Inchcock Today: Sunday 5th June 2022 – With Odeing




I’m searching to find actuality…
But combining this with reality…
It is not easy or of practicability,
Doreen Dementia lurks sinisterly…
Stopping the brain working correctly…
Wrong thoughts and memories run freely…
Confusion is rampant, daily… hourly!

But, no point in acting sourly…
It’ll only make me act more dourly,
I must avoid existing dismally…
I used to act so enthusiastically?

I still can, but guilt comes dreadfully…
Forcing thoughts unsympathetically…
This is not me, the old me anyway…
I’ve never been so irascible and broody,
I wish these fears would just go away…


Sunday 5th June 2022

04:35hrs: I woke; I had a feel around for aches and pains and stretched some limbs, but could not get rid of a feeling that something was wrong? Had I forgotten something? It may have been there being no moist area in the crevices? This means no bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids or Little Inches Fungal Lesion… Good news, though!

I forced my elephantine sized stomached body up onto my feet. Caught my balance easy enough, grabbed metal Micky and hobbled to the wet room in reply to urgent messages from the intestines for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised.

Trotsky Terence kicked off with a splattering noise when my bottom hit the plastic seat; in seconds, all done! Stinky, almost liquid and for the first time ever – the evacuated product lay the steaming… in three distinctly different shades of brown? Very pale, a khaki and almost black sections floated around together? Another mammoth job of cleaning up required, which, while being done, was accompanied by some threatening gurglings and stabbing pains from the innards! Mmm?

I finished the cleaning and sanitising, made up a waste bag, and started prepping to do Josie’s mead. I sliced some mushrooms, chestnuts, onions, and then tomatoes. I got the seasoning and puree added in.

I took shots of the morning view while it was still dark.

The houses in Sherwood, and then one of the car parks on Chestnut Way, opposite my treasured Woodthorpe Court block of flats, from the kitchenette window.

The colours of the vehicles were limited. Grey or silver, black or white, and a red one.

I got on with doing the Ode and updating the Saturday blog.

2: Same again, almost exactly, but less content. More cleaning up is to be done. Tsk! Trotsky is enjoying himself today?

The Carer arrived, a little tense, I thought (Not uptight or anything, just tired, bless her). So I got my charms working to cheer her up as best I could. She came out a little, which I was pleased with. Kiyer, her name, I think. Nibbles were supplied in thanks, and she took the waste bag with her to the chute.

Made a start on today’s template, then finished Saturday’s book and sent it to WordPress. Emailed the link.

At this stage, it dawned on what the odd feeling was when I woke up. I didn’t need a weewee! That was about 4½ hours ago, and I still haven’t needed one?

The sphygmomanometer was utilised to get the Blood Pressure readings. Another set of reasonable returns for today, as it has been for three days on the trot now! SYS 148. DIA 70 and the Pulse had gone up smidgeon to 91bpm.

My Chinese (Hong Kong) made Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer, showed an increase to 34.6°c. I think that’s a good sign. Much better than of late…

Off to check on Josie’s chilli meal. All looked and tasted good when I had a spoonful.

Aha! A weewee is needed at last. But it’s a false alarm; nothing came out at all?

Got some blog creating started at last on this one. Then had to stop to concentrate on getting Josie’s meal sorted out. Back in a bit…

Made the chill-con-carne into two meals, one in a tub for Josie to have later on or tomorrow and the porcelain bowl for today. Added a few treats to the tray and took it dead on time as arranged to Josie’s door.

I pressed her bell but got no answer. Oh, dear, have I got it wrong again? Perhaps she’s told me she’s going out today and not wanting a meal? Or is she poorly inside the apartment? A bit of panic overcame me! I went back into the flat to ponder what to do…

I almost dropped the food tray; my mind was in a bit of a pickle. Thank heavens I didn’t, though. As I put the tray down inside the door and turned to close it, I espied Josie’s door opening…

I was well pleased to see she was alright when I asked her, she said, ‘I was on the phone with my sister’. If only the poor gal could remember that I always deliver her meal at 12:00hrs on a Sunday, or maybe even ask her Sister to ring at a different time? Or tell me she wants the meal at another time in future? I went through a few minutes of anguish, not knowing if she was alright or not and what could I do about it? Still, she couldn’t help it, and she was okay. So nevermind.

I got my nosh done and served it on the tray. BBQ rice and two veggie sausages, with a banana to follow. Nice enough. Taste rating 7.2/10

After eating the rice and bangers, I put on a Dr Who DVD, and I promptly nodded off. Of course, within minutes, I jumped back into life, as is usual for me nowadays. And I felt like I could manage something else to eat. I took the ray knife and porcelain bowl into the kitchen and soaked them in the washing up bowl. At first, I thought, aha, I’ll have some cornflakes, checked to see if there was enough milk to use, and remembered about the NoBull ice cream in the freezer. I opted to have that instead. I polished it all off, and boy, it was so tasty too! Took the tray back to the sink and washed it with the other stuff in the bowl.

Carer Kiya arrived and got me sorted out, taking the waste bag with her.

Now a new thought arrived. I’ll have to find out where I bought the vegetarian ice cream and get some more ordered; it was that good! I checked on the J Sainsbury order coming tomorrow but could not find any vegetarian ice cream at all. So, I had a look at the Iceland site. Ah, there it was, and on offer as well! I had to spend a minimum of £40, but that’s no problem for a shopaholic like me. Hehehe! Veggie burgers, treats for the carers, cheese & onion pasties, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, butter, BO spray, spring water, chips, and, of course, the NoMoo ice cream!

Good heavens, Herbert’s did a bit of clanging about just now, and it’s nearly midnight. Humph!

I’ve just realised I’ve only had two weewees all day?

I’ll get this finished off and posted.

See’s ya later!

14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 5th June 2022 – With Odeing

  1. It’s always a surprise when you wake up without aches, pains and what not, but then the explosive adventures in the wet room reminds you you are still alive. That’s good you finally got Jose’s food to her. Nicer you cheered up the carer a bit. They have heck of a hard job, and a lot of patience aren’t going to be as happy and easygoing with their lot in life as you are. Vegetarian ice cream? Seems they should call it “ice weed”.

    • Cheers Tim, you weighed it up about the ailment shortage this morning. Hahaha!
      I’ve just looked up the company NoMoo, for Bill. “NoMoo is the leading alt-dairy company in Brazil, producing cheeses, mayo, and cream made from cashews.” Beats me why it tastes so good, but it does. That reminds me, time to take my Hemp capsule.

  2. Sunday is often enough confusing and unusual. More often would you think something has been forgotten, and you get help enough from Doreen to keep you guessing. Not weeing often enough is something I never do since my bladder asks me to visit the throne all the time. Josie keeps you guessing as well. Has she left to dine with her sister, is she presently engaged on the phone with said sister. As were the case this time around. Had you remembered to include the can of G&T with the meal, that is one that Josie might find remarks to share with you.
    The plant-based products are appearing in the market with much more frequency and with wider variety, I remember how little was available in the 1990’s when I started in on my vegan adventure.
    We wishes you some long visits from Morpheus and a tremendous Tuesday, most kind Sir!
    Cheers as well.

    • Well worded, Sir Billum, again. I fank you. Fings were not too good, but I am expecting bettered times tomorrow, why? I don’t knoweth, but EQ thinks so – that’s good enough for me.
      I really am tickled pink at finding this ice cream, although its not pink, just of white with a tinge of light brown – that may be the nuts in it? Gorgeous!
      Thanks for caring, love to all, a gentle cuddle for HRH, and fuss for the furries! 🧡

      • You have a highly developed EQ, Sir! A more useful tool than an IQ for discerning gist from grist. Detects better than AQ, OQ, or UQ combined. Good enough for me too.
        Now you have me champing at the bit to find das wunderbare Eis.
        All of us wish the bestest for you this Tuesday. 🧡

      • A laughing laughter quip or two…
        And Master Professor of it are you!
        Richard arrived while reading it too…
        He says Thanking you too!

      • Yes. We keep bouncing volleys through the ether and over the (inter)net, or oceanary. A grand international sport, innit?
        Chuffed to read that Richard The Kind Lionhearted reads along. I fanketh him for the thanking and wish him the very best. Please send him a solid HAALLLOOOO from one and each at Crowell: the Manor and all Labhilarities.

      • Thanking you for the chuckles generated, Sir Billum.
        If Sir Richard comes today, I’ll showeth him the message, Sire.
        Best of all to all! ♥

      • I hope that the good Sir enjoys his international and cosmopolitan recognition, reliability, and respect.
        Best to Nottinghammers all, particularly those who are lifelong ‘hammers.

      • Hahaha! Very wise Billum. Best not upset the scum. Or the judges… or the parple board killers! Have I lost the theme here? Hehe!
        I kank you for the larf! TTFNski to all!

      • If I recall correctly, Robert had done some world traveling. Possibly speaks a few languages…but most importantly, he is a kind and patient soul. The purple board killers? From a thread I’ve not followed? Hold on for 3/8ths of a second, patient Sir! When I consider as Google considers, it becomes clear that you refereth to a board that kills by proxy: none other than the Parole Board Killers! Time to put these criminals in a jailery for their habits of shortening murderers’ sentences. Now, there is the theme there then. Right!
        And a TTFNski to everyone in the realm of Notting!!

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