Inchcock Visit to Papplewick Pumping Station, Saturday 21st October 2017

Visiting Papplewick Pumping Station

The view as I got through the gatehouse onto the site

Along the drive, period vehicles

To the water storage pond, showing 1940 firefighting skills. Bj and I watch young David showing his skills off to the crowds

Wandered around meeting various people in period dress uniforms

I stopped for a listen to these Patriotic gals singing their hearts out

Amazing how they keep these original vehicles going

Everyone seemed to be having a good time

Watched the well performed mock battle around the pond

Into the ‘In Steam’ boiler room – marvellous smells!

Up and through to the Pump House, indeed a beautiful place

Had a Dizzy Spell, so I sat under the trees with the crossword book for a while, before continuing on my adventure

I final wander around…

Then down to meet the others as the place got ready to close down

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Visit to Papplewick Pumping Station, Saturday 21st October 2017

  1. Top Notch reporting and photography all the way! A most excellent adventure and I thank you for blogging me along!👍👍
    ^^ Buffalo Tom

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  2. The ladies singing couldn’t possibly be Patty, Laverne, and Maxine Andrews … could it? My mother grew up and went to school with them. This is a recent occurrence you went to not old photos being posted … right? Looks like a really good time was had by all.

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    • I think they were trying to impersonate them, Mary. (The Andrew Sisters)
      Last Saturday it was. I love going to this annual 1940’s celebration do.
      I love all of the songs they did, especially “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
      In 1962 (I think it was) they visited London for a show. I was prepared to go bankrupt to get to see them, but could not get a ticket. Tsk!
      Hope you are keeping well gal. ♥


  3. The level of detail in all of that is amazing. I’m not only surprised at them keeping those vehicles in good working order, but the fact that they almost look new :O ❤

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    • Dedicated folk they are Corin, no doubt.
      I appreciate their efforts in keeping alive the memorie of those who went through the war.
      I’m hoping to get to the Remebrance Service on Sunday 12th November, no buses on Sundays, so I hope I’ll be well enough to get there and back.
      I once drove an Austin model like the blue ambulance, many years ago, and seeeing this one takes my memories back.
      TTFN Petal. XXX

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