Inchcock – Thursday 4th May 2017: Voted in the elections today, visited the Mallards and food shopped


Thursday 4th May 2017

Galician: Xoves 4 de maio de 2017

Woke around 0300hrs, tried and failed to remember the dreams, then actually managed to nod off again.

0500hrs: Up and to the porcelain throne – things easing I think in the ‘Trots’ department, but you never can tell. Duodenal Donald was easier, but Anne Gyna bad, very little 4Thur02bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Made a brew and took the morning medications, then carried out the Health Checks, the pulse beating away merrily again.

Oh dear, the milk had gone off!

Weight the same as yesterday.

Another summons to the Porcelain Throne received… not so comfortable this one.

Ablutions completed.

Nipped down and voted.

Visited the Porcelain Throne.

Computer started and diaries caught up with.

Did some WordPress reading.

Did a Morrison order for Saturday delivery. Searched for a Shoe Zone store in Nottingham so I could get some brown velcro closing shoes later. One found situated in Arnold, so I set off to catch the L9 bus into Arnold. Visited the Porcelain Throne to be on the safe side.

Jolly nice natter with the other tenants at the bus-stop, and caught the bus into Daybrook, dropping off at Sainsbury’s store. Wandered around, and spotted they had some vegetarian food on offer. Ended up getting Quorn Peppered Steaks and Cocktail Sausages, some fresh pod peas and English Vine tomatoes.

4Thur03Paid up and took a walk down to the Arno Hill Park, to feed the Mallard ducks. Only took about ten minutes to limp there.

As I entered the grounds, these bushes caught me attention.

I thought they were beautiful looking.

Hobbled to the pond come lake and had to 4Thur04smile at this toddler as he got down on his knees and tried to stroke some of the ducks and pigeons, giggling away merrily as he did so.

Bless him!

I kept feeding them so he could have his fun. I think I was enjoying myself as much as the little tyke himself was? Hehe!



All my worries and fretting, lack of self-confidence and even Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald left me for a moment or tow was I spoke with the birds and took their photographs, to replaced by temporary contentment in the sunshine covered park.

Stress is the child of the frenetic pace and antisocialism of the modern world?

Eventually, I forced myself to walk out of the greenery and up back into Arnold. So much hobbling recently to blame I assume, for the feet burning and stinging away after such a short hike with the bag?

Arrived in Arnold about 15 minutes later and window shopped as I made my way to the Shoe Zone place, calling into the Fulton Foods shop to get a bottle of sterilised milk.

Once in the store, I soon found just what I was looking for. A pair of brown shoes with Velcro fasteners, @ £15.00, and a pair of insoles for a quid. Even tried the contactless payment there, and it worked! Paid and thanked the young lady and crossed over the road to the Asda (Walmart) store for a look round, as I had plenty of time before the bus was due.

Got some fish-sticks and Marmite Crisps.

4Thur07To the bus stop and had 12 minutes to wait.

19 minutes later it had still not arrived. I was beginning to think of how and where to catch another bus into town and drop off in Sherwood and walk up the hill back to the flats.

A couple of minutes later the bus turned up – thankfully saving me an extra uphill hobble. Hehe!

4Thur08 Glad it came, so glad.

At the next stop, a lady from the 14th floor of the flats got on and we chatted – at the next stop after that one, her husband got on, and we stopped chatting.

45 minutes later we were back at the flats and going up the lift. I said my farewells and made my way to the apartment and utilised the Porcelain Throne facility (Again!)

4Thur09Put the food bought away. Took the new shoes to the spare room.

Got a few baby potatoes on the boil.

Made a good strong mug of tea and took the belated midday medications and did the Health Checks.

The pulse was a bit higher.

Started the computer and updated this diary. Did some WordPress catch-up. Then got to Facebooking catch-up at last.

4Thur11Got the fodder ready.


No bread, cause I had some potatoes.

The fish sticks both cheap and the expensive were delicious… well it all was really.

And none of the peas escaped either. Hehe!

Evening tests and medication taken.

For some reason, sleep was impossible. Oh yes, I could nod off for a few minutes but each time I sprang awake, I either needed a wee-wee, passed a massive blast of wind or scratched at the itch under my left arm. Hehe! It was tiring and frustrating.

I was still awake at 0300hrs as I recall.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thursday 4th May 2017: Voted in the elections today, visited the Mallards and food shopped

  1. You got some great goose photos. Long waits for the bus. One of the problems with public transit. Looks like you are getting back to some pretty good dinners.

    • Cheers Sir.
      The hunger is returning a bit now Tim. The weight was up tonight for the first time in a while – not sure if I should be glad or sad? Hehe!
      Take care. TTFN

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