Inchcock – Sunday 7th May 2017


Sunday 7th May 2017

Finnish: Sunnuntai 07 Toukokuu 2017

7Sun01a0400hrs: Woke with a start, the dream I was having fresh in my mind, wrote down notes first thing I did. Then out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got on the computer to make a representation, best I could, of the dream.

I was out in the rain, trying to creosote a new garden shed in someone’s garden. With ogres (They didn’t look like these in the picture, but were not far off) in the background encouraging me with friendly ugs and growls that were not threatening at all, they seemed to be really intent on my succeeding with this impossible mission to get the shed creosoted? I recall I was licking the liquid as it splashed onto me? Every time I swiped the brush down the wood, it vanished? Ah. well.

After doing the graphic, I tried to sort myself out. No rubbish around the chair this morning, the washing from last nights meal had been all done and sorted, though I cannot remember doing it? But I do recall how tasty it was. I must try these Quorn imitation Beef Steaks again when they are on offer.

A visit to the porcelain throne went well, very well. No more bleeding from anywhere either.

7Sun02aEspied some more bits of the foil-like stuff from the laundry room on the carpet?

Perhaps one of the machine drums is flaking bits off? I’ll have a look when I’m down again.

Could it be we are bringing it up on our shoes as well as the washed clothes? Inspector Inchcock will investigate! Haha!

I got the new potatoes in the Crock-Pot on low and shelled the last of the pod peas and into the saucepan with some demerara sugar added ready to simmer later.

Made a mug of tea and got the Health-Checks done. Sys 161, Dia 87, Pulse 96, Temperature 35.9, Weight 14.72.

Took the medications with the tea for a change.

7Sun01Went to turn off the storage heater in the hallway as part of the enforced economy drive, and found a note had been posted through the letter box. I nearly picked up the phone to let Jenny (I keep calling her Penny for some reason, and she doesn’t like it at all, Tsk!) know, that I will be going but realised how early it was in time and stopped myself. Whoopsiedangleplop prevented there! Phew!

The computer utilised to update and finalise the last diary and to start this one off. I enjoyed making the graphic of the dream.

6Sat12aThen I did some WordPress reading.

Hung out of the window to see if the Morrison van was arriving, then like a shot me keen, alert mind realised it was Sunday, and I had the Morrison delivery yesterday.

Made a clot of myself when answering one of the comments from Orb80, trying to spell aurevoiur, and the spellchecker didn’t suggest what I wanted. Found out it should have been Au Revoir eventually. Tsk!

Then I tried one of the dream interpretation sites with details of last night’s dream and got this back:


So, it seems I need a good emotional cleaning – I’m having secrets kept from me – The place within my psyche to store my ideas? – I might, have a bloom in my life, or need one – and: It’s time to cultivate a new relationship and nurture and grow aspects of my life.

Clear as mud, that. Yet interesting all the same.

Got the pod peas simmering in the pan, then went of Facebooking.


Did some Graphicalisationing. TFZer Sandie and me in the Woods with her car. Hehe!

7Sun06dGot the meal sorted.

Very passable indeed. I cooked the last of the peas instead of having them raw for a change.

Watched some DVD without falling asleep.

Changed to TV to watch some football and a film.

Still didn’t fall asleep. In fact, I became unsure of when the next INR blood test and the visit to the bank were – got the computer on to check the calendar – and it wouldn’t load, the working symbol came on and nothing else? Turned all the power off and tried again, and it loaded? Oh dear!

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner again and watched som more TV – still not nodding off?

Don’t know when, but it must have been hours later I drifted off into slumber.

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  1. Oh I am a terrible speller myself, I often keep a google search open just to ask it about words, lol. If I can’t find the correct spelling (because sometimes I am so far off, no one knows what I’m talking about) I use a different word, which sometimes means I have to reorganize my sentences. It can be super hilarious when I didn’t realize I need to reorganize the thought, as it begins one way & ends another. 😀

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