Inchcock Today: Friday 20th October 2017: Woke-up in a pickle – Shopping Disaster – Bus Farce again. Humph!

Friday 20th October 2017

Georgian: პარასკევი 20 ოქტომბერი 2017

0200hrs: Begrudgingly my brain allowed life to return to my body – and with great reluctance, I opened the eyes to reveal the copious stomach to be covered in bits and bobs. The Lenigrad book, still on the page I started to read it on last night, nocturnal nibbling indicators (Empty Min-Cheddar biscuit packet, a pen inside of it?)  The stomach rumbling.

As I tackled the job of moving my mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the apotheosis of this action was finding an iced-sucker stick in a place no one should ever see an iced sucker stick. It didn’t half make me jump as I straightened up to stand. I’ll say no more!

Waking the last two mornings has been a pleasure, not so today. The unwillingness of my senses to communicate and link up with each other to even pretend to form an adequate regulatory bond was scary for a while. The brain told me to go and take the medications, and the body wanted nothing to do with the brain’s commands? Fair enough, this lasted only for a few moments, but suffice to say it made me nervous.

After a wee-wee and wash, I felt things coming together again. Then, when I got the medications out to take with a freshly brewed mug of tea; I realised I only had seven tablets in the day’s box. I was sure there were usually eleven in the morning dosage.

I checked the other pots in the weekly trays. Sure enough, I’d made a right great Whoopsiedangleplop of making this weeks up!

I emptied and started to redo next weeks pots to be on the safe-side, like.

It’s a jolly good job I don’t suffer from any form of Kakorrhaphiophobia, and am by now used to and accept that things will not improve any at my age, and Whoopsiedangleplops, Confusionableitis and Accifauxpas will be part of what life remains. Well, no point in moaning is there?

To the Porcelain Throne, where I waited in vain for the evacuation procedure to begin. All I got was rumbling and grumbling accompanied by the occasional escapage of squeaky sounding but loud, wind.

My EQ suggested to me that today was not going to be good medically or mentally. Oh dear!

I got yesterday’s diary updated, finished and posted off.

Did the WordPress Reading.

Graphics made for the TFZer site.

Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute. Ablutions tended to without any shaving cuts and bleeding from the lower rear quarters.

Out in the drizzle and tool this photograph through the gates of the centre compound where they are building the now block of flats. They are still piling in the concrete underground.

As I plodded along Chestnut Walk, I could see there was a group of tenants already at the bus stop. Marie, Angela, Doreen, Flo, Roy, Snot-bag (I don’t know his name, and have probably got most of the others wrong knowing me, Tsk!) and Bill Three, and we were joined by others later. A few chinwags and the lady from the top home arrived, and she always seems to like having a chat and me listening when we meet. Some of the other tenants do not understand that the woman has mind-problems and tend to ignore her. She is struggling to get her weight up, I gave her a nibble bar. The general mood was a little lighter this morning and cheered me up a bit, but then I didn’t know what was to come later. Hehehe!

The Bestwood bound bus arrived first. Only, I can’t remember her name, kind lady, err.. erm Mo I think, and I got on and had a natter on the way to Arnold. I got off and went into the Sainsbury store. There were no baskets to use, the fish counter had none of the river fish I wanted, and an Arnold Pavement Cyclist nearly ran into a bloke as I left to walk into Arnold Centre to visit the open market, and try Asda for the fish and Stilton Cheese Biscuits.

Another Pavement Cyclist came close to clobbering me en route.

The market only had a few stalls open and nothing I fancied or needed.

I went into the Saver shop to see if they had any Dettol Lavender Disinfectant or Citrus Air-Spray.

They had neither. Not doing very well today with the shopping trip, was I? I pressed on and arrived at the Asda (Walmart) Store.

They didn’t have any river fish either, but I got a fillet of Smoked Basa fish. The lady asked me if I wanted a cooking bag to do it in the oven?

I thanked her, and she put the fish in what looked like a regular brown paper bag. She assures me I could just put it in the oven as it is. I was dubious about this and wondered if I’d heard her right. So, on the way around the shop, I got some battered fish fingers and fishcakes to have and froze the fish I’d bought when I got back home. I’ll ask around and find out if it is safe to use the bag in the oven. They did not have any of the Stilton Cheese biscuits in stock either, and no Dettol.

I checked the time and got to the bus stop with plenty of time, 20 minutes before the electric powered L9 bus was due.

It arrived on time, and I was so glad, cause I knew a visit to the Porcelain Throne was brewing.

Three others and I got on the bus.

The vehicle moved a few yards and came to an abrupt stop – The power on the bus had ran-out!

We were going nowhere and got told to evacuate the bus quickly, just in case there was a problem with the batteries.

This on the left is what happened to one that had battery problems last year. So the driveress today, did right in getting us out sharpish. But nothing happened, other that we all had to find another way of getting to where we were going.

I caught a number 58 bus to town and dropped off in Sherwood. I kept my eye out at each bus stop to see if any of the other tenants were there waiting for the L9. I scribbled a note on an envelope I had in the bag, writing as boldly as I could; “L9 broke down” to show them through the window. But there were no residents at any bus stop.

I got off the bus near the Dentists in Sherwood. Five tenants were waiting for the L9. Roy, Doreen, Mary, Angela and Dot (I’ve no doubt got some of the names wrong) were there. I explained the situation to them and started to walk up the hill and down through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, then down to the flats. Mary caught up with me and walked together nattering away, back to the apartments.

I took the opportunity to shoot her photograph as we passed my beloved Tree Copse. I needed a rest anyway, the hip and knees were terrible, Anne Gyna started off, and I still needed the Porcelain Throne. Hehe!

Mary met another tenant as we entered the foyer and stopped for a chinwag, but I had to continue on to satisfy the WC needs.

Got in, and onto the Throne. A lot of bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Put the new fish in the freezer and got the meal sorted. Battered cod and fishcake, tinned garden peas, tomatoes sprinkled with balsamic vinegarette, sharp onions and a pickled egg.

Despite being in a bad mood over the bus fiasco, in pain mainly with the teeth, after eating, Hilda Hip and Anne Gyna, I did enjoy it so much. Best one for ages.

Just too tired to do anything at all after putting the dishes in the sink to soak.

The phone rang, but I ignored it.

I soon fell asleep. Missing the evening Health Checks and medications. Huh!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Friday 20th October 2017: Woke-up in a pickle – Shopping Disaster – Bus Farce again. Humph!

  1. You need to act as a British Ralph Nader on the dangers of electric busses and the conspiracies and coverup by the bus companies, greenies and government whether real conspiracies and coverups exist or not. That’s what Ralphie did with “Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile” in 1965 based on false and made-up data and statistics. You could name your tome “Burn Your Butt at Any Speed: The Shocking Truth About Electric Busses”. Great pictorial essay. Butt burning electric busses would put me in a bad mood. The meal looked to be descent besides the pain.

    • I looked up some of his quotes on the web, Tim. The two that stuck out to me was: “No presidential candidate should visit Las Vegas without condemning organized gambling” (I didn’t understand it fully though, hehe! And “For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull.”
      “Burn Your Butt at Any Speed: The Shocking Truth About Electric Busses”, I like it.
      It ogt me looking about the new Double decker Biofuel buses on the roads of Nottingham now. It said: Natural oils from plants like oil palm, soybean, or algae can be burned directly in a diesel engine or a furnace, or blended with petroleum, to produce fuels such as biodiesel. Wood and its byproducts can be converted into liquid biofuels, such as methanol or ethanol, or into wood-gas. I’m not a lot wiser now. Haha!
      You are spot on about the meal mate. If only, something would work out right for once and I could get the teeth seen to. I’ve still not heard owt from the doctors’ surgery about the readings or a new appointment. (Saturday now) The date is given on the DVT note is next Tuesday. No chance of getting an appointment now at the doctor’s, so another trip to the City Hospital to get it done – that is if the bus arrives!
      Sorry, I’m getting myself all worked up here.

  2. Love your pictures…
    Hope that you are hanging in there hun…
    Must say your dinner looks good to me…haha…
    My day should be ending and heading to bed but ohhh nooo that is not going to happen since my lupus n fibro pain has started a big flare so no sleep for me…everyone else is steady asleep and they have the nerve to be snoring and snoring and well you get the idea huh haahah…

    • Glad you liked them petal.
      Very frustrated with everything going wrong, dentist, buses etc, but thanking you, the ailments are not so bad this morning. Bless your cotton socks.
      Hope that you are hanging in there hun…
      So sorry to hear you are suffering again gal. I’ll send a cuddle and gentle massage through the ether to you…. There, it’s sent off now. ♥
      How they have had the nerve to be snoring and snoring, Tsk!

      • I do love your art work very much so… I know with all that you have going on…I don’t see how you keep remembering all that you do…you get out a lot another way to say it is how do you handle being so busy and remembering going to the dentist or the dr or what have you hahaha…I would have notes everywhere …well I do have note everywhere and a journal type thing that I keep important dates on…
        You really like fish huh hun???…it looks yummy too …
        I understand about pain in the mouth due to teeth too…I got in touch with the dental school in Dallas and got in to see them and they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a regular dentist but still want $2,000.00 up front before they do any work… I don’t have 2,000.00 just laying around …haha…I don’t think most people do…
        Oh I am trying to hang in there ahaha but as I am sure you know some days just kicks ones azz and it’s doing a fine job on my body… The worst part is the pharmacy called the doctor to refill my pain medication and I called the doc twice and no luck …so I hope I can make what few pills I have left last till Monday or Tuesday…grrrr… the healthcare has really gotten so bad here in the states …I am glad I got out of working in the healthcare field when I did…anyways…
        Where are you located…??? is everything in walking distant or taking a bus???… so you much live in a city area???…
        Gives gentle huggggggs back to you…

      • Thanks, petal.
        Remembering is something I have to concentrate on. I too make notes and stick them on the computer screen to remind me of things to do the following day. (When I remember). I use the Google calendar and a written one. But still, manage to forget things sometimes. Too often. Luckily for me, when I was working, life was hectic and I had to cope somehow, so I think this helps nowadays in the twilight year.

        Getting out a lot is essential for me Suzzete. If I can’t get out, Arthur Itis gets a lot worse, Anne Gyna too. Hippy Hilda doesn’t like me hobbling about, but still. Hehe! And the weight shoots up which affects the Warfarin Blood level and mechanical ticker.

        I’ve only just this year started to take to fish. One of the nurses who I trust, Nichole, told me it is good for Duodenal Donald, and luckily I’ve taken to the taste now.

        Oh, those Dentists wanting $2,000 before they do any work. Oh dear! I’m struggling to find the £250 mine want.

        I’m so sorry about the pain situation petal. Seems both countries are suffering from health supplying. Grr! My doctor keeps failing to let me know my INR blood results and not making an appointment for my next one. Did it this week too. I’d love to change doctors, but with so many ailments, I can’t see a new doctor taking me on. So I’ll just have to stay with the present one. Humph!

        I’m in Sherwood, Nottingham. I can walk into Sherwood, but the shops ar poor and expensive. Depends on the pain on hte day if I can get there or back. The buses are not good. Monday to Friday there are seven to town twixt 0930 to 1430 hours. Saturdays just two, Sundays none at all.

        My pleasure I get joy from giving what I can spiritually. (Blimey how did I think of that word? Hehe!

        TTFN flower. ♥

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