Inchcock Today – Tuesday 9th January 2018: Recovering from the Mini-Marathon. Ten-Hours spent doing two posts!

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Kyrgyz: Шейшемби 9 Май 2018

Kept waking during the night, feeling cold. 0340hrs: Woke again and extracted my elephantine fluid-filled legs and whalelike body from the £300 second-hand recliner. I think that the long walk yesterday had pleased Hippy Hilda a little. As for the plates, they were stinging something awful.

Off to the throne, a good-easy clean session, but much rich blood flowed from Haemorrhoid Harold’s vicinity. Little Inchy bled a tad too. Applied the various creams and lotions, cleansed the areas and me, then to the kitchen, to do the Health Checks for today and last weeks averages.

Took the medications.

The computer on and started to download and titivate the pictures from the cameras. Then created a route map of the marathon hobble. As I drew the line indicating where I walked, the pain-memories of the poor feet came back to me as I got to do the areas in which they were worse on the day. Three hours later, I’d got them sorted ready to use on the blog. I pondered on yesterdays diary that needed updating and decided that the post would be just too long if I put everything in. I made the decision (Yes, it has been known. I’m famous locally for my incredible incertitude, inconclusiveness, irresoluteness, being in two minds, and undecided. Wallowing in dilemmas, and existing on the permanent horns of a dilemma, too. Hehe!). I’d do a separate post about my discoveries and activities from when I got back to the flat, and the heater and lads who installed them.

Flipping cold in here this morning, I put the fingerless gloves on, and a thicker bob-cap.

Then I set about the task of updating yesterdays Inchcock Today. This is Gonna be an extended Tuesday needing concentration if it is to come out right.

It took me over six hours to get the Monday post done and posted. Phew!

Got to get the Radiators post done yet, Tsk!

We got builders notice through the door. We are now officially Bat free!

Seems to be less cold now? No, my mistake. Tsk!

Started the Radiators Ode off. All done, three hours it took.

Had a go on the WordPress Reader.

Then on Facebook.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Must get on with the fodder now, getting late for me.

I took a photograph of the food on the plate, but once again, the Aliens stole it from my camera card by the time I got to download it! Where do they go, it is not in the Wifi storage?

Did the last Health Checks and medication taking session.

Got settled down in the recliner an watched nearly all the way through ‘UnderSiege 2’. I had to pause it to go to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of a blockage and finished reading the Lenigrad book.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and I seems I fell to sleep before putting it in the recline position!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 9th January 2018: Recovering from the Mini-Marathon. Ten-Hours spent doing two posts!

  1. Were the poor children you ate gifted to you? Or did you find some ferrel gifted children running around who were in such poor shape that you could catch them and eat them? I’m sure they were good for your IQ either way. What happened to the photos is a good question. Since WIFI doesn’t have storage it can claim as it’s own, they may have ended up in cyber purgatory, floating around in the ethers tormented by deranged drive demons, hoping to find a friendly cloud to rest on. Or perhaps they are melted into memory waiting for the Meltdown bug to recover them or the Spectre exploit to reveal their whereabouts. But the most plausible scenario is what you already surmised — the aliens stole them.

    • Cheers Tom.
      I shan’t be doing any treks like that again, for a while. But it did ease Hippy Hilda, but upset Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis… ‘You can’t win can yer?’ Hehehe!

      • I don’t blame you! Over here, in the states, many people use Rascals, those motorized wheelchairs for extended traveling. Many of our neighbors use them to ride around all over town but you have to be careful when crossing railroad tracks as the Wheels can get caught in the cross ties! Some of the newer models have solved this problem and can manage top speeds in excess of 25 mph!👍👍 my neighbor also has storage saddle bags on her rascal that can hold all of her shopping! Mobility is a right NOT a privilege!👊 Yahoo!

      • Too true Tom.
        Sounds dodgy on the tracks. They are installing lock-ups for mobility scotters in the new block they are building, that’s good. Cause one or two folks find it difficult using the lifts in them. TTFN Sir.

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