Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th February 2018: Fed-up! Hehe!

Sunday 25th February 2018

French: Dimanche 25 février 2018

0200hrs: The head felt like it would explode, innards grumbling and rumbling. Feeling like I have had no sleep at all. Dizzy Dennis seems to have settled in with me permanently. Tsk! I’d been waking every few minutes and having to go for a wee-wee for hours and hours, all night. Earlier, I had a nauseous spell or two. Never have I wee-wee’d so much.

I was determined, not to let myself get morose, dolorous or irritable about things like I did yesterday. I got the medications taken and did the Health Checks.

Made a start on this blog, then finished off yesterdays.

I think I’m going to opt here. One hell of a sore throat now. The throat problem seemed, to come over me instantly? Shivering now! Despite having the woolly hat and dressing gown on.

I did some commenting on WordPress and Reader.

Had a search for suitable funnies to use for the page headers.

Made three up ready, but it took me many hours, as was making mistakes all the time, nipping off for wee-wees and felt so tired. I thought I had some TCP in stock.THen, I could have had a gargle of TCP for the throat, but failed to find any? After I got the TFZ page headers done, I had another look around for it. Searched in everyplace I think, but no luck.

The flat was looking terribly untidy, but I was energyless. Is that a real word?

Another wee-wee and put the kettle on to make a brew in the small mug. Going to have a look at the football results later.

Went to the kitchen to make the tea – and I’d left the hot water tap (Faucet) running earlier! Can’t have a shower now then, until it heats up again. Although, I think that Jenny told me the shower heater is not affected by the boiler. Of course, I might be wrong.

Listless, I viewed the footy results. It would be a Sunday when the throat comes on bad. Tsk! Chemist not open and no buses.

Noisy Herbert has been busy knocking clanging and dropping stuff again.

Did the midday checks and medicationalisationing.

I’m not feeling the slightest bit like eating yet. Perhaps later,  I might use the last of the crustless wholemeal bread to make a few anchovies, cheese and tomato sarnies? Maybe not, with how I feel at this moment.

Poor old sausage. Hehe!

Mate Michael rang the intercom, bless him. Smashing to see him. He’s brought some PPs for me again. He could not stay, but it was a pleasure to see him again, and much appreciated.

Perked me up this short visit did. I turned the oven on to heat it up.

Went for a wee-wee, and noticed I’d suffered a nose-bleed. Must have been a while back, cause it was dark red and dried. A right mess all over my nose moustache and chin. Looked down and found blood on the top shirt as well!

Took a photo of the tree copse. If Michael had not called, I would have still been in a depressed sorry-for-myself mood. Signs of life in the Copse were showing through now. I hope to be up to having a walk through and chatting to the old trees again soon. (Don’t laugh… Hehehe!)

Did the Health Checks and the ablutions. Blimey, it was cold in that wet room. Harold’s Haemorrhoid was in a right poor state, and much bleeding and Ooing and Aring took place during the medicationalising treatment of the same. (Argh!) Into new PPs and clean jammies and off to the kitchen to make the meal.

Got a handful of chips in the oven to cook while I made up some bread, cheese, tomato and anchovy open sandwiches, on three slices of the Scottish Plain bread.

Disappointingly, I could only manage two of the open sandwiches. But I ate more than of the last two meals, so that was a good sign. I reckoned the lack of appetite was down to the throat ache.

Got the plate, spoon and fork in the bowl to soak, and took this photo of Sun-Down at Woodthorpe Court.

Settled to watch the good guys, The A-Team on the goggle-box. I got through the first of the three episodes with only nodding off about ten-times. Huh!

While sat there watching them, I had a dizzy spell and actually thought I might fall out of the recliner!

Then the shivers started again, I hate these. It even went through my warped mind that the Government might be funding Councils to do work on the old folk flats, with the proviso that the heating does not work correctly and they must be left with no cladding for as long as possible with all windows letting in the wind and cold. Thus, helping to save the NHS a lot of dosh when the old gits get pneumonia and kick the bucket?

At least I got to sleep a little easier tonight, but it was dream filled.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th February 2018: Fed-up! Hehe!

    • Gorra cold methinks, Corin. Got out today in the cold and snow, no problems. Bought some throat tablets and er… some cream for the rear end problem. Hehehe!
      Blooming cold out there.
      Glad to get back and have something to eat soon, then update the diary. I anticipate falling asleep then. Hahahaha!
      Thanks. XXX

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