Goose Fair visit Friday 6th October 2017 – Photographicalisations

Looking back, this visit was not a good idea. Old Inchcock was not in the best of health, spirits or condition. But the fool really wanted to get some photographs of the Goose Fair to put on his blog.

So he set off and caught a bus into town and a tram out to the Fairground on the Forest Recreation Ground. Of course, the idiot didn’t realise that he’s gone too early, and the fair would not be open yet, some stallholders and ride owners were not in attendance, however!

So he poddled to the Asda Store and got off the tram to get some fish to kill some time.

When he had walked back to the Forest the place was still not open. So he took a hobble around with his trusty camera at the ready, anyway.

Entering, he saw that the food outlets near the entrance were all there getting things ready to overcharge the Nottingham populace when they had returned from collecting their dole money and shoplifting.

The old Horses ride seemed ready for the Nottinghamians to arrive. I liked the running board on it, all ready to trip someone up.

There were three similar rides to this he noticed on his limp around. Six giant teacups to be spun around in?

He was very interested in these old working lorries. But annoyed that the bright cold sun was making it difficult for the old-codger to get decent photographicalisations.

He managed to take this one of the ready to go Big Wheel, turned and nearly tripped over a power cable laid across the ground.

The old galoot was impressed with this ride. He thought back to his younger days and the sad fact that he never owned a train set. The twit was already in a depressed mood with this noisy neighbours clanging and banging for the flat above his, the toothache and today, Anne Gyna giving him some lousy stick, now the clot has started looking back on his life! The Fool!

On the back row of food stalls, he noticed that despite an excellent mix of foods being cooked on the various outlets, he could not identify the origin of any of them? A wide choice on offer, though. West Indian, Chinese, Burgers, Hot Peas, Seafood, Sweets, Polish, Slushes, Ice-creams and so many BBQ ones.

His favourite food one was the BBQ Smoker Train with the oven where the engine should have been. He remembered this one from last year when he made a graphic of the photo he took then. He thought he would try to do another one this year. Funny how he can remember that when his can’t remember what he had for a nosh and forgot to take last nights medications?

As he left to catch the tram into the City and a bus to his living cube in the sky, exhaustion overcame the coffin-dodger, his innards started to rumble and grumble, wind escaped from his rear quarters, and Dizzy Dennis visited him.

The oldfangled fellow felt fatigued but glad he had got these photographs taken today for his beloved (But only by him) blog.

As he travelled in the fully ladened tram, having to stand cause it was full, he thought… “Oh… did I put me sim-card in the camera?”

Sad innit?

3 thoughts on “Goose Fair visit Friday 6th October 2017 – Photographicalisations

  1. In my small town, just north of Memphis, we have goat days, which manifests as a 3 day festival (not sure how goats got thrown into things, but yours was related to a goose, so it seemed logical to mention random animal related festivities LOL) <3

      • Yep, I am a Millington Walmarter, lol. I have never personally been to goat days, I’ve always been a night person (somewhat antisocial too) & it always happens during the day, but my mom & many of my siblings have been & they always report having a good time. 🙂

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