Inchcock – Tues 10th Mar 2020: A disarranged, discomposed, topsy-turvy sort of Tuesday!

2020 Mar 10

2020 tttMar10

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Nepali: मंगलबार १० मार्च २०२०

000 Mar 10

GM01 red01:25hrs: I woke up, feeling strangely contented? (If a dream caused this, I want another one like it, Hahaha!) A wee-wee was soon needed, the grey bucket had not been used all night, another conundrum! Hmm? Off to the wet room.

Well, that was interesting. I spent a few minutes before the flow started, the tiniest bits of discomfort, two or three sprinkles, and that was that! Ah, well! 

Got the kettle on, took the medications, made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana, and got the computer on. (and all without much hassle from the ailments at all), Well, apart from Shoulder-Shaking-Shirley, and the right leg twitching a tad. But I can cope with these alright.

I wanted to get the updating and finalising of the Monday post done before the Morrison delivery was due (06:30>07:30hrs). A lot of photographs to go on it, from yesterdays gadabout, and Whoopsidanglelpop with the buses in town. I pressed on, getting a few annoying moments of inorthography had me stumped. This was not due to any 2Tue07insouciance on my behalf. I was concentrating well, I thought, but the brain had different ideas. I plugged away, and finally got it finished at last (Three-and-a-half hours).

I got the veg in the crock-pot on a low setting. Leeks, parsnips, carrots and turnips.

Then, I checked on the Amazon Tracker for the droppers and blow-bulb rough ETA. It looks like it will a late one. Can’t be helped.


2Tue08aNo time to send it off the blog yet, the Morrison delivery arrived. I even heard the intercom with no difficulty. (I pondered if my using the medical olive oil more often had helped? If so, when I the de-waxing tool, it might get even better?) I let him in, and he was soon up at the door. The lad placed the bags inside the door 2Tue09for me and then shot off, bless him.

I got the things into the kitchen and put in the cupboards or the fridge as required.

The fresh sweet potato slices tempted me so much, I decided I’d have them with the veggies and some of the chicken pieces for lunch, dinner whatever. But they were not cheap by any means, so I must taketh care not to make a mess of cooking them this time. Last time when I burnt them, they were frozen ones that cost £1.50 for 300g – these cost £3.50 for 250g.

It’s getting on now, so I put some more olive oil in the tab-holes, checked the veggies progress, and went for a wee-wee.

WD 0.0.255 But it proved a trickle-less effort? Humph!

2Tue10I took a shot of the murky looking sky from the unpopular, dirty, light & view-blocking, photographer-hating, thick-framed, kitchen window.

Then, back on the computer to send off the blog I’d finished, and made a start on this one.

The doorbell chimed out. But I only just heard it this time. The fitter-lads were back at it, just outside the front door in the flat’s hallway, and making an unruly, but, unavoidable din and racket. I thought it might be the Phlebotomy nurse who’d been let in. But it was Josie, returning the things from the Sunday meal. I inquired if she liked the new things I tried. All she said was, the cheesy potatoes were lovely! Good enough for me!

I took the server-tray, plate and cutlery into the kitchen, made a brew of Glenghettie tea, and back onto the computer. Minutes later, the intercom chimed out again. This time it was the nurse. I full-figured Phlebotomy-nurse! She soon sorted out taking the blood and chatted a bit, that was most welcome! Handed her some vanilla wafers, by way of a thank-you. And she trotted of with some haste. Everybody is busy today!

2Tue11I made an order for Iceland. Some of the braised beef in onion gravy (2), I have plans to add some home-made vegetables to them and see what they turn out like. Chicken Satays, Mini ice-cream bars, mushrooms, onions, leeks, cooking butter. And on offer-price, Aberdeen meat joint, orange squash, Hob cleaner, a few different of kitchen-rolls, and some toilet rolls. There was only one type of bog-rolls in stock! Comfort (16-pack), and only one of them was allowed to could be ordered. The panic stock-piling I suppose. The chances are, they might not be any available at all come the delivery time? Oh, dear, dear, dearie me!

I got as far as here and had a search around amongst the mysteries of my beloved Woodthorpe Court, that lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the eternal cosmic continuum. It’s illusions, delusions, abstrusities, problemata, emotions, and despair. Katzenjammers and emotional-quagmires; for the missing Olive Oil pots, I had delivered on Saturday. What the heck did do with them. I had four, and can only find the one, now! No luck! Krankelkraps!

Did check on the Amazon order; Looking better now.


2Tue13Sister Jane phoned me, she’s sent me a bit of the Nottingham Post paper on the snail-post, with details about diabetes for me to read. Not arrived yet.

Then I went of CorelDraw to make some graphics. Then checked on the Amazon situation. Nearly here!

That’s it, it had to come, Dizzy Dennis is back like a thunderstorm! I’ll get a sit down quietly. But I must not fall asleep and miss the delivery of the ear cleaners especially.

The intercom 2Tue14came to light and life, it was the Amazon delivery gentleman. I must have looked a sight as I opened the door to him. The Dizzy Dennis shakes were well set-in. The lad kept asking me if I was alright, bless his cotton socks.

Took the parcel through to the kitchen and left it for sorting later, tomorrow maybe.

WD 0.0.255AWD 0.0.255 2Tue15Wearily I got the meal served up, but not without some minor Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops in doing so. A cut finger, a burnt wrist, various dropsies, including as I recall, cutlery, washing up bottle, saucepan lid and the salt pot.

2Tue16The meal was a worthy 8.2/10 for taste-rating. This was mainly due to the absolutely delightful sweet potato fritters!

But as I said earlier, the fatigue won the day, I struggled through the cleaning up, and got settled, in body, not mind (Hehe!), in the £300, second-hand, cringingly-crude beige-coloured recliner, that xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged. At the same time, as he was flat-sitting and stealing my valuables.

I so wanted and needed sleep. But it was not to be! Shaking Shaun and Shoulder-Shaking-Shirley ensured that. When the Thought-Storming started, I gave up and just went along with the tormenting flow, trying my best to attain a state of apanthropinisation.

Sleep must have come, cause I woke up later. Haha!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tues 10th Mar 2020: A disarranged, discomposed, topsy-turvy sort of Tuesday!

  1. A full-figured vampire? Hmm! Getting a new sort of eye candy? Amazon came through with your order? As you said, a worthy looking meal.

    • Morning, Tim.
      Yes, the vampire was generously proportioned, but perfectly balanced cirumferences! (Is that the right word?)
      The ear wax remover tool will be interesting if it works, and the shakes keep off whle I’m using it. Interesting fact on these, there were a choice of about five suppliers, I think I got the cheapest.
      The stomach is getting ever-bigger? Sister Jane sent me an article from the evening post to read adout diabetes and diet.
      Ingeus don’t look like bookionmg me in anywhere for the course, I expect I’l hear from the Doctor soon, about Ingeus returning the referral. Hey-ho!

      Taketh not just care,
      But be aware,
      I wish I could be out there,
      Your life to see and share,
      Bet you are busy?
      Don’t get in a tizzy,
      Good wishes, I bring to bear!

  2. Apanthropinisation: a word that had escaped my notice until today, making it a fit “word of the day” for me. It seems that the word of the year might just be COVID-19, panthropinisation fits as a word for our times.
    Looking forward to hearing about that earwax tool.
    “Sleep must have come, cause I woke up later. Haha!” Quite enjoyed that one, Sir. 🙂
    “Fings ain’t wot they used to be” reminded me to add paper products to the shopping list.
    A timely day, then. haha!

    • Thanks, Bill.
      The ear-wax tool, the tip always comes off when doing the left earhole? But its a gem of thing to me all the same. I’m going to order another, in case I lose, or break this one.
      I hope you can get some ‘paper products’ out there. Hehe! Struggling to find any over here.
      My losing sll th blog yesterday, is still a sore point – as I just don’t know how I managed to. The Neurotransmitters were playing up, so somehow when the fingers did there own thing on the keyboard, I assume I hit some magic combination of buttons that caused the calamity. Still annoyed and pee’d-off about it. Tsk!

  3. Grand to find a fine tool, innit? My ears are still thanking you for the olive-oil tip, I am trying to remember that a tipped-over bottle results in an oil slick and the loss or product. Right now that bottle is about a foot from the keyboard, what could go wrong? Loqui the Cat favors an 8 1/2 x 11 cardboard box located between keyboard and monitor, she also enjoys walking over the keys on her way to that box — and knows well the magic combination of buttons that cause calamity. haha 🙂
    Lucked out on the “paper products” yesterday morning, they were gone by evening. C’est la vie, mon ami. 🙂 🙂

    • Goood day, Bill.
      Ah, I’d forgotten the cats habits. Hehe! I’d be on tenterhooks with Loqui lurking near my keyboard. Neurotansmitter Nigel can get the dreaded blue screen for me. Humph!
      So glad the ear-holes are a bit betterer, Sir.
      I tried three shops today for the ‘Essential Rolls’ No luck!
      Best of luck, and I hope you have more success than I did today. Fingers crossed, and may not be all that needs crossing. Hahaha!
      Cheers, my friend.

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