchers halal, etc. The remaining eight or so empty stalls had been abandoned long since. One of the stalls had some surimi-type mock lobster on sale, I bought a couple of them.

Down the escalator and out again, I checked the time and decided to make my way to the L9 bus stop, as one was due in a few minutes.

5Fri12dGot on and the crossword book came out again.

A bit of a tale of semi-woe with the books. I usually have a couple on the go. One in the Porcelain Throne room, one near to the £300 second-hand recliner and one in the bag. Somehow they got moved around, and the Crossword book is now in the bag, Emotions (Thanks to Andy in Canada for this gift) is in the kitchen, Clarkson is near the chair, and Stephen Fry has disappeared? Hehe! Found him later under a cushion on the spare chair. I’ve now forgotten what I was going to tell you all about these books. Sorry about that.

5Fri11The weather was almost perfect, on the journey back home.

Travelling through the narrow tree lined hilly roads was almost a pleasure.

Not for the driver of the bus lady though. So tight it was the space for the vehicle to get through, I had to admire how she coped and managed at all.

5Fri12When we got onto Mapperley top, the new businesses, the Co-op petrol stations was so busy as we passed by it.

I wondered if there had been a petrol scare I’d not heard about?

Mind you, me not hearing about anything is entirely reasonable. Hehe!

5Fri12aIn contrast to the new KFC noshery.

One vehicle only in the car park, none at the takeaway window either.

I was fighting falling asleep then all the way down to the flats.

Back in the apartment, a long, and slightly painful wee-wee session were tended to.

My mind was in no state to try and sort out the bank things, so tired and weary suddenly.


No cooking or even warming up of fodder was needed to prepare the meal tonight, well this afternoon.

It was lovely, tasty and I devoured most of it with relish.

The Continental bread was excellent! It was all was real good.

Took the evening medications.

Washed the pots and things up, but a Jasper Carrot and Robert Powell ‘The Detectives’ DVD on, and managed one episode before nodding off into sleep.

Woke (I thought at the time anyway) at 0800hrs, feeling refreshed somehow. Vague memories of dreaming of being chased along corridors, rooftops and sewers?

Took the morning medications, got onto the computer and tried to sort the banking things out. Did what I could.

5Fri12cMade a nice strong Thompson’s cuppa and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

Then is dawned on me as I was downloading the photo to put on this diary…

It was terribly dark for 0800hrs was it not?

What a Twit!


Saturday 6th May 2017

Deutsch: Samstag 6 Mai 2017

I had actually risen at 2000hrs – not 0800hrs. And, took the morning medications rather early. Humph! Oh, I do feel a fool!

Went to make another cup of tea and found I had yet again left the hot water tap running! I need help with this fault, I can’t hear it running, all I get is, “Well don’t leave it on then!” Very helpful!

Updated this effort.

Got caught up with Facebooking.

Had the idea of doing the laundry, being as I’m up and feeling moderately lively, so I did.

 2310 hours: Took the laundry down and got it in the washer.

Up and updated this diary, then did some WordPress reading.

2350hrs: Down to move washing into the dryer. Very disappointed with the dampness, almost wetness of the things, and bits of what looked like aluminium foil in the clothes? Got the stuff into the dryer and noticed pieces of the foil like stuff in the dryer from earlier too?

Back in the flat at 2355hrs, set the timer for 44 minutes to remind me to fetch the stuff, although I have a feeling it might need drying again.

Updated this tosh, and did the very belated Health Checks.


All were looking okay. Well, the weight is up for the first time in ages, but still. Hey-ho!

Had what felt like an electric shock in the chest on the right side of the sternum. Made me jump a bit that did.

Sent a link on Nottingham Forest to Sister Jane, she’s hoping for the best but not getting too hopeful I think?

Started a graphic, fingers crossed that CorelDraw doesn’t freeze again this time.

5Fri12g0050hrs: Alarm heard, down to collect the washing.

What a mess, the bits of foil stuff were all over the clothes, machine and floor.

Heck of a job cleaning them all up. Missed no end of them, even after thinking I’d got them all, they appeared as if by magic? Hehe!

5Fri12hCleaned the filter and dryer, then got clothing out which caused more bits of foil on the floor. Humph!

Shook the items, even more, missed bits fell out of the clothing as I folded them, got them in the bag. But the washing had dried nicely anyway.

I’ll find more I know later.

I can’t figure out where they are from?

Back up in the flat at 0110hrs. Putting the togs in the airing cupboard some bits of the foil fell out, getting fed-up with this now. Hehe!

Made another strong drink of tea and back onto updating this.

A quick look at Facebook and back to CorelDraw.

COM Lyzzi


0415hrs: Got them finished finally.

Made yet another mug of tea. The hot water I left running earlier, had heated up again now. Tsk!

Remembered I have the Morrison delivery coming later.

0500hrs: had to try and sleep again, eyelids drooping. But couldn’t drop off.

Which is just as well I didn’t… the Morrison delivery arrived shortly after I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the things away.

I tried sorting out all the paperwork I have scattered all over the place from the bank transfer farce, but could not concentrate, and I think they ended up in a bigger muddle than before, so I gave up.

Did the health checks and took the medications. Not that I was sure what was needed, what had been missed, or what the heck I was doing. I was in a bit disorientated brain-wise.

I got the ablutions tended to, having the longest shower I think I’ve ever taken, all nooks and crannies tended to with care and diligence. Hehe! The medicationalisationing afterwards did not go so well. In fact, these actions could be used to have written a ten-minute comedy sketch… Not that anyone would have believed it could actually happen mind. Humph!

Upon gently squeezing out the Betamethasone cream onto a paper towel in readiness for application – Arthur Itis decided to have a go at the hand and fingers, the result? A line of Betamethasone cream over the back of my hand, down onto Little Inchy, the left leg and foot and over the bottom of the sink stand! I would not have believed so much cream could come out of such a tiny tube! I decided, due to the pain Arthur was giving me to put some of the pain gel on the hands first, of course, I got some Betamethasone mixed with it, so cleaned it all of and applied the Phorpain again. Cleaned the porcelain, leg and floor, feeling quite pleased with how I coped with it all… Mistake there!

All finished (I thought). When it came to the titivating the wetroom, I noticed some of those foil bits that were found down in the Laundry room were sort of sprinkled around in the corner of the room? I must have brought them in with the towel I’d washed and used?

6Sat03I moved the floor storage cabinet, to check it for any more of the foil thingies that might have floated behind it…

Knocked the things off of the other enclosure, stood back and right onto a tube of Colgate Gel toothpaste!

How it managed to reach so high up my leg was a mystery. Cleaned the knee and foot, then continued sorting out the wetroom, during which I managed to clout the head on the sink as I got down painfully to collect the last bit of the metallic foil! The flow pattern of the toothpaste landed looking like that of a question mark, or was I imagining this? Hehe!

Now feeling a b6Sat01it sorry for myself, I opted to get out for a hobble in the hopes of tiring myself enough so as I could get some sleep in. 

I gathered the waste bin sacks and the Nottingham Hospice Shop donations carrier and set off, dropping the rubbish down the waste chute, then into the lift and down to the lobby. Nobody was around.

I walked up the gravel path by the Copse and into Woodthorpe Park. Really taking my time, not that I had a lot of choices, Anne Gyna soon took a grip of me halfway up the hill. Stood a while watching the dogs play ball with their owners, and taking in the beauty of Spring flowering and budding all around me.

6Sat01aThough the Park, and left up Mansfield Road, over the brow of the hill and down into Sherwood.

I’d forgotten to put the one left working hearing aid in, and when this Ambulance went by and through the lights on red, amazingly I didn’t hear the siren but did hear a screech of brakes from a motorist who had to do an emergency stop to miss hitting the blood waggon. I thought how sad the shops were looking in Sherwood nowadays. So many closed down units, including this one above in the photo. It used to be the Metropole Cinema years ago, and a grand one too! When the cinema closed it was years until Kwik Save moved in, and sad when they closed. Months later and the Co-op redeveloped the site and moved in. Then they closed down. Months later Budgen moved in – now empty again! There is a good car park nearby at the back too, but it seems no one can make a go of the place.


Lugubrious in the extreme.

Down to the Hospice Shop and gave them the donations and nibbles for the staff.

As I strolled slowly down the hill, having no aids in, made it seem surreal, all the activity around… it was like watching TV with the sound off I suppose? Had to be careful of pavement cyclist or disabled scooters coming up on me though all the same, I enjoyed the slower than slow amble back to the apartments despite Anne Gyna in attendance on the uphill parts of the journey.

6Sat01bDown to the traffic lights and left up Winchester Street hill. At Dornoch Avenue on the right as the hill begins to get testing I looked up at the bigger houses at the top. Some of them looked gigantic to me.

I thought how difficult it must be living there for parking and visitors.

Onward up the hill, nice and steady like.

I met Frank from the 14th floor outside, and we had a little natter.

When I got back in, I looked up Dornoch Avenue, it seems the lower houses average price is £118,000 and the higher ones £240,000. Proof that I am overtired and losing it. Why did I do that? What was the point?… I need sleep!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Not certain if I did any of this correctly or at the proper time, mind you.

I did nod off for a while though, much needed I think. When I stirred, I was full of vim and vigour and ready to get a meal sorted.

I already had the peas and mushrooms in the Crock-Pot, although I honestly couldn’t 6Sat02remember putting them on.

I put the gravy mix in a saucepan and got the vegetarian steak and sausages into the oven, sprayed with oil as recommended on the pack.

Added the peas and mushrooms to the pan of gravy and waited for the ‘meat’ that is not meat to cook in the oven.

A Lemon fool, a mug of orange juice and the medications onto the tray, with three small sliced of Sourdough bread, to enable me to put the vegetarian beef on and dip into the marvellous gravy. As tired as I was, I enjoyed this one so much.

Put ‘The Detectives’ Jasper Carrot DVD on.

Woke up at 0400hrs, and turned it off.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Fri 5th/Sat 6th May 2017: totally in a confused muddle!

    • Hehehe, Right again methinks gal. I’m outnumbered!
      A bad couple of days that left me confused and nervous… but never mind, I have my cyber friends, bless em all.
      And a really good memory this morning of part of last night’s dreaming.
      I must get those I can recall analysed, wonder if there is a website that does that for you? I’ll have a look later pet.
      Hope your tootsies are okay.
      TTFN and my thanks. XXX

      • Foot pain is mild today, thank you for asking. That whole bank situation confused me too, I think they just have money sign eyes though. Good to have nice dreams occasionally. I don’t know about dream analysis sites, but there probably are many, lol. <3

  1. I just did a search for a free dream analysis site gal: Google got, it said: “About 8,760,000 results (0.56 seconds)”
    Surely one will of use to me? Hehe!
    So glad the tootsie is milder today for you, my flower.
    The bank is not doing my mental health any good. I’ve got stacked of paperwork that I have been taking in and back from them, and they all need sorting out again and replacing in the appropriate folder… not looking forward to that and think I am making excuses to myself to avoid doing it. Naughty boy. Hehe!
    Arieva, not that’s not right, sorry. The spell checker hasn’t given me what I want here… I’ll try again, arrevoiu, no fialed again. Got it… Aur Revoir it’s two words then? TTFN XXX

  2. You have a Texaco and KFC right there in Nottingham? I don’t go to either here, but it’s interesting to see photos of them in the land of Robbin Hood. I’m enjoying all the photos, but I especially like the “then” and “then” and “then” and “recent but has been” photos of the Metropole, Kwik Save, Co-op and Budgens. Friday’s dinner looks gourmet, last night’s dinner looks quite tasty.

    • We have four KFC’s in Nottingham Sir, as I know of, might be more. I’ve never frequented one, though… no, I tell a fib! At work some years ago I shared a bucket of tasteless chicken and fries with my fellow night shift workers. Eurgh! Never again!
      Texaco, whenever I see this sign at a petrol station I think of George W Bush. Don’t know why, but I do. There are many of these stations scattered around locally, Tim.
      Glad you liked the efforts with the old Metropole, it was a grand cinema, originally I remember a roaring log fire when we entered the foyer.
      I can’t think who will risk opening there again as a retailer?
      The appetite seems to be returning anyway, thanks.
      Take care, Sir.

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