Inchcock: Tuesday 25th February 2020: Nurse Christina and the Iceland delivery man, helped me today. I thank them!

2020 Feb 25

Not one of my efforts: But I love it! Queen opens personal Facebook Account

2020 tttFeb25

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 25 Gearran 2020

00 Feb 25

01:20hrs: I think I’d woken, fell out of the recliner, got my walking stick, and was on my way to the Porcelain Throne before the brain engaged? There I was, sat on the seat, wondering how I got there?

WD 128.0.128 Yuk! The movement flowed, stutteringly, I think that’s the right word. Being an algophilist, I almost welcomed the otalgia that kicked off in the left earhole! It distracted me from the totally antipodal evacuation I was going through. The Senna (it seemed) was suddenly working, and boy did it! The complete reversal had given me a messy, sticky, pongy and smeared with specks of blood experience. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? The innards churned and ached for the whole lengthy, stop-start process. I actually felt a bit weak when it was all over. No more Sennas or Movicol needed today then! I cleaned up the right extensive mess, on me first, then the porcelain. Medicated certain areas. Changed into new PPs, and noticed the stomach had not calmed down at all. I might be in for another visit shortly, methinks? Huh!

I made my way to the kitchen, got the kettle on, and was reminded of last nights Accifauxpas when I spotted a sole chip that I’d missed in cleaning up the one’s I’d dropped. Courtesy of Dizzy Dennis and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitter failure. Oddly, I felt a little down remembering this incident, why when so many happen, I don’t know? But there you go. I just thought I’d say so. Hoho! (I might be losing it again here?)

IMG_3486WD 128.0.128 Sorting out the medications was a right hit & miss affair. The Pillmate pots. With the come-loose cellophane cover, had all the tablets mixed up in different pots and hidden stuck out of view on the cover! What a pickle I got into trying sort out what’s what.

ChemistI still don’t know for certain if I have taken the right tablets or not.

I must remember to thank the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2DA for their consistent incompetence. Not a bad record these chemists, they have gone downhill this year, at a fast rate of knots.

  • They failed to leave the Furesomides in the box to save my confusion, with them, the Codeine 30g and the Beta-blockers (Bisoprolol Fumarate) all looking the same to me! This, after the nurses and the medicines management lady phoning and telling them of the problem!
  • Then, they left me with no medications for five days, with their late delivery!
  • And, they had still not put the Furesomides in a box.
  • Now, they continue their campaign of ‘Let’s-Let-Down-Inchcock’, by sending the medications in blister-packs that fall apart and mix up all the tablets with each other! However, to be fair, they now have, after only three months, put the Furesomides in a separate box. ( A little, but welcome victory there!)

Did I mention the name of the chemist? Just as a warning for other NHS patients: Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2DA.

I made a brew and took the gamble of taking the medications.

Then got the computer on, and realised that I had no template for today’s blog made up! Oh, what a right Shlump I am! So, I had to make up a draft, graphics and all. So, I did!

Then made a start on this blog up to here, and then began the updating of the Monday and Special Trip to Nottingham posts.

I had to stop, to get the ablutions done. Not such a good session this time, back to a more blighted, calamitous, accidentalness-prone variety. The dropsies were many and varied, amongst them, the toothbrush and past, the mouthwash bottle, the razors, carbolic soap, the flannel, the towel, the haemorrhoid cream,  the olive-oil pot and the deodorant spray. But no complaints or minging from me, I’ve had two decent sessions on the trot after all!

WD 128.0.128 But, as I was stepping out of the wet room, the right knee clicked, and the ensuing pain was terrible. From then on, I had to use two sticks, it was so tender.

I then got the handwashing done2Tue07. Jammie bottoms, long bamboo socks and a long sleeve t-shirt. They were soon done, rung and hung. I like these new coat hangars, with the non-slip crossbar on them. The right knee was just as bad.

As I was getting back on the computer to do some blogging at last, on today’s post, the intercom sounded and flashed. It was Angel Christina, and the Iceland delivery together. When they arrived and saw me struggling to get about, they both took the groceries into the kitchen for me. Very kind of them!

When I showed Christina the framed photograph of her, she was over-the-moon, and asked if she could buy it from me! Much as I would have loved to oblige her, I really wanted to keep it, so I could glance at it every day and get some pleasure from the sweetness it, and she gave me.

She set about taking my blood. We chatted while she did it, which didn’t take long at all. She said she was off now, and I reminded her that I needed her input, and type in her email address on Google for me, so I could send her the photographs I have of her on file. I opened the Email on the ‘Compose page, and she wrote it in for me. She had to shoot off to her next patient. I thanked her, offered her some Manner lemon wafers, which she bravely refused. Off she went… it was like turning alight off!

I set about checking out the Iceland order. They were short of three tins of Batchelor’s potatoes but sent me one. The pork Shoulder steaks were unavailable. But hey-ho! I got the things put away. I now have the fridge and freezer at full capacity! No room left.

I nipped to the wet room for a wee-wee, and the right knee clicked again, and things are back to how they were earlier, with both knees only slightly painful as when I woke up? Baffling!

I went to make a fresh brew of Glengettie tea. The heatless sunshine was brighter than ever now. So for some reason, I took three pictures from left top right, in an effort to piece them together. My days of taking the proper panoramic shot are over. I just can’t keep the camera still enough nowadays. The effort was not good. I’ll not bother trying again.


Back to the computerisationing. I need to create a couple of page-top graphics to use tomorrow and Thursday, cause the Doctors visit will take too long for me to do them then.

I got one done. Humph!

2Tue08aWD 128.0.128 Food! The craving arrived early today. I had to have the Halloumi Fries that Iceland had delivered, and they would not fit into the freezer (I thought they were fresh ones when I ordered them – such a shock to find me getting confused – Hahaha!) 

The Halloumi Fries were expensive at £3, I thought. They were not bad at all. The cheese cob tomato sarnies, caramelised red onion chutney, beetroot, black tomatoes and a Cox’s apple, followed by the Lemon yoghourt, all went down nicely. Flavour rated at 7/10.

Got the pots washed and adjusted the handwashing, it wasn’t drying very quickly today.

Wash and in the recliner, and the ‘Thought-Storming’ began. Most uncomfortable, and it took me ages to get off to kip!


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  1. Wait, you get your groceries from Iceland? A bit far to travel, surely? What’s wrong with Lidl in Nottingham High Street??
    Why I outta…!

  2. That was nice of Christina and the Iceland dude to help you out. That’s a right decent panorama. You put together a well arranged, decent looking meal.

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