Inchcock Today – Thursday 5th October 2017: Late Whoopsiedangleplops

Thursday 5th October 2017

02.22hrs: Woke with Craig Cramps and Dizzy Dennis both giving me bother. But, lots of last nights dream was still lucid in my head, so I got up and turned the computer on and used CorelDraw to do the graphic about it and put it on yesterday’s diary while it was fresh in my mind. Here it is again, in case you missed it. I think I dreamt it in mono? I added a vignette effect to it.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne. A far less messy session this one was. Medicated the rear end, washed and into the kitchen to take the medications, do the Health Checks and make a cuppa.The weight had gone up a fair bit. 14.94 Tsk!

The sneezing started again, but it didn’t start the teeth aching or the nose bleeding this time.

It was cold, wet and windy outside. And I have to go to the clinic later. Humph!

I forgot to turn off the flash on this photo, though. Tsk!

During another short visit from Dizzy Dennis, I felt the concinnity of my brain hard to understand or control. But, it was all over within a few moments. Very odd!

I could hear the wind outside gale blowing away. I opened the window and took this photograph.

Made a start on the Emails, there were many of them to get through this morning.

One, from Brother-in-law Pete, was a photograph of a newspaper article come headline.

He pointed out that it could have been me! He was referring to the Nottingham City Homes people, after the Grenfell fire who had posted notes to everyone in the flats telling them to remove their doormats. Thank heavens we don’t live in the Brighton & Hove City Council area! Hehe! They (The B&H City Council) removed the mat and charged the tenants £20 a week for storage until they collected them Huh!
I emailed this photo to Warden Deana, a bit of friendly fun.

Onto Facebooking next.

I found an old graphic wot I done, and reposted it on Facebook for a laugh.

The ailments, bat Dizzy all seem to be in a charitable mood with me up to now? Bless em!

I made a pot of porridge and watched a car programme on YouTube.

Feeling a bit more clear headed now as well and besides, also.


Got the ablutions all done.

Shaved with only one little cut, Did the teggies without any hassle, cunningly brushed around the two incisor teeth safely and did not catch the loose tooth.

Good long, in-depth shower, scouring pad utilised, went carefully around the nose.

Then did the medicating of the required areas and splashed on the after-shave and deodorant. Got myself dressed.

Took the black bags to the rubbish chute, and set off to the bus stop.

Nobody about when I arrived, but soon there about twelve of us tenants there. None of them being in a talkative mood this morning, in fact, they all appeared to be a little glum and sullen? The niche crew were their usual selves, talking and whispering within their own little Métiers of Merit.

Caught the bus and gave the driveress a nibble bar. Even she looked sorrowful as well. Oh dearie me.

Got into Arnold, all I wanted was some Stilton Cheddars, soft biscuits and tinned garden peas.

The weather was bright enough, and the wind had dropped a little.

Went into the Asda (Walmart) store, straight to the Mini-Cheddar shelves, but they had no Stilton variety on display again. Got some Lemon Cream biscuits on offer, though. And three tins of Asda Smart-Price generic label garden peas (Which when I opened a tin later, dozens of the peas had black spots on them?)

Had to move a bit sharpish if I was to catch the next L9 bus.

The people in Asda also seemed a bit grumpy.

Those at the bus stop were stood around in silence.

When the bus arrived, and I got on it, the many many passengers all seemed to be downhearted as well. So many on the bus, the lack of conversation and nattering was worrying me. Even the ankle-snappers were quiet!

I was the only person to alight at the flats bus stop and walked miserably to the Woodthorpe Courts block. No one was about en route. Very odd this, has something happened that I don’t know about?

Getting to the elevators, Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deans appeared. Even she did not have her usual set-to-mode smile on! She informed that she needed to talk to me to update my details. I told her I would be in all day today. Better next week she said. We arranged in for early next Thursday morning. Some passed by and she went off to talk to them, I got in the lift (Number Two) and up to the dwelling box.

Gawd, I’d joined all the others now in feeling dejected.

Put the bits away and got the potatoes in the crock-pot seasoned with some balsamic vinegar.

Made a brew and took a picture from the kitchen window as I did.

I wondered how many people live down there in those few streets – were they any happier than the depressingly wretchedly despondent shower of old folk today living here?

The phone rang, it was Foot Lady Sue. She could come earlier so she will be here in twenty minutes. I’d got the appointment down for Friday?

Started to update this diary and Foot Lady Sue the Chiropodist arrived and done my feet. Gave her the £20 she said I gave her short last time and the £30 for this session.

As she left, the ‘Herbert’ upstairs started his drilling knocking and scraping again.

I’m feeling even more down in the dumps now. Hehe!

Rechecked the Emails.

I was a little weary by now, poor old thing. Hehe!

I used adequately boiled spuds today, and indeed bashed them up adding cheese and a drop of milk in the hope of making them nice and extra soft so as not to bother the ailing incisor teeth, but I made a mess of this, and the lumps caught my teggies a few times when eating. Tsk!

Thought I’d get the things cleaned up before eating the nosh, in case I fell asleep following the masticationalisationing of the fodder. Then I’d have to face the washing up in the morning. Not a good idea, cause I got myself into to right state doing the pots. I dropped the mixing bowl taking it from counter top to the sink. Oh dear! Not comfortable getting down and up to retrieve lumps of mashed potatoes. Then I even dropped the carton of orange juice as I poured it out. A sticky mess there to clean-up as well. Oh, my knees and Hippy Hilda went through it. Tsk!

By the time I was settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with the meal on my knee, the fodder was well cold! Yet, I still enjoyed it? I think the adding just a drop or two of Light Soy Sauce to the potatoes when they were being mixed with the cheese, made them sweet and tasty. Even if they had gone cold. Humph!

I’ll see how I feel in the morrow and try to get to go to the Goose Fair (If the knees, Anne and Hilda allow me to) and get some photographs to ue on WordPress. We’ll see how things are then. The getting up and down to clean the messes I made, has displeased Arthur Itis, Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna. Not the ailments to upset if you can help it.

TV was turned on, and the nod-offs and waking up sessions began.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 5th October 2017: Late Whoopsiedangleplops

  1. The powers that be seem to have a doormat fetish or something. I didn’t realize doormats were so dangerous. I love your QMC Hospital Site Guide, it’s perfect. Updating details sounds ominous. Just send Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana your QMC Hospital Site Guide it’s got all the details she’d ever need. She’s probably not smiling because of the doormat article. She probably didn’t like the oneupmanship by the Council, and you rubbing her nose in it. Nice to see another tooth friendly plate of food.

    • They don’t like em (Doormats)since the terrible Grenfell fire, Tim. Since 1962 when the place was built, they were alright though, but not now, we might trip on them or they catch fire? Tsk!
      Glad you enjoyed the sign post Sir.
      The updating does sound a bit nervous-making to me. Hehe!
      Fingers crossed on that.
      Cheers. TTFN

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