Inchcock Fri 23 Nov 2018: Porcelain Throne altercation. Chinwags enjoyed. More shopping… Sad innit?


Friday 23rd November 2018

Macedonian: Петок 23 Ноември 2018

After repeatedly waking and nodding off again, I gave up any thoughts of further sleep at 01:00hrs, and to my surprise found the ailments in a good mood (Apart from Back-Pain-Brenda) and extracted my repugnantly obese wobbly stomach and body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and made my way to the Porcelain Throne.

2Tue03 The evacuation was like I imagine Intrusive Magma would be inside a volcano! Dense and hot! I’ll have to get to the doctors, I’ll Email them for an urgent appointment. I’ll do it now. Back in a bit. Done it. That was not a pleasant experience, bleeding too. Ah-well!

Got the hands and surfaces antisepticated and into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks.


5Fri001The results, again, apart from the weight, all looked good to me.

Took the medications and went on an Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (EIBWBBBs) seek & destroy mission. The results were hopeful this time. Spare Room: only three dead ones. Wet Room: six dead, one live one. The Kitchen: just four dead carcasses. Am I winning at last? Fingers crossed.

5Fri002The view from the kitchen window was its usual self. But with the moon unseeable today. Perhaps more mist and fog is due?

I’ll have a look on the Google Weather thingamabob later.

Made a brew of Yorkshire Tea and to the 1963 G-Plan cabinet and got the computer going.

5Fri003Had a gander at the Nottingham Weather forecast. No mention of mist or fog on it.

Had another SSWW.

Went on the WordPress Reader, again some good stuff on there.

Got the photographs prepped on CorelDraw and got the min the Wednesday blog, and updated it. Long busy day yesterday, it took me until 0500hrs to get it all done and posted off to WordPress.

Had another SSWW. Made another brew, then began to create this post.

The rear-end is still stinging a bit. Humph!

I thought about getting out for a bit of a hobble, I’ve not had one for days now.

On to CorelDraw to work on the page top graphics.

Tended to the ablutions. Feeling a lot better in myself now.

I got things ready and set out to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Cat-walk model Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. 5Fri003aWhere things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

On my way, I spotted Willmott Dixon’s Ian Incharge, and took this zoomed-in photo.

Some tenants joined me there and in the bus queue later. Cyndy, Mary, May, Doreen, Ray, Welsh William, and other neighbours. Caroline from the care-home joined us. Much nattering listened to, and a few laughs enjoyed.

More chinwagging on the bus to Arnold, Welsh William and Caroline both going all the way with me. I could have put that better… Hehehe!

5Fri004Dropped off in Arnold called in two shops to try and get some foot spray. Boyes and the Saver Store. But neither had any in stock.

I walk up to the Asda Walmart store, and came out with more stuff than I went in for! Two jam filled mini-croissants (One for me, the other for the nibble-box), a bottle of orange squash to be added to the spring water, I got another pack of two of the Limoncello desserts definitely for me, Hehe! Potato scones, rum truffles for raffle prizes, a turnip, chestnuts, potato slices and a bag of jelly babies.

2Tue03 I went to pay at the self-serve checkouts. I had fifteen minutes before the bus arrived, so I thought there was no rush… How wrong I was, I’d forgotten about the till’s red light flashing! I was trying to find the button to press for the turnip at the time. There was only one assistant on the self-serve till area, and it was a good ten minutes before she could work her way through the multitude of red flashing lights to get to me. I felt a bit sorry for the gal, so I kept patient. As her experienced fingers flashed through the procedure of rectifying whatever the problem was, she said: “I don’t know why it did that!”, and she rushed off to assist another frustrated customer. Poor gal!

5Fri006I finished off the tilling, paid up, and by then I had missed the bus. So, I took a walk up Front Street.

I popped into the Fulton Food Store and had a potter around. I came out with beef chunks, a bottle of sterilised milk and sliced gherkins. The bag was pretty heavy by now.

I walked along to investigate what was going on 5Fri08down the road, I could see an emergency ambulance up on the pavement.

I saw these children, with their nursery or school cares walking them along. 

I thought the idea of their having cork rings attached to the end of strong cords and letting each child hold a ring, was a good idea.

5Fri08aRides, stalls and mobile takeaways were setting up.

They seem to have blocked off the road to traffic. This will do a lot to help the retailers already struggling!

This is the area in which two young men on a scooter chased after another youth at 1530hrs on Wednesday 22nd November, brandishing a knife. 16-year-old arrested

5Fri09I made my way to the L9 bus stop on High Street.

It was getting really cold now, with the odd spot of rain spitting in the air.

Arrived back at the flats, and with a quick natter with folks getting on the bus, I made my way back to Woodthorpe Court and an SSWW.

Did the health Checks, then thought about preparing the meal.

2Tue03 But discovered the small potatoes I’d left cooking in the crock-pot, were on low and not auto. So, they were still hard! Shmegegge! So, I transferred the potatoes into a saucepan and got them boiling and simmered for a while. Added some balsamic vinegar and garden peas to it later.

5Fri10Prepped the plate with the cold food, slice of pork pie, gherkins, tomatoes, sliced apple and shredded beetroot and ham offcuts. Added the potatoes and peas when cooked.

A Lemincello dessert and some of the drink-mix I’ve coming to enjoy. I use the old fresh orange juice bottles and wash them after using them. Spring water with an added splash of orange concentrate or cordial. The potatoes were not very good, but that’s not surprising after my messing about with them. A Flavour Rating of 8.8/10, it would have been higher but for the potato cock-up. Hehe!

I did the last Health Checks and took the medications earlier than usual, for my EQ told me I was going to no-off quickly? And, I did!


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Fri 23 Nov 2018: Porcelain Throne altercation. Chinwags enjoyed. More shopping… Sad innit?

  1. An 88, solid B+, is a good score for that great looking, well arranged meal.

    I hate the self checkout lanes they are trying to force people to use. They are especially a nuisance when you have produce that needs to be weighed. I was heading for a 20 item or less express checkout lane at Walmart the other day, when I got Shanghaied by a free range clerk. She asked if I was ready to check out and took me to a self checkout lane. I told her I hate the self checkout, but she said she’d show me how to do it and I would see how easy it is. We’ll, about 15 minutes later she finally managed to get my dozen or so items checked out. She couldn’t get most of the produce to go through the first, second or third try, and we finally ended up guessing a price for the bulb of garlic and doing a manual price entry. She also got locked out of the system several times trying to get the system to price the produce. It was an absolute disaster. Once she got everything to go through and I paid the bill, she apologized for it taking so long. I told her that’s why I hate self checkout.

    Normally if I’m in a long line in a checkout lane, I read one of the gossip magazines they have on the racks at every checkout lane. Standing in line reading a gossip magazine is how I learned that Paris Hilton is a person and not a hotel in Paris. Since I don’t have a TV, I’m a bit culturally impaired, so I make good use of standing in check out lines to get caught up on the culture.

    Sounds like you had another decent day of natters and chinwags. Nice variety of street photos.

    • What a multiple-Whoopsiedangleplop session you suffered at the self checkout lane! And I thought I got into fiascos at them! Mind you, over here the problem is finding anyone, and then hope they are not talking to another member of staff, or one of those with the expertly produced looking-right-through-you glance… Hehe!
      I can honestly say, I didn’t know who Paris Hilton was or is. A singer I suppose. I’ll looke it, er, her up later.
      O got removed from a Tesco store once, for reading a magazine from the display. I wasn’t too surprised, it was in the Victoria Mall where they first warned me, next time threw me out and the last time they barred me for taking photographs. Tsk!
      At least in the Asda Walmart, if take a photo, the staff stop to pose for me! Hehehe!
      That tiny bit of lamb on the plate, I still can’t believe I paid neary £4 for it. I’m definitely losing it!
      TTFN, Sir.

  2. Over here the self-check is being pushed, I refuse to use it. One manager told me they had dismissed over a hundred casuals, mostly students.

    The potatoes – a metaphor for the govt?

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