Inchcock: Things are Changing Too Fast!


Things are really’ altering so fast,
This used to be compared to the distant past,
The gap is getting shorter now; how much longer can we last?
At social events, people still get stabbed and glassed,
Anit-maskers march, after getting amassed,
Planes and cars still get hijacked,
A record number of sex offenders surpassed,
Jokes, affection, empathy are wisecracked,
NHH actions towards the wealthy are biased!

Doctors visits, Banking one on one have to cease!
NHS underfunded, on purpose, I believe,
Old folks charged for carers; it’s beyond belief!
£70 million, and wages for Ronaldo – Good Grief!
And some old folks living on a lettuce leaf!

Only the rich remain unharassed…
Most of them dodgy and bad-assed!
The roads crumbling, not being tarmacked,
Burglars, homes still being ransacked,
Prisoners getting free medical care,
But for that, I care, I do not despair,
Father Villani says God is everywhere,
But he doesn’t believe in Jesus, drives me spare!

Kids are no longer clipped around the ear or paddy-whacked,
But that may be a good thing, in fact?
Politicians with their problem so vast…
Their expenses? Anyone checking on them here and there?
Does the auspicious Tony Blair…
Still, wear a pink brassiere?

Part of the Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe In Rhyme (Of sorts)

By A Particularly Confused Inchcock, tonight?

Slightly depressed, wee-weeing an awful lot. Lonely and sad. Pissed-off. Fungal Lesion Bleeding. And generally feeling so sorry for himself.

He’s feeling guilty about this.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock: Things are Changing Too Fast!

  1. That is a fantastic Ode. There is lots of truth in your observations of woe in our sorry world. The last line is perfect.

      • You need to stop those tumbling routines. Those are for young folk. It’s good you have enough weight to bounce a bit and absorb the shock before you break a bone. My mom was thin and frail. She fell and broke her hip about a week before she died.

      • Aha, telepathy involved in your comment, Timothy! Last night, the Carers askeda about the lump on my head, and In the answer I said; ‘Well, its lucky I’ve got this stomach, cause when I fall forwards, I can bounce back up again!’ Hahaha!
        Hope Mom is looking down keeping an eye on you.

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