Inchcock Today: Saturday 21st October 2017: Papplewick Pumping Station – Overdid it, not well now. Tsk!

Saturday 21st October 2017

Luxembourgish: Samschden 21. Oktober 2017

0145hrs: I stirred and lay there pondering on the dream I’d been having, what few bits I could recall faded into the ether in seconds. All I could sense was they were not happy dreams.

My body wanted to pandiculate, but the ailments (Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis) prevented my being brave enough to attempt to.

I thought of my escapades Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas I’d suffered from the buses this past week and some ideas came into the grey-cell box for an ode I might try to do about them.

I struggled to get my scarily pantagruelian body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner. So much so, I went to weigh this whale-like two-legged temple of overweight Falstaffian look-a-like old chap. Oh dear! 

Made a brew and did the Health Checks and took last nights medications that I forgot to take them then. Must remember to take the morning ones later. Tsk!

Made a start on this diary up to here then finalised yesterdays. This work took a while with all the photographicalisations needing sorting. I did not enjoy doing this one, too many Whoopsiedangleplops needed explaining and trying to get the complicated scenarios clear was not easy.

Made a Diary top-graphic and checked the Emails. Then did some WordPress reading. Got some good comments today, and returned my thoughts to them.

Made another mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Took this photo out of the kitchen window, the rain coming down and the wind blew into the flat. There will be a reason for the odd positions of the parked cars. Some residents will need more room to disentangle themselves from the vehicle than others.

Moved onto Facebooking next, fingers crossed that it will let me get something done on it without freezing this time.

Went to brew another mug of tea, and took this attempted Panoramic view of outside.

Not too pleased with it. It was much mistier and grey than how it came out?

Back to Facebooking. Then had a search for the slow-cooker recipes for belly pork. Got the meat sliced and into the Crock-Pot, but unfortunately had a Dizzy Dennis attack while seasoning the brew in the pot. I can’t remember what I put into it. When the head cleared, this is what it looked like.

I found, scattered around the kitchen tops: Light Soy Sauce, garlic paste and tomato and herb tubes, wine vinegar, distilled vinegar and an empty jar of tomato sauce for Italian dishes and a bottle of American BBQ sauce? Surely I couldn’t have put all that in with the pork slices?

Found the timer running down at 3hrs 54minutes, which seemed right, 4 hours slow cooking for pork I think. The controls were on low. Just cannot recall doing it all.

As I put away the flavourings, the thought that I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop of Gargantuan proportions could not be removed from my mind. This is going to be a meal that is going to be uneatable, I’m sure. Rechecked the pot and found I’d added some fresh tomatoes to it as well, a lot of them. Then I saw the empty bottle of Buckwood Maple Syrup in the bin. Oh heck! I could poison myself, Tsk!

It all smelt rather like a, erm, I don’t know. Nothing I’ve ever eaten had had a pong like this one.

Made an order for grocery delivery while the brain was working alright(ish). Hehe!

Doing the Email replying and the phone went. It was BJ asking if I wanted to go to Papplewick Pumping Station, which was nice of him. I thanked him and accepted his offer. But now I have got to rush about to get ready in time. He’ll ring me when he’s on the way so I can get down to meet him in the car.

Turned everything off and got the ablutions done. Midway through and the doorbell chimed out. What an imbroglio as I opened the door with the towel wrapped around my morbidly obese body to find a lady delivery driver stood there. Must have been a terrible shock for her. The parcel was for 72, but at the other block of flats. Back into the wet room and finished off the ablutions.

BJ rang to let me know he and David were on their way.

Got the nibbles in the bag and got down to walk to the end of the road. BJ papped his horn to let me know I’d just walked right past his car. He fooled me by coming in a new car. Hehe! I climbed in, and the three of us conversed en route to the Papplewick Pumping Station.

It was nice to see the volunteers and have a chinwag with a few of them again.

Getting through the gatehouse, the first thing I saw was the BBC Austin Camera Van and a group of people in period costume behind it.

We all made our way to the water storage pond where they were displaying 1939 style firefighting techniques.

BJ asked them if David could have a go at the hoses and they let him.

BJ and David said they would be back at the pond for the mock battle and wandered off.

I hobbled around, taking in the musicians of those years, the old vehicles, the mini train and folk enjoying their ride around the track.

I got back to the pond for the mock battle, but no signs of BJ or David.

It was a very realistic battle this year, what I saw of it.

So many people were watching it, I got pushed further away as they arrived and had to use the strong zoom to get any photographs.

I continued my stroll around met BJ and David and went in the cafe with them so they could have a cuppa and a chinwag.

Off on my own again, I went inside the boiler room, always a favourite of mine this one, without a doubt.

Felt a bit of a Dizzy Dennis coming on, so I went under the trees and sat on a bench, got the crossword book out and spent an hour or so trying to advance with the crosswords I’d got stuck on earlier. There were plenty of them.


I went back into the boiler house and pumphouse for a final wobble around.

The artwork that went into building this place is phenomenal.

I’m going to do a post with all the photographs in later.

BJ rang me to meet them ready to depart, but again I could not find them. BJ is such a charismatic chap that everyone wants to chatter to him, and he had got sidetracked.

Eventually, an hour later than planned, we departed, all content and smiling.

BJ called into the Daybrook Aldi store so David could buy himself some lager. I went in with him to get a pint of milk. Now we know that young Davis is a big a lad, but he amazed me when he bought 2 x 10 bottles of lager, paid for them and put them in a strong carrier bag and went out with him carrying them in one had!

As BJ continued lifting us both, I wondered if the belly pork in the Crock-Pot would be alright.

I thanked him and said my cheerios to the pair of them and made my way up to the apartment. The smell from the cooking pot that greeted me was nice.

Had a wee-wee, got the chips in the oven, returned to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne Session, no problems at all.

So tired and weary now, but the good news was that the belly pork tasted smashing! IT was very soft to masticate too.

Just a shame I can’t remember which seasonings I put in the pot with them! Haha! Whatever they were, they coloured the crock-pot a bright orange that tool a lot of soaking and cleaning afterwards.

Sat with the TV on later, the phone rang, but I was incapable of getting up, I was just done-in. Being around the time that I keep getting a call from some prat telling me he’s  from Chucky-Chicken with a delivery for me, I did not answer the thing.

A throbbing headache appeared out of knowhere.

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  1. Sometimes just watching my kitty boys go through a good pandiculation makes me hope i experience reincarnation as a kitty cat! They definitely have the moves, and I envy how they manage to make it look so easy.

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