Inchcock Today – Friday 6th October 2017

Friday 6th October 2017

0245hrs: Stirred and somewhat annoyed at not being able to recall any of the dozens of dreams that somehow, I knew I’d been having?

Again the mind started being troublous to my sanity. As it wandered off on its own route, pondering on the unanswerables and valueless meandering in search of the missing clue to a blithe existence. It soon fell back into its standard regular timid diffidence mode, the moment I stubbed my toe against the Ottoman as I extracted the overweight body out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Grumph!

Into the kitchen, did the Health Checks.

I’ll not mention the weight. Ahem!

Medications were taken. Twinges from Arthur Itis in the knees and Hippy Hilda was far from happy, too. But, not complaining, for Hernia Harry, Duodenal Donald, Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Reflux Roger were all being kind to me.

I pondered on how to get to the Nottingham Goose Fair to take the photographs later in the day. I think a nice slow walk there should be done in an hour-and-a-half or so. Then an hour or so of my walking about and I can get a bus back into Sherwood and hope to catch an L9 electric-bus up the hill to the flats. Or, maybe get a tram to Nottingham and L9 bus from there? Decision making is not my most compelling attribute. Huh! I’ll have to excogitate my plans to see if they will work timewise.

Went out on the balcony to take this photographicalisation of 0530hrs morning view.

Computer turned on and yesterdays diary finished off and posted.

Perused the Emails and WordPress readings.

Read the Nottingham Email from the Evening Post, and found the police had chased a gang of five youths in a stolen Corsa, had to stop the pursuit because it became too dangerous. Later they found it had crashed and burst into flames, 200 yards from the old house. Of course, no one was arrested or even seen.

I did an order for Christmas, while I could get a delivery spot from Morrisons. Then did one for next week.

Ablutions were done and readied me for the trip to get the photographs from Nottingham Goose Fair.

A good crowd at the bus stop. But no one spoke to me, despite my efforts to get a conversation going, apart from Welsh Bill.

Into town and .caught a tram, dropping off at Asda (Walmart) to get some fish, Stilton Mini-cheddars and Wine vinegar.

This, because I realised that the Goose Fair will not be open yet. I’d arrived too early. Still, it means I should be able to get around more safely to take the pictures.

I got some Smoked Haddock with butter boil-in-the-bag type and wine vinegar.

Out of the store and up to the Fairground.

Later, I did a post with all of the photographs I took.

Had a painful hobble around.

So many food outlets, stall, vans etc. compared to last year.

Only a very few other visitors at this early hour, most of the stalls had not started setting up yet.

Other than the food ones, that is.

With weary feet, delicate innards and feeling a little dispirited, I caught a tram back into town.

The vehicle was cram-packed with Nottinghamians, and I had to stand, but it was only a short journey.

Dropped off in town and took some photographs of the Slab Square.

The shiny but unwarm sun causing problems with my photographic skills with its brightness.

The pigeons were taking a shower in the fountains.

The people around all looked like I felt, depressed, frustrated and sour!

I wonder if there is a new illness that is causing this mass dissatisfaction amongst the Nottingham folks?

I strolled up Market Street and into Trinity Square, with its rows of various eateries on either side as I walked miserably down between them towards Milton Street on my way to visit the Poundland Shop. An excellent choice of places to spend your money on eating here. Greek, Italian, West Indian, Fish & Chips, BBQ, Sub-way, French, Polish, Pub-Grub etc.

In Poundland, I got a large bottle of antiseptic disinfectant. I’ve a feeling I might need this, what with the signs of innards trouble brewing up intestinally.

Out onto Milton Street and down to Upper Parliament Street. I took a long zoomed in photo of the end of Clinton Street.

Hidden behind the crowds near the boarded up door in the closed down shop on the corner, were four chaps who seemed to be playing the same tune over and over on the instruments as they were the other day. Badly! I’d hate to be having to work in premises nearby with that unwelcome jarring, grating cacophony belting away all day long.

Got to the bus stop on Queen Street, and nearly got clobbered by this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as she tore down the hill.

Not many folks got on the bus en route.

I was not in a good state as I walked back to the flats. Felt right low for some reason. The INR level so high I might not get the teeth done, rumbling innards, toothache, Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, noisy git above my apartment and Dizzy Dennis visits should not have caused this catatonic, almost dysphoric state of mind because I am used to living with them.

So why so depressed?

Got into the flat to find a note had been posted through the letterbox.

The builders need access to remove the lock to the balcony area and secure area?

This caused my already low spirits to sink further. The date you see, 13th October… the time of my long awaited (If the INR level is in the range that is) visit to the Dentist to get the teeth sorted! Why do these essential things always come at the weekend when I can do nothing (Other than forget about them by the Monday) about them!

I fell deeper into self-pity mode and frustration.

All I could force myself to be interested in now was getting something to eat and the head down.

Did the health checks and took the medications. As I was doing this, Trotsky Terence forced me into the throne room. A messy session, I knew this was coming. Tsk!

Cleaned up and got on with preparing the meal.

The spuds I’d left cooking in the crock-pot were all ready. All I had to do was open a can of garden peas and the Smoked Kippers in vegetable sauce. Yet this seemed a mammoth task to me?

Although an excellent looking plate of fodder, I didn’t eat it all. A rarity!

Took this snap of the evening sky. But I’m afraid I could not appreciate it as much as I usually might have. Feeling so down! And irritated with me for being so.

I watched more TV in a night without nodding off than I have done ever, I think. Sleep, although I felt in need of it, just did not come easily.

A lousy dream filled night when it did arrive. Humph!

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